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I find it kind of ironic that Chuck lists Brandon Routh as "Special Guest Star" considering all the new ones they've ripped his character. But, I've discovered I still like the show.

Despite this. (spoiler!) )

Warehouse 13
has the episodes I missed last summer! Woohoo!
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I have an excuse for liking the Dungeons & Dragons movie for what it was the first time I saw it: I was in high school. I love it still, but for completely different reasons. Well, mostly.

-it makes me laugh in all the wrong places
-Jeremy Irons hamming it up like nobody's business
-Bruce Payne
-Justin Whalin is STILL a cutie
-the black female elf who looks a little too much like Chris Kattan
-a heroine who isn't from the Barbie mold
-subtext everywhere

And that's why I love this movie.


Feb. 4th, 2010 04:08 pm
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Dirk Benedict and Dwight Schultz might have cameos in the A-Team movie?

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Young Robert Vaughn looks not too unlike a young Kyle MacLachlan. Too bad the movie was on MST3K.

On a related note, I finally put the first season of Man from U.N.C.L.E. on the Netflix. So as soon as I've finished with Desperate Housewives...
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I just found out that David Soul is in an episode of Star Trek. An episode I've seen several times.

My reaction: "WHAAAAAAT?!"
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So I went and saw 2012 last night (best audience ever, by the way, even though there were only half a dozen of us). While it was quite intense at times, and John Cusack and Chiwetel Ejiofor both looked mighty fine throughout, I wasn't that impressed by the movie overall. Why? Because it was trying too damn hard.

massive spoilerage and miscellaneous disturbia )

All told, I had some fun and I left the movie in a pretty good mood. I didn't enjoy it as much as I'd hoped though, and I'm not sure when the last time was I did seriously enjoy a movie in the theater... and if it was as long ago as Star Trek, I'll be depressed. :/

[damn, that was long.]
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I couple of weeks ago I rewatch Firefly, realize I need more Adam Baldwin, and finally get into Chuck.

Yesterday I go on a Superman binge (I don't freaking CARE if everybody hates Superman Returns, because I love it and I will continue to love it no matter what) and lament the fact that I haven't seen the lovely Brandon Routh in anything else.

Tonight I find out that Brandon Routh is going to be on Chuck this season.

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Okay Erica, you win. Reefer Madness was pretty frakkin' hilarious. I'm going to have Goat Boy on my brain all night.


Apr. 3rd, 2009 03:48 pm
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I was reading back on my older posts, and I came across this little bit: "...a trailer for Hellboy II, which I'm going to have to see now even if John Myers isn't in it. With any luck, they'll make a third and he'll be available that time. The movie just looks too freaking awesome to miss. Also there was a promo for Iron Man, which looked neat."

If only I had known. The Hellboy preview, though, was very well done. I liked it better than the movie. What I get the biggest kick out of is how I thought Iron Man 'looked neat' and turned out to be probably my favorite superhero movie -- or at least in my top five.

Speaking of movies, I've seen some wacky stuff this week, like damn. Robin Dunne in Species III was not something I expected to find, but I'm not sure why that surprises me much. Sanctuary does have a creature or two (in the main cast). Maniac Cop was... well... Bruce Campbell was pretty adorable. Homicidal Corin Nemec was kind of fun, but not as much as Leland Orser in that leather jacket and awesome hair (oh my god). My Best Friend is a Vampire was cute, as was a teenage Robert Sean Leonard. Awww. And of course, the movie called Ssssss with a young Dirk Benedict as an unwitting lab assistant who lost his shirt half a dozen times before his boss turned him into a snake. What a shame. So gorgeous.
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I really like my Army of Darkness video, but Sam Raimi's cinematography kind of makes my head spin. I'll probably need to watch the whole series tonight.
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As y'all may have noticed, I've gone sort of retro in the last couple of months. Here's the rundown.

Battlestar Galactica - not exactly new to me, but it was probably the first time I watched nearly all of it straight through, and watching it again was directly responsible for two other shows I got into.

The A-Team - I found out Dirk Benedict was in it (and there seriously wasn't enough BSG). It was fun at first, but got kind of repetitive and Face just didn't get hurt often enough for me. Until the very last episode.

Emergency! - because of a combination of an old BSG and a new Criminal Minds, an unusual name, beautiful hair, and an incident of channel-flipping, I got into this show, which has sort of changed my life. Randolph Mantooth is the name of the guy responsible. I remembered liking him from the first time I saw that BSG episode years ago and liked him again the second time. I saw his name again DAYS LATER on a brand-new Criminal Minds (thirty years older), looked him up, and saw that he was in a show I stumbled upon while browsing for something to watch one afternoon. Lucky for me, the show was on Hulu and I'd liked it enough the first time (even though I was barely paying attention) to watch some more. It is one of my favorite shows. I'm going to try to become a paramedic because of it. And apparently I'm not the only one.

Simon & Simon - What can I say? BROTHERS. AJ's pretty and sensitive and gets traumatized often enough. It doesn't hurt that he bears a resemblance to a young Mark Hamill.

Starsky and Hutch - Wow. This show was much more hardcore than I ever expected. People die. Girlfriends get dispatched. Forcible heroin addiction. But more than that, there's something about a pair of guys who are so close that they will repeatedly move heaven and earth to help one another without a second thought. There's that much love. AND HUTCH SINGS. (Except season four, with that moustache... dammit, Hutch. Was that necessary?)

There you have it. I don't think I can go any farther back in time than this because it will all be too fluffy. I like my characters emotionally damaged. My one issue with this era is that women seem to be able (in most shows) to to little else than get kidnapped, be held hostage, and cower in terror. What's up with that? Princess Leia was no wimp.
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Redecorated my room a little. Been watching Simon & Simon, Starsky and Hutch, and everything with Randolph Mantooth I can find online. Starsky and Hutch is more hardcore than I thought, and I like that. And damn, I would call it "subtext" except it's not that subtle. It's cute though. Saving season 6 of Emergency for later. Wondering if there's such a thing as post-graduate depression or if I'm just having an extended "weird" mood.


Feb. 26th, 2009 12:14 am
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I seem to have injured myself walking. I was really enjoying my walks. But the weather's lousy the next few days and I have papers to write, so perhaps it was a fortunate injury.

I might just do the paramedic thing instead of being a firefighter too. I want to volunteer in a hospital first, and see if it's really my thing, but I really think I want to do the training program. I miss Chemeketa. I blame it all on Kevin Tighe and Randolph Mantooth. I heart Johnny and Roy.

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The Roomie and I just finished watching the Classic Battlestar Galactica, because she hadn't seen it and it had been too long for me. It was over too soon. But then I found out Dirk Benedict, whom I adored as Starbuck (the ONLY Starbuck, in my opinion), was in the A-Team show, which I'd never seen, but was kind of interested in. I LIKE IT. And not just because it premiered exactly a week after I was born. I'm only sad that Richard Hatch isn't in it too.
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Wesley fucking Gibson, that's who. Booyah.
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I just watched a movie where Colin Hanks kicked the bucket in a most unpleasant way. I have to watch King Kong now.
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You don't meet too many highwaymen whose signature yell is "yodelay HEE-HOOOO!"

Also saw Mummy 3!! Yeow!!!
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You want a guy who can do crazy? David Hewlett's one of the best.


Jul. 22nd, 2008 01:08 pm
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For the love of all things good! Why does Robert Pattinson have to be in Twilight?! WHY!
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When I first really got into Star Wars, I caught up on all the books that were out in about a year or so. And I reread many of them more than once. But it's taken me two years and I'm about halfway through New Jedi Order. And there are nine new books that just finished being released that I haven't even bought yet. I used to be so good at reading books, even when I was busy. What the hell happened?

Fortunately, as I discovered last summer, my fandoms may go dormant, but rarely ever do they die.

Also, finally saw Sky Captain and the World ot Tomorrow. I likes. There's just something about the 1940s that I've come to love. The clothes, the hair, the machines, the personalities... it's just tops. That goes for the 30s as well. And Jude Law is hawt in any time period.

Two days till the Who season finale. *crosses fingers and prays to high heaven that her favorites won't bite the big one*

Hopefully seeing Wanted tomorrow and then hanging with a bunch of other nerds with fireworks. And Apples to Apples. *glee*


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