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Last night I finished watching the entire series of Andromeda (give or take; I may have skipped a handful of episodes). Everybody lived! Except for Tyr, but he bit it in season four and nobody cares because he was a jerk anyway so he doesn't count. And even though most of season five was like 'what the hell is this shit now?', the last four episodes pretty much made up for that whole mess. With the exception of the stuck-on-a-rock season five, Harper being nearly nonextistent in season three, and Dylan's two-season-or-more stint of getting more tail than Captain Kirk, it was a pretty fun ride. Seriously though, he wasn't such a whore in the first two seasons, and I preferred it that way. Most of the characters were interesting and enjoyable, stuff was mostly petty creative, and the numerous blooper reels were often hilarious. Trance was a cutie. I was SO happy Steve Bacic replaced that other guy, and my only wish was that he'd done so earlier. I had no freaking idea he was even on the show until last week. And even though he was drop-dead gorgeous and growled in the most adorable way, my favorite is still Harper. He kind of always has been. He's like a nicer, happier, less bitter Rodney McKay.

Among other things, it pissed me off in season five how Dylan became so super-uber-special that he put most Mary Sues to shame. That was pretty ridiculous, not to mention incredibly annoying. But I don't think I was as mad about that as I was about Harper's mohawk.

I woudn't buy it, but I'm glad I finally saw it.
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The bad news: this is the last season of Atlantis.

The good news: we get movies.

They wanted to end the show on a high note, which I guess I understand. I sure as hell wouldn't want it to turn out like X-Files or Xena did toward the end. I had, however, hoped it would be a couple more years. Oh well. It's not over yet. Movies.

Also, we apparently get the third Stargate series now.


I like how instead of "Fire" Dylan says "Bring it".
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Assuming they survive, they're going to have a hell of a time bunging all those dead Magog off the ship.
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It's not every show where the ship has a thing for its captain. It's actually sort of cute.


Aug. 26th, 2008 08:08 pm
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I really want to watch Enterprise right now. The Immortal got me into a Dominic Keating thing, which got me into an Enterprise thing, which got be into a Connor Trinneer thing, which means I may be watching more Atlantis soon. But I've seen Atlantis, and he's evil in it, so I'd rather watch Enterprise right now. But I can't watch much Enterprise, because it's hard to find many episodes online that load properly, and I don't have any money or tv right now.

So I guess I'll settle for Andromeda until I get back to school. Yay, more Kevin Sorbo.
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I started writing this song sometime last year, maybe Juneish. It's more or less finished except for some polishing and a bridge. It's got music too but I can't play the damn guitar. Yet.

This next one was written just after I read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.  At the end of the book I had this vague image in my head of the search for the remaining horcruxes and this is an expression of that.

The Quest )


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