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"That's chess!" snapped Ron. "You've got to make some sacrifices! I take one step forward and she'll take me -- that leaves you to checkmate the king, Harry!"

Wait, wait, wait -- one step forward? You're a knight! You only move in an L!


Apr. 23rd, 2009 05:56 pm
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Does stuff really need to take this long? 220 pages and very little has happened. That's like, a third of the book. He tends to cram everything neat into the last hundred pages or so.

There's a paramedic spot open in Sheridan right now. D:<
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1. I made a profile and posted my resume to, so hopefully that will help me get a job. I really want to be able to afford going back to school this fall.

2. I may get my book today, yay!

3. I have a new haircut which rocks.

4. I made coffee by myself and it's pretty damn good.
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I miss my Star Wars books.
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Here I am, nineteen days of vacation left, and I want to read the Harry Potter series. It could happen, but I wouldn't have much time for anything else, and I have a scarf to finish and music videos to work on, and I wanted to go through Inheritance again before the new book comes out. Maybe I'll just read my favorites again. But I really wanted to read the whole thing with new perspective. Oh bloody well.

On the bright side, I get new glasses next week. FINALLY.
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When I first really got into Star Wars, I caught up on all the books that were out in about a year or so. And I reread many of them more than once. But it's taken me two years and I'm about halfway through New Jedi Order. And there are nine new books that just finished being released that I haven't even bought yet. I used to be so good at reading books, even when I was busy. What the hell happened?

Fortunately, as I discovered last summer, my fandoms may go dormant, but rarely ever do they die.

Also, finally saw Sky Captain and the World ot Tomorrow. I likes. There's just something about the 1940s that I've come to love. The clothes, the hair, the machines, the personalities... it's just tops. That goes for the 30s as well. And Jude Law is hawt in any time period.

Two days till the Who season finale. *crosses fingers and prays to high heaven that her favorites won't bite the big one*

Hopefully seeing Wanted tomorrow and then hanging with a bunch of other nerds with fireworks. And Apples to Apples. *glee*


Jan. 3rd, 2008 11:07 pm
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Spent the day in Salem: got some new books, jeans, gifts for school friends, and saw Sweeney Todd. I'm trying out a sci fi book called Dante's Equation. It's too early to tell yet, but it looks promising.

My work supervisor scheduled me for 8 am shifts not one, but TWO days of the damned week. I am not pleased. I don't want to go back on Sunday.

I've got ReBoot on the brain again. Did I mention I finished another video? Almost finished. Mostly.

Watched Voyage of the Damned on YouTube like over a week ago, and it kicked ass. So did Enchanted. And, of course, Sweeney.
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I really have no color sense, so it took me a long time to come up with this scheme. I like it, and I'm thinking I'll keep it for fall and change it back to blue for the winter.

SPEAKING OF FALL: It is my favorite season of the year, and since I started school in Eugene I don't get to enjoy the full effects at home like I used to. There's no smell of apples, somebody keeps blowing the leaves off the sidewalks (and I really wish they wouldn't; leaf imprint patterns look so cool later), and I'm usually too busy to notice how fall it is anyway. And really, it's a city, albeit a small one, and seasons are different in cities. While I do like having everything I need within the range of a brisk walk or a bus trip, I don't think I'll live in a city again when I finish school (whenever that may be). I like the peace and the quiet and the fresh air of the country too much. I'll deal with the isolation and how creepy it gets at night. I've been doing that all my life.

It looks like I'm coming up on watching Doctor Who S2 for the second time in as many weeks (although probably this time with the commentary tracks on). Jessica really wants to see Atlantis when we get back and I'm only too happy to oblige. As soon as we finish that (as well as the final two episodes of Firefly) I'm getting her addicted to the Doctor.

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I laughed, I cried,
I shook my fist and shouted WHY?
And then I died,
And came alive,
With teardrops stinging both my eyes,
And then I smiled and sighed;
What a ride.
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Jul. 21st, 2007 11:29 am
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I started reading a book yesterday that I've had for a few years but never really got around to reading before. It's the first in a series that's the sequel to a series I read a few years back and liked very much. The characters are quite lovable. Even the girls, and you (may) know how picky I am about fictional females. I'm enjoying this series as much as the last one, and all I really wanted to do today was read it. I hope my box of stuff from home arrives before I finish, because the next two books are in it. When I finish the series I may have to take a trip to the Smith Family Bookstore because I have almost nothing else to read here. Either that or I'll have to go to the library and expand my tastes.

Another thing I like about this group of characters (other than they're absolutely adorable) is that I was able to pick out quite a cast for them when I read the earlier series. I've made a few changes since then, but at the moment principle actors include Gerard Butler, Val Kilmer, Heath Ledger, and Jack Davenport (new addition). I love everybody, but Val's character may be my favorite. He's such a smartass. A character I can totally see him playing. He's also very close friends (they're practically joined at the hip) with the main character. Unfortunately, I haven't found a way to work in Robert Pattinson unless I switch him with Orlando Bloom. Phooey.

I got some new headphones today, not replacements for my broken favorites, but some that I may be able to sleep in. They go inside the ear quite deep, and have different size attachments for different size ears (mine are apparently freakishly small). The sound is great, which is fortunate considering what I paid for them. I saw a pair that I'd like to replace my broken ones with too, but I didn't have enough for both them and the printer ink I needed.

Sometime before Thursday I should probably study for that Geology midterm we're having.
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It's Friday night in the Halls. Lots of people are leaving for the weekend, including my roommate (she's visiting her host family). I'm not sure what I'll do tomorrow; maybe hang out at the library, or wander around the part of campus I don't know yet, or explore Eugene a little. I don't like staying in my room a lot. I'm getting better at sleeping though.

I found the Medieval section at the library, and I was thrilled. Then the next day I found the Medieval England section. Wow. I have some work to do. I borrowed two books, one called The  Real Middle Earth (explaining Tolkien's historical influences) and one about the Britons, which opens "In the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail..." With a start like that, it has to be good.

The bathtub in the shower room, by the way, rocks. As in kicks ass.

Going on a field trip on Sunday to the Cascades! I love the mountains. Today in OE we drew cards to determine what our class names would be. Mine is Ætheltheow. It means "noble handmaiden." It sure is a mouthful.

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It's hard to believe I've been here for a week. An unbelievable amount of stuff has happened in that short space of time and it's a lot to get my head around. I'm spending lots of time downstairs and starting to get decent at pool and ping pong, and tonight I watched Grey's Anatomy for the first time with a bunch of fans. Looks like I won't get to see much CSI this year unless I download it from iTunes. That's okay. I miss The Guys, but it's not like I won't ever see them again. 

After my first class I went to the library to find something to read. I may know how to organize the Library of Congress system, but I sure as hell don't know where they keep anything. It took me an hour to find the science section, and the book I checked out ended up being about this guy insisting that he could prove the existence of god through physics, or something equally ridiculous. I wish I had looked at that part BEFORE I checked it out. Oh well, at the very least it should make for an interesting read. My theory is that he went into cosmology, discovered that we don't know all the answers yet, and took the easy way out and tried to rationalize it with this book.

I'm looking forward to going home tomorrow. I like it well enough here, but I miss my mom and my cat and my old bed. And it's home. I want to bring some books and movies back so I'll have something to do when I run out of homework. I'm considering bringing my Stargate collection. I certainly have the shelf space (the storage in this room is incredible). Mom's going to be so happy to have a kid back in the house, even if it's just for a couple of days.
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I recently found out that the book I got from England is going to become available here. *headdesk* They couldn't have told me last February??! Oh well. Having a book from England is still cool.

I woke up with a Catherine Wheel song in my head and I can't remember the title or most of the words. Kick-ass song, though.

That thing I saw on Lifetime last night turned out to be Joe Flanigan's first movie. Aaaw. It was made twelve years ago and the man has hardly aged. I find it hard to believe he's turning forty next year because he looks ten years younger. Five at the very least.

I leave for school in nine days. I'm wildly freaked out and incredibly excited. My roommate moved into the dorm two days ago. I think. It's sort of hard to make complete sense of her e-mails. I'm so glad I'll have a few days to get to know the campus because I'm not exactly sure how to get there from my dorm.

Come on Daisy, don't drown me this time.
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My last book was supposed to have come today and it didn't. So I e-mailed the seller and gave him hell. Three weeks my ass. Never screw up orders to a young lady on her period.

I'm seriously considering dyeing my hair pink. Of course, then I would look like Tonks instead of Harry Potter. Hmm, maybe a Halloween costume idea. If only I could change my appearance at will. I also have costume patterns for a lady pirate and a few Arwenish dresses, and I had thought of going as an albino. So many choices. But somehow I don't think a pink-haired Middle-earth lady would work.

House and Nip/Tuck start a week from today! WOOT!

get up

Aug. 28th, 2006 11:42 am
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I've struck upon a whim to work on my writing again! I do wish it hadn't come at such an inconvenient time, right in the middle of a very long book series and less than a month before I head off to school. I very nearly sat down to watch the entire extended Lord of the Rings trilogy for inspiration, but decided that was a task for winter. In summer I either put them on to listen to while working on maps, or watch them one per night. But I hate just watching one of them, because really the whole thing is one single story. Albeit a very long one. Anyway, at this point I'm still jotting notes in my Moleskine and figuring out names and stuff. It's slow-going stuff even when I'm working on it every day. I can't wait until I'm busy again, because I'll probably work on it more. It's true what they say about getting more done when you have more to do. I think I'm getting carpal tunnel.

One of the books I ordered came in the mail this morning. (Yay!) Three weeks after I ordered it. The other had better not be far behind, because tomorrow's the last day of the delivery window and I want my book, dammit. I know I'm driving the rest of my family nuts about it because my mom cheered when I brought in the package this morning. This guy is so not getting positive feedback.

I just danced to my favorite song on the radio. Life is good today.
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I got more hair stuff today. I swear I must have half the Beyond the Zone collection at this time. I thought I'd try Air Wax and Hair Cement. I want to color my hair, but I think I'll probably need to ask for help with that.

Two of the books I ordered two weeks ago are STILL not here. I've had overseas orders that shipped faster. I am not joking. In fact, I don't think I've EVER had an order that took this long to arrive. I live on the west coast, for chrissakes, not the south pole. It shouldn't take two weeks to ship from North Carolina, even if it is media mail. I went back to Amazon and read that seller's customer feedback, and while most of it was positive, there seemed to be a lot of cases where people didn't get their stuff at all. I hope I don't have to get those again, and if I do, I'd better get my money back for this order. At the very least I'm never buying from them again, and I'm not rating them any higher than a 3 (and that only if I ever get my damn books). I'm this close to e-mailing the guy.

Sam's leaving tonight and won't be back till Christmas at the earliest. And he's taking all the stinking guitars with him. Damn his hide. Maybe my roommate will be a Japanese punk girl and play bass or something.
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So my aunt and uncle from Illinois are visiting this week. Having six people in the house is an interesting experience: for one thing, it's much harder to get into the bathroom. Yesterday we went to see the Spruce Goose, which was way bigger than I always thought. I also didn't expect to see about six frillion other aircraft in the museum, including reconstructions of the Lunar Module and rover. Also a real Titan II missle, the kind used to launch Gemini pilots into space. I think the Cobra attack helicopter was my favorite. Uncle Dennis was a hot refueler in the army and knew a lot about the Vietnam war-era craft. We had planned to also see the antique air show across the highway, but we spent long enough at the museum.

Today we went to my absolute most favoritest bookstore in the world, Powell's. I got the Star Wars Dark Nest trilogy, and saw the two books that I'm STILL waiting for in the mail. I almost got a brand-new Star Wars book, considered Wrath of Khan, and nearly got Tolkien's Ring but put it back because I was tired of carrying it around and didn't want to spend the money today. We had lunch at Chipotle's, where I had a salad with beef that was every bit as spicy going out as it was going in. But it was soooo yummy. I've had my favorite drink twice in the last two days. Either I can hold my rum, or I don't put nearly enough to get drunk on. That's good, because I feel my inhibitions are iffy when I'm sober. I'll save getting drunk till I'm at college. I can't believe I'm actually looking forward to having some of the normal experences of a twentysomething and going to a club or something. Whatever. Who knows, maybe I'll become social.

Sam's leaving for Maine in five days. I'm leaving for Eugene in thirty-two. 


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