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It's only halfway through November and I am JONESING to go back and rewrite this thing already. Or to write something else. Or to DO something else. I've got a line of music videos begging to be made, Father Ted is shiny and new to Netflix instant, and I've still got a scarf from last winter that needs finishing, not to mention Christmas presents to knit. I've finished most of the easy parts and the rest is probably going to be a bit slower-going.

But... 30,000 words! 30,000! In two freaking weeks! Another 8k, and this will be the most wordy thing I have ever worked on, finished or not. When the going gets tough, do the tough get out of the kitchen? I don't THINK so!

[brought to you by Too Much Coffee™]

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Caffeinated headache medicine is pretty interesting stuff. (Especially considering acetaminophen makes me kinda loopy.)

But my head does not hurt anymore!
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Fell asleep at four, woke up at eight, signed up for summer classes, broke two fingernails closing the window, went back to sleep, got up at noon, found out kitty had a fever, took kitty to vet and got him some liquids and antibodies and kitty aspirin, went to drug store for get well/thank you/happy father's day cards, now drinking a Full Throttle in hopes I can get buzzed enough on caffeine to work on some more of my epic crackfic because I can't find my funny at the moment.

Things got changed up today. Just a bit.
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So we've just finished the last of the Harry Potter movies, I'm wired on caffeine so I know I can't sleep yet, and what do I feel like doing with my night? Tackling my pile of homework. I'm planning to spend a good chunk of the weekend in the library working on some papers. I ordered The Sims 2 from Amazon, which should be here in a week or so, and then I'm so not going to get any work done. I might as well do stuff while I have what counts as a sorry excuse for free time.

Mom called the day after my birthday because she couldn't get a hold of me then. But she called at 8:30 in the morning. I don't know why she thought I'd be awake. I get up no early than ten, except on Thursdays.

I threw away a pair of socks today because my shoes ate them.


Dec. 15th, 2006 10:28 pm
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Here's what happened: a newbie director took a 500 page book and compressed it into an hour and forty-five minute movie and COMPLETELY RUINED ERAGON. I was not pleased. However, I was sort of expecting it. At this point it's doubtful they'll make Eldest, which I liked better, unless they get somebody new and WHO KNOWS WHAT HE'S DOING!!!

It's exactly what I'm always afraid will happen to one of the Harry Potters; they'll cut too much out and ruin the story. But so far they've all had good directors, and none of them has been under two hours, even the first, which was less than half the size of Eragon.

One thing I did like: the influence of Native American, Middle Eastern, and African styles in costuming. It was something I haven't seen often and it, at least, was well-done. And the boys were wearing leather, which did please me. Jeremy Irons was very good, too, for the half he was in. What confused me the most was why he was narrating the opening of the movie (which was just weird) when his character kicked the bucket an hour in.

Also the movie was started ten minutes late, the previews were skipped completely, it was in the wrong lens to start out with, and it went out of frame twice.

Anyway, I went and rented some movies (two seasons of CSI because I'm in that zone again, Chronicles of Narnia, Superman, and X2 because I think there might be something I like in the deleted scenes) and got some awesome shampoo that makes my hair feel AMAZING and a new facial wash because the other one wasn't working for crap. And an energy drink, which is still in my system after six hours. I'm going to be up all bloody night.

Oh yeah, last night: windy as hell. The power died for a few hours so I did some writing-related stuff by candellight because there was nothing else to do. Once, when this happened, we played board games by candles. Anyway, I kind of like writing by candles except my heater wasn't working (the heat is electric) and I was freaking freezing. Water started coming in through my smoke detector (which always happens in weather like that).

I'm getting into that tri-yearly drawing mood, right on schedule.

Maybe I'll read Eragon again so I don't feel so cheated.
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This paragraph will be in German as my final is on Wednesday and I need the practice.

Heute ist der dritte December. Am Freitag nach Abendsessen meine Freunin und ich haben Apples to Apples fur sechs Uhren gespielt. Am Samstag wir haben fur vier Uhren gespielt. Dann wir sind zur Abendessen gegangen. Gestern Abend wir haben Spirited Away, Nausicaa, und Porco Rosso gesehen. Heute Joe, Jessica, und Greg sind zur Grab 'n' Go gegangen, und ich hat ein Sobe Adrenaline und caffeinated wasser gekaufen. Morgen muss ich arbeiten. Ich muss studieren. Diese Woche habe ich finals.

Today is December 3rd. On Friday after dinner my friends and I played Apples to Apples* for six hours. On Saturday we played for four hours. Then we went to dinner. Yesterday evening we watched Spirited Away, Nausicaa, and Porco Rosso*. Today Joe, Jessica, Greg, and I went to Grab 'n' Go and I bought a Sobe Adrenaline and caffeinated water*. Tomorrow I have to work. I have to study. I have finals this week.

*Apples to Apples is a hell of a game, especially with a bunch of highly caffeinated nerds. It works much better late at night, however, than in the middle of the day.
*We had a bit of a Miyazaki marathon. One of my friends is a high priesess of the First Church of Hayao Miyazaki in Quebec. I shit you not. They tried to get it made in to an official religion, just to see if they could, and it worked. Apparently she has the power to marry people. I think I know where I'm going for my hypothetical wedding.
*Yes, caffeinated water.

Okay, so my German isn't over complicated. I've only been taking it for ten weeks. I can say a lot more, but you don't need my life story and I don't have time. Damn finals. Maybe when I get home I'll do a series of posts in German, because I need to practice over break anyway. I had intended to start my studying on Friday night, but unfortunately for my academic career, I have friends. I got very little done on Friday, and absolutely nothing on Saturday. But I had fun, and I still have two and a half days with only a little work time, and who needs sleep?
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Last night I downloaded the Catherine Wheel album I've been wanting for ages but could never find. I LOVE IT. Now I just need to get my hands on a blank CD so I can burn it and re-upload it to put it onto my MP3 player.  I dislike the way iTunes works that way. Creative is much more lenient, but they don't let me download the shows I miss. Sometimes compromises must be made.

My box from home came today (one-day shipping! that was fast!) and now I can use my smaller backpack again and my pirate costume is finally all in one place. I can't wait to wear it. I still need to get a hat, and maybe I'll find a suitable sash somewhere. I don't know if Saturday Market is still going this time of year.

The previews of Nip/Tuck for next week just about made me die. Christian whumping!! I'm absolutely sure he's not going to die, because I don't think the show would work without either one of the guys, but it will be hella fun. Fortunately Halloween movie night is on Saturday. But even so, I could get it on iTunes. Which I still may do anyway.

My phone works again! I made two new ring tones (SG Atlantis and old Battlestar Galactica themes) and accidentally wrecked two of my old ones. Daylight savings time is coming up, and just in time because I nearly fall asleep in my Geology class EVERY DAMN TIME and they seriously need to turn off the AC in that building because I wasn't the only one in there this morning freezing my ass off. Lucky for me all my winter clothing came in that box today. I'll be all bundled up for the midterm. The professor also told us that hats aren't allowed during the test. What the hell is that all about? If it was about hiding answers, I would think a sleeve would work just as well. I want to know why no hats. May we wear clothes, or should that be considered cheating?

I'm so hungry right now. I need to start keeping around some snacks.

I think the caffeine in that mocha I had this morning finally kicked in.
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Today I got up at FOUR-FREAKING-THIRTY to go to Introducktion. The whole thing was pretty straightforward, and now I think I could have done it alone, but I'm glad I brought a parent because they gathered them up when they sent us off to advising workshop and gave them stuff they forgot to give us. As it turns out, I have to take another science class. I decided to get that over with as soon as possible and chose Geology of National Parks, which should be interesting. I also have Old English and German. It's going to be an experience learning two languages at once, but at least they're somewhat related both to English and to one another. I don't have any classes before ten in the morning, and they're all in the same area. Three days a week I have both languages back to back.

This is basically my schedule:

Monday - Old English at noon in Deady, haul ass to German in McKenzie Hall
Tuesday - Geology at 10:00 in Chapman, break for an hour and a half, go to German in McKenzie Hall
Wednesday - see Monday
Thursday - Geology at 10:00 in Chapman, break for an hour and a half, go to German in McKenzie Hall, break for an hour, go to Geology discussion in Columbia at 3:00
Friday - See Wednesday

Also yesterday I got my student ID card! The picture is definitely not the worst I've ever had, but I might say it's the second best. My face looks a little funny and it's obvious the smile is fixed. I look a little tired, but that's not unexpected considering what time I woke up. My hair, however, looks awesome. I was a bit wired by that point because I had coffee, chai, and a sugarfree Full Throttle before 11. It was a very useful day and for the first time I feel very confident about going there. Even living there is starting to look exciting rather than intimidating. I just can't wait to meet my roommate. And as I was one of the early responders for admission, I just might get my own bathroom!
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So I have a brother again. (Well, had; he's already run off with my car to visit his friends.) Yesterday I was awakened sometime after five and we hit the road toward the airport. Over the course of the day, I had a 16-oz Monster, a Black Forest Mocha (which was DELICIOUS), and quite a bit of soda. Lunch at Chipotle's where the burritos are about the size of a small dog. I had a salad with very yummy (but spicy) chicken. Both cats, when I tried to introduce them to Sam, squirmed wildly and tried to get away. This puzzled me at first, because they don't usually do that with new people. Later I remembered hearing that the food one eats over a period of time affects their smell. Well, Sam's been eating Japanese food for the last ten months. Also, Rodrigo hates the guitar and runs for his life every time it's played. Sam takes special pleasure in strumming it loudly whenever he gets near. And I thought he liked cats. We played Real Dumb Laws after dinner -- and I'm using the term 'played' rather generously. After the first hour or so we completely stopped paying any attention to our pieces on the board and just started taking turns reading the cards. University City, Missouri has an awful lot of dumb laws. 

We're all going to see Dead Man's Chest if we can get Sam for an afternoon.
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I'll be spending the next day or so in detox from all the soda I drank yesterday. There must have been enough sodium in my blood to conduct electricity. There was a lightning storm not too far away but I didn't think to test it out. Also, it would have hurt. 

The party, at the house of a friend of Erica's parents, was more enjoyable this year partly because I'm getting used to going and am not so uncomfortable anymore, and also because Linnet came this year and Erica and I had someone else to hang out with for a while. And she and Ashley are joining us Thursday for Pirates! Yay! I like getting back in touch with old friends. Anyway, Erica and I kept ourselves busy playing hangman for a while. Erica -- and this is classic Erica -- turned her hangmen into recognizable characters. I got Harry Potter and half of Jack Sparrow hanged. 

Once again, Erica and I were masters of the fireworks display. I jumped over a few like always, and held the Solar Torch. I don't recommend that if one has long hair or has been doused in anything flammable.

I want House's jacket!


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