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Less than four days away from home and I feel like I could sleep for a week. The rearview mirror fell off the night before we left and the REARVIEW MIRROR-SPECIFIC SUPERGLUE we bought didn't work very well the first time around, so it made it to Ashland duct taped to the windshield before it fell off again. I packed way too many clothes because I thought we'd be gone longer and didn't read the books I brought. The bed I sleep in at Grandma's has about as much give as a plank of wood, so my arm fell asleep the first night, and the pillow was made of down (I stupidly didn't bring my own like I usually do) which I'm allergic to. The food was good but listening to my aunt yap nonstop for six hours was not (her hair, it may be noted, has not changed in decades). On Saturday my glasses fell apart and the itty bitty screw vanished into the carpet. We must have looked very silly on our hands and knees with our faces down by the floor. I did not go swimming while I was there, which made me sad because I didn't get to wear my new stuff, but I did get a cute pair of Sketchers and more New Jedi Order books so maybe I'll finally start reading them now.

This morning we drove to Crater Lake from Grandma's house. The air was pretty hazy but what we could see of the lake was the most amazing shade of blue. We were immediately greeted by a pretty chipmunk who seemed to be expecting food. The drive from there to Roseburg in the Umpqua Nat'l Forest was absolutely gorgeous, and probably my favorite part of the whole trip. I love mountain scenery. I'm also very glad to be home.

I don't know if Sam's always been completely tactless or Japan somehow made him mean, but he seems to enjoy pointing out my faults whenever he gets a chance and making fun of me about things I'd rather he left alone. Mom seems to take his side most of the time, which really doesn't help at all. Since we were kids I always got a feeling like he was the favorite, and I don't know if it's something all siblings experience or it's just my jealousy streak rearing its ugly head. But when he gets a computer for his high school graduation present, and all I got was a yearbook, I don't know what else I'm supposed to feel. I've had a week of lousy sleep, bad allergies, and more than likely PMS so I have every right to want to cry when he says I'm the most impatient person he's ever met, I whine a lot, and I'm obnoxious. Perhaps I should let him know he's insensitive and I have feelings that are easily wounded, or didn't he figure that out after knowing me for over twenty years.

At least my kitty's glad to see me.

I think my favorite hair gel is damaging my hair.
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We're leaving tomorrow for a boring trip to the northern California desert. I'll be out of radio contact for a few days.
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The right side of my lower jaw is full of novacaine, but I'm starting to get some feeling back in my tongue. I stopped at Sally's on the way home and got some fun hair products, which cheered me up a bit. Especially since I got $5 off. My hair is very interesting and probably smells like coconut. When we got back from the dentist Sam and Mom and I wrapped homemade tamales in the kitchen. There's a bowl full of the things wrapped and tied in three very different ways.

Last night I slept in my pajamas and everything! I even turned the fan off. That's what summer should be like here. Our trip to Cali may be delayed for the Explorer to have the AC fixed. And I had my new duffle packed and everything. More or less. But I will enjoy staying in less-than-100 degree weather for a short while longer. Grandma reports it's bloody hot down there. She told Mom she'd keep the air conditioning at 80 around the clock, which Mom seems to think is too warm. However, when the outside temperature is 107 or so, it should feel nice. 80's in my (rather small) comfort zone. Except maybe at night. I like to sleep when it's chilly and under a lot of blankets.

I need to decide which books I'm taking down there because it will be boring.


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