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I probably shouldn't be reading old Gateworld forums, because now I'm getting ideas about rewriting the last two seasons of Atlantis and put in all the stuff I would like to have seen. Like Carson and Weir not being dead, some Sheppard/Teyla action, and more Ford for starters. Though I'd do my best not to just rehash episodes with added Carson & Elizabeth. Not for anything other than my own purposes, anyway.

It would be one hell of a wish-fulfillment project, but hell. That's all my writing.
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Skipping Sunday on this tour of Atlantis, because Carson is pretty much equal to Sheppard on my favorites list now and I don't feel like spending the rest of the night crying.
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While college shopping with my mom, we ran into another mother and daughter college shopping in the detergent aisle, and the girl was also headed for UO. Just like 40% of Oregon, but it's still fun.
On a related note, I have Apple Mango Tango laundry detergent. I'm going to have the fruitiest-smelling clothes in Carson.

And finally the hairpins I've been looking EVERYWHERE for.

The Stargate magazine assures us that Carson Beckett will return for TWO EPISODES this season. Woot!
All the news on the TV movies for SG-1 points to some pretty awesome shit happening. I wish they'd quit taunting us and show them already.
Michael Shanks and Christopher Judge are developing their own tv show, called Rage of Angels, and I damn well better get to see it. Shanks is playing Luficer. (!!)
I so want a Col. John Sheppard action figure, because he's got the smirk and the messy hair and is just so funny to look at and yet so perfect. If they havent made Rodney yet they need to put on his "I'm a genius and you're an idiot" face.

I'm happy I'll be living on the fifth floor, because I can take the stairs and fit back into all my jeans in no time. I'd just better remember to do my inner leg exercises so I don't get freaking runner's knee again. That was such a bitch.

Alas, I have no more white mocha. But I do have chocolate-covered pretzels!
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As of Atlantis tonight, I am officially pissed off.
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I saw Superman Returns this afternoon. I was pleased. That Brandon Routh has the most wonderful face and I have to draw it. He and James Marsden's character didn't even fight, which I expected them to, and I'm glad they didn't. That actually would have been a little too much like X-Men, actually. Anyway, now they can have a threesome or something. And don't get me started on how delightfully evil Kevin Spacey was as Lex Luthor. He was having far too much fun, I'm sure of it. The original theme music and opening credits were an awesome touch. Nobody ever made theme music like John Williams. I'm not sure anyone ever will. And Bryan Singer, for your information, knows how to treat James Marsden right. He shouldn't let Brett Ratner play with him anymore.

I've got a doctor's appointment tomorrow for a change in allergy meds and probably some vaccinations. That should be oodles of fun. I can't wait to have lights shined up my nose and needles in my arm.

I've decided to watch a few of my favorite Stargate SG-1 episodes (okay, it's like a hundred -- there are a lot of good episodes) to get psyched for the new seasons. Unfortunately I don't have any Atlantis except for what I've taped, and my tapes are so screwed up I don't know what's on them anymore. Apparently we get to see Carson cry this season, as well as comfort from Sheppard in the form of a hanky. Aaaaww! If only he'd hug him. But he got kissed by Rodney last year, so that's probably more than I should ask for at this point.


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