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I've been watching too much Johnny Test, and it's starting to blur into other cartoon realities. For example:
     - Mom and Dad are the domestic Elaine and Guybrush Threepwood.
     - Storm Hawks is a parallel universe where Johnny grew up to be Finn. Seriously, they're EXACTLY ALIKE.
     - there's some kind of relation to the Fry/Farnsworth family, what with all the flaming red hair, inventormania, and moving science forward via heaps of monkeys, and Zapp Brannigan is descended from Mr. Black AND Mr. White--the twins do freaky genetic experiments all the time, so pretty much anything is possible.
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Just yesterday discovered The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.


It's dramatic! The music is awesome! It's got story arcs by the motherlode! The supervillains are actually kind of creepy! And more collateral damage than you can shake a maraca at!

Oh, and Iron Man. :D
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Hey Erica, have you seen Superjail? If so, don't you think that prison guard would be the perfect woman for Brock Samson?

If not, nevermind.


Nov. 18th, 2006 05:06 pm
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YouTube removed all the X-Men Evolution episodes. I WAS WATCHING THOSE!!! Now there's only old X-Men on DailyMotion and the animation sucks and there's no Nightcrawler except for one freaking episode and Wolverine looks awful. I am not pleased. At least they still have ReBoot. Speaking of which, I want to try and actually write that alternate S4 fic I planned like five years ago. I'll need something to do over winter break, and writing practice is never bad. Besides, that fandom could use a jump-start right about now. I've been wanting for so long to do the fourth season and do it RIGHT. (And my friends here like ReBoot! I'm so happy I got into the same res hall as these guys.) There's also my LOTR darkfic that's something like 40 pages long right now. I so need to finish that and get it out of my to-do list. I've been working on it for like, two years. I need to write some Stargate stuff. Ack, maybe I'll actually get something done next year.

Today went by far too fast, but part of that was because I slept past 11 and spent the rest messing around on my computer. Last night I was up till 3:30 watching Black Books, which is one of the most hilaious Britcoms EVER. I hope I didn't bother my neighbors from the laughing. One of them was hung over this morning (I know because the sticky note on her door said so). 

I was going to study for finals this weekend, but I realized finals are two weeks away, and if I study now I'll forget everything by then. There's dead week, and then I have four days of no classes before my tests. Prime study time.

NICK SANG in last week's CSI!!! Adorable!
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My hair looks so damn good these days it's not even funny. I wish I could keep it at this length by will.

I've been watching cartoons galore because my awesome friend showed me where to find them online. I'm catching up on X-Men Evolution and Teen Titans. Next, original X-Men WITH GAMBIT, the Venture Bros. eps I missed, Robot Chicken, probably Gravitation, and maybe Earthworm Jim. And Jack of all Trades because DAMN! That show was hilarious. There's so much stuff to watch. I've fallen a bit behind on CSI and WAY behind on Numb3rs and my friends are getting me into all sorts of other stuff. Last Saturday we watched Howl's Moving Castle and a French Canadian comedy/fairytale/musical (Anne-Marie's from Quebec) and they were both great but I had eyestrain from reading so many subtitles. I really should be finishing my geology homework but I'd rather be watching cartoons. I'm back into the ReBoot zone big time after a dead long hiatus and maybe I'll finish that story I had that idea for about five years ago.

They turned on the heat in my room and now I have to sleep with the window open and it's noisy. I'm not happy about this. On the bright side, I'm not huddling up under blankets with the heating pad in the daytime anymore. I can't wait to spend a month at home where the temperature is at my command. There's so much stuff I want to bring back after break. I want a fridge.
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The stupid headlight on my car decided to be cute tonight and not turn on when I started the engine. I didn't want to get stuck in Mac at 11 at night, and if I got pulled over I could always deny all knowledge. I drive home, encounter no police, and check my lights again when I park. AND THE BLOODY THING WAS WORKING!!

The headlight's messing with my head, man. I will not miss driving Highway 18 at night.

I don't believe you're ever too old for cartoons (especially with the stuff [adult swim] is putting out these days). When I was young they made me laugh because characters were silly and would do funny things and, like many children, I was easy to amuse. Now that I'm older, watching cartoons is a slightly different experience. Some of the things I found funny as a youngster aren't as funny now, but there are also references to things that as a child I would never have understood. Those must be for people like me and parents who have young kids who make them watch with them. One of my favorite examples is from ReBoot, and it references the old Britcom "Are You Being Served?" If you've never seen the show, it might seem a little... off. But AYBSers will understand.

Mike the TV: Is that really your pussy, Mrs. Slocombe?

Here's a list of my favorite cartoons, because I'm watching Toon Disney and it seemed like a good idea at the time.
Some are old, some are new.

ReBoot -- the one and only, the first CG cartoon ever, and I was there at both the beginning and the end.
Futurama -- Good News, Everyone!
Venture Bros. -- Gods how I love. Dean is teh geek. New season in June!!
Robot Chicken -- semi-regular Mark Hamill! What more could you want?!
Cowboy Bebop -- Erica made me watch it. Spike is mucho awesome.
Trigun -- Love and PEACE!!
Gargoyles -- not so much the cartoon itself as Brooklyn.
The Tick -- heh heh, gotta love stupid superheroes and their chubby sidekicks who are often mistaken for rabbits.
Teen Titans -- I just found out this ended. On my birthday of all days. Yarg.
Blazing Dragons -- I only saw it a few times and nobody plays it anymore, but it was funny as hell. "We're dragons and we're proud to say / We fight evil and we don't get paid!"
Time Squad -- More Mark Hamill! Whatever happened to this show?
Aqua Teen Hunger Force -- Gentlemen! Behold! The Fargate!
Tenchi Muyo! In Love -- EEEEEH??!!?! SHUUGAKU YOKO???!!!! *dies*
Generator Gawl -- Love much. But could do wihout Masami's useless character and Gawl's generic cocky-anime-hero-dork attitude. Ryo is loooove. Koji is teh sex.
Sealab 2021 -- and in this episode, the lab explodes!
X-Men Evolution -- they NEVER play this anymore. I miss my fuzzy blue elf.
Pirates of Dark Water -- anything with pirates, baby.
The Last Unicorn -- "Now that I'm a woman..."
The Sea Prince and the Fire Child -- this one's pretty obscure. I love my friend to death for finding me a copy.
Here Comes the Grump -- nobody, and I mean NOBODY I have spoken with has ever heard of this one. I think it went to Cartoon Hell.
Rainbow Brite -- I made a ringtone of the theme for my phone!
Thundercats -- I saw a few of these more recently, and now it seems so silly. But still fun.
Sonic the Hedgehog -- the OLD one. With the robots and shit.
The Great Mouse Detective -- omg Disney. Back when it was good.
Wizards -- OMG Ralph Bakshi! This cartoon is freaking trippy. I can't believe my parents let me watch it as a child.

That's it folks. I have to go to bed before I drop dead from exhaustion.


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