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I really have no color sense, so it took me a long time to come up with this scheme. I like it, and I'm thinking I'll keep it for fall and change it back to blue for the winter.

SPEAKING OF FALL: It is my favorite season of the year, and since I started school in Eugene I don't get to enjoy the full effects at home like I used to. There's no smell of apples, somebody keeps blowing the leaves off the sidewalks (and I really wish they wouldn't; leaf imprint patterns look so cool later), and I'm usually too busy to notice how fall it is anyway. And really, it's a city, albeit a small one, and seasons are different in cities. While I do like having everything I need within the range of a brisk walk or a bus trip, I don't think I'll live in a city again when I finish school (whenever that may be). I like the peace and the quiet and the fresh air of the country too much. I'll deal with the isolation and how creepy it gets at night. I've been doing that all my life.

It looks like I'm coming up on watching Doctor Who S2 for the second time in as many weeks (although probably this time with the commentary tracks on). Jessica really wants to see Atlantis when we get back and I'm only too happy to oblige. As soon as we finish that (as well as the final two episodes of Firefly) I'm getting her addicted to the Doctor.

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I laughed, I cried,
I shook my fist and shouted WHY?
And then I died,
And came alive,
With teardrops stinging both my eyes,
And then I smiled and sighed;
What a ride.
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Jul. 21st, 2007 11:29 am
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I don't trust Snape and I think he's an evil bastard.
I'm really hoping Kreacher kept that locket.
I want Draco to be a good guy.
Wormtail's going to do something useful. I just know it.
Harry/his scar is NOT a Horcrux. This isn't Dragonheart.
I'm all but certain Harry's the heir of Gryffindor or whatever. There, I said it.
And he'd better not be the Boy Who Died. Or else.

AS IF I'm going to get any sleep tonight. Or I'll have crazy book dreams. Those are always interesting.
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By the looks of it, I'm going to be reading Deathly Hallows during PMS Week.

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OMG I have Okk hair.

My ReBoot DVDs are, apparently, out of print and rare enough to be worth well over a hundred dollars each on Amazon. And that's the starting price. One goes up to $300 (!). Never buy anything out of print from Amazon. You'll most likely find it cheaper someplace else. I bought each of those DVDs at Suncoast for $15 a couple of years back. There is, by the way, no way in HELL I'm selling them. I'm on a serious ReBoot rebound right now, which will change in a few days -- hopefully only temporarily, so I can get back to work on the fic I've wanted to do for like, five years.

OMG BY THE WAY I tried to read the ReBoot fics I wrote in 2002, when I first started writing fanfic EVER and DEAR GOD it was traumatic. I've wanted for ages to rewrite them, but if I can't bring myself to read them that might be a problem. I may have to start from scratch and my sketchy memories.

Production has stalled on my Doctor Who scarf. Instead I've been giving myself eyestrain staring at computer screens all day, which means that if I can't get rid of it by Saturday, I'm going to have to read Deathly Hallows with a microscope.

Harry's going to live, dammit. I can believe that for another three days, at least.
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One month until Deathly Hallows.
One day until the last Stargate SG-1 episode ever. But I won't get to see it then.

My muse is stalking me but I don't have anything ready to write. I just finished a Prisoner of Azkaban video to Nightwish's Moondance, which I was working on until three in the morning, and it rocks. My allergies suck today. I have my Doctor Who (yay!) and I've been watching a little each day, but it's going to end on Doomsday and that will make me sad. I really miss season three.

I want to make the 14-odd-foot Fourth Doctor scarf when I've finished with the Gryffindor. I'm going to need a bigger basket.
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FYI, my Firefly/Serenity video kicks some gorram ass. I've watched the series and the movie again, because I missed them a lot. I wish like hell there was more. My favorite character changed - not like I really had a definitely favorite, but Wash was pretty close, but then he and Simon duked it out and Simon won. But hell, he's still alive, so he's already got a leg up. And I always did like Simon.

I saw a preview online for the next Pirates movie, and I nearly died. I want May to come so bad it hurts. Then, of course, is July, with the Order of the Phoenix movie and THE LAST FREAKING HARRY POTTER BOOK. Summer is going to rock so hard.

I've started where I left off in the New Jedi Order, I think. It just sort of happened. Fine time too, when I won't have time to read for the next eleven weeks.

I, by the way, have pants that fit and new blue shoes that are bouncy so I can do swordfighting class and not get blisters or trip over my feet.

Two and a half gorram weeks until Stargate and you have no idea how excited I am.


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