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1. And after watching Daemon Rising again... eh. Perhaps I should just carry on as planned. That way I get to include Ray and Captain Capacitor in everything, and it's just personal wish fulfillment anyway, and like who the hell's gonna read it?

2. Read summaries of what happened in Doctor Who on Saturday... and fuck it. Just fuck it. Let me know when Steven Moffat leaves, and I'll come back. (Or Neil Gaiman does another episode.) I hate that I don't like Doctor Who anymore! DAMN YOU STEVEN MOFFAT!

On a related note, they've discovered an actual diamond planet. For god's sake, don't build a leisure palace there!
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I can't even form very coherent thoughts on the mess that was supposed to be Doctor Who this year, except that I want Neil Gaiman to take over as showrunner ASAP.
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I'm bored, snarky, and entering the silly phase of not having had enough sleep last night. So I felt it was time for some quirky summaries.


Sporkers, to the Batmobile! )


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I couldn't find anything I felt like watching after I finished with Doctor Who. So it's more Doctor Who.

(At least until I finish this sweater.)
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Sure, there are plenty of bummeriffic things going on in the last third of Forest of the Dead, but It Gets Worse when you realize that those 4,022 saved people have been in the Library mainframe for AROUND A HUNDRED YEARS AND EVERYONE THEY KNEW IS DEAD.
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Next year's Doctor Who's gonna be split in half?

On one hand, it'll be nice to have a few episodes in the fall; on the other hand, we'll have to endure a serious cliffhanger between halves which SUCKS.
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Oh no way, no WAY! OOO SPOILERS! )

This was the first finale since Parting of the Ways ever that didn't make me sad. Well, I am kind of sad, but only because I have to wait six months until the freaking Christmas special! DX


PS AND I just found Enterprise online at I am a VERY HAPPY PANDA.
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Okay, so I lied. It's hard to resist when there's Who to be watched.


May. 31st, 2010 02:24 am
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1. Knitting nipples is a BITCH and my poor fingers never want to be put through that again.

2. He may have certifiable fashion sense and be a bit more roly-poly than we're used to, but he's still the goddamn Doctor!

3. HARRY SULLIVAN IS AN IMBECILLE! (But we still love 'im.)
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Doctor Who is back in two weeks? That sort of blows my mind.

Ten days until Fringe returns ... WITH SOME DAMN ANSWERS FOR A CHANGE :D

Warehouse 13 has a new season this summer woohoo!

Kali just might be my new favorite Sanctuary episode. (I'm going to have to see it again because I was too busy laughing my ass of to actually *watch* the dance.) I am quite unhappy that we have to wait until fall for new episodes (and the resolution! asflidjk!!!) but stoked that we get a full season!
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I finally get stocked up on Doctor Who clips, and I can't freakin' decide what song to do.

I finally choose a song, and it turns out to be the hardest. Song. Ever.

Being scatterbrained about my hours worth of footage probably doesn't help.
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Finally made a Doctor Who video where PEOPLE ACTUALLY SMILE.

[going to watch Ten now]
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More than anything I'd love to see Luke Smith as a Doctor's companion.
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Point One: I realized Rose Tyler is Bella Swan. I don't hate the girl. I just don't respect her anymore. Far too co-dependent for that.

I do respect Martha Jones. She didn't need a flippin' time vortex transfusion/Timelord DNA/all the lifeforce in the universe to save the world, because she did it with guts, smarts, and good old-fashioned hardcore determination and strength of will. No special powers needed. Besides, she was able to have her own life where the Doctor wasn't the bright and shiny be-all-end-all of her universe. (Awesome though he may be.)

Here I am psychoanalyzing FICTIONAL CHARACTERS.

Point Two: I want to learn to make really amazingly awesome vids like some people do. They make mine look so sloppy. :(


Jun. 11th, 2009 12:41 am
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The Master's going to turn into TIMOTHY DALTON? No way. That's too fucking awesome to be real. PULL THE OTHER ONE!


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I'm crossing my fingers that since we don't get any more Doctor Who until FREAKING NOVEMBER, maybe we'll have Torchwood sometime this summer. Because, really. We need our Whoniverse.
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It's been ten years (or more) and I still can't get over it. How freaking cool is Wedge Antilles?

He's the coolest thing in the universe.

(Except maybe for the Doctor.)
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OMG, the Who finale KILLED. I am stunned. Fantastic. I can FINALLY relax. Only one admonishment: guys, don't encourage the shippers. The fanfic was bad enough already.

Wanted was awesome. Hancock, not so much. It was like a superhero movie for the average non-nerdy dumb American. But I saw a James Bond preview. (glee!)
I'm going through a bunch of really old stuff I wrote way back when, and I found an unfinished poem I wrote about the posters on my wall at the time (many of them have changed since then), and it was amusing enough to share.

If My Posters Could Move

Orlando would frolic along on the beach
without any shoes, doing cartwheels and leaps

Cyclops and Logan would be in a snit
So Jean Grey and Stormy have left for a bit

Aragorn and Arwen are off somewhere snogging
While Gollum and Toad now are happy leap-frogging

Smith would dress all up in drag and sing tunes
While Gandalf shouts at him 'You used to like runes!'

Harry and Frodo are having a duel
Determining whose sword will be the most cool

Johnny and Heath are having a staredown
Hoping that each others' posters I'll tear down

If my posters could move there'd be no moment's peace...

It's a bit different now. X-Men and Matrix were taken down years ago, as was my The Order poster which Heath was on (I still have them all somewhere. There was a Spider-Man 2 for a while, and now there's a Star Wars. These days I probably would have had Cyclops and Wolverine snogging. Orlando, though, would still be absolutely frolicking his heart out.
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When I first really got into Star Wars, I caught up on all the books that were out in about a year or so. And I reread many of them more than once. But it's taken me two years and I'm about halfway through New Jedi Order. And there are nine new books that just finished being released that I haven't even bought yet. I used to be so good at reading books, even when I was busy. What the hell happened?

Fortunately, as I discovered last summer, my fandoms may go dormant, but rarely ever do they die.

Also, finally saw Sky Captain and the World ot Tomorrow. I likes. There's just something about the 1940s that I've come to love. The clothes, the hair, the machines, the personalities... it's just tops. That goes for the 30s as well. And Jude Law is hawt in any time period.

Two days till the Who season finale. *crosses fingers and prays to high heaven that her favorites won't bite the big one*

Hopefully seeing Wanted tomorrow and then hanging with a bunch of other nerds with fireworks. And Apples to Apples. *glee*


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