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Reasons I'm happy today (despite it being Monday and work being more boring than usual):

 - I'm a brunette again (my roots were clashing with the red)
 - I have a white hot chocolate from Starbucks
 - Michael Shanks will be on 24 next week (!!!)
 - I have manageable homework now that I dropped Old English (honestly, I can translate Beowulf on my own at this point)
 - I know it's spring, because my muse has woken up and is poking at me steadily saying "write...write...write..."
 - Stargate is so BACK (and soon to be whupping ass in as many as three galaxies - once Daniel's back in the show, of course)
 - I read an excerpt from the third book in the Inheritance trilogy (Eragon was the first) which made me remember, GOD, just how much I love those books and I really hope it's coming out this summer, because that would be kick-ass if I got that AND Harry Potter. . .but then I would be out of things to read

Speaking of Eragon, I had the most bizarre dream about the movie, but it wasn't the movie exactly and for some reason Ben Browder was in it. Saphira wasn't, and neither was Eragon, actually, although Jeremy Irons did make an apperrance. I don't know what the hell that was all about, but now I want to read the books again. They are, unfortunately, a good 70 miles away at the moment.

Jessica and I finally finished watching SG-1! Okay, we skipped two episodes. But they were clip shows and one of them is my absolute least favorite episode. Onward Atlantis! (And after that, Firefly!)


Dec. 15th, 2006 10:28 pm
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Here's what happened: a newbie director took a 500 page book and compressed it into an hour and forty-five minute movie and COMPLETELY RUINED ERAGON. I was not pleased. However, I was sort of expecting it. At this point it's doubtful they'll make Eldest, which I liked better, unless they get somebody new and WHO KNOWS WHAT HE'S DOING!!!

It's exactly what I'm always afraid will happen to one of the Harry Potters; they'll cut too much out and ruin the story. But so far they've all had good directors, and none of them has been under two hours, even the first, which was less than half the size of Eragon.

One thing I did like: the influence of Native American, Middle Eastern, and African styles in costuming. It was something I haven't seen often and it, at least, was well-done. And the boys were wearing leather, which did please me. Jeremy Irons was very good, too, for the half he was in. What confused me the most was why he was narrating the opening of the movie (which was just weird) when his character kicked the bucket an hour in.

Also the movie was started ten minutes late, the previews were skipped completely, it was in the wrong lens to start out with, and it went out of frame twice.

Anyway, I went and rented some movies (two seasons of CSI because I'm in that zone again, Chronicles of Narnia, Superman, and X2 because I think there might be something I like in the deleted scenes) and got some awesome shampoo that makes my hair feel AMAZING and a new facial wash because the other one wasn't working for crap. And an energy drink, which is still in my system after six hours. I'm going to be up all bloody night.

Oh yeah, last night: windy as hell. The power died for a few hours so I did some writing-related stuff by candellight because there was nothing else to do. Once, when this happened, we played board games by candles. Anyway, I kind of like writing by candles except my heater wasn't working (the heat is electric) and I was freaking freezing. Water started coming in through my smoke detector (which always happens in weather like that).

I'm getting into that tri-yearly drawing mood, right on schedule.

Maybe I'll read Eragon again so I don't feel so cheated.


Oct. 20th, 2006 12:23 am
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I saw the Eragon trailer on the website. Oh my god. It looks amazing. I am dying for December.
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I watched Dungeons & Dragons last night. Pathetic, I know. But Justin Whalin is beautiful, Jeremy Irons looks fabulous, the heroine's realistic in appearance, and the dwarf is now in Pirates of the Caribbean. The whole thing was much slashier than I remember, which is always tons of fun. First of all, there's this whole quest for the "Rod of Savrille" that controls red dragons. That's some rod! Damodar was so Profion's bitch. It is apparent to me that half the movie is miscast, and Thora Birch's part totally doesn't suit her, but Bruce Payne's acting is still hilarious and everybody gets to make fun of him. And, as Hez once pointed out, the elf looks like Chris Kattan. I don't think I'll EVER forget about that. Yes, the movie is awful. Yes, I love it.

I'm just counting on Eragon being better. At least it's based on an actual book and not somebody's RPG adventure, so that should help. Better luck this time, Jeremy Irons (please!).

Eragon comes out in just over three months. I hate having to wait for the first movie AND the last book. Not fair.
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I have never had this much trouble planning out a story. It's like before I just knew what to do, even if the plots were lousy for the most part. I think that this time I'm instinctively trying to make a good plot rather than a mediocre one, and that's what's stopping me up. I remember reading that Christopher Paolini took a month to plot out Eragon, and it seems like that's the timeline I'm heading for. I should have known I couldn't make even the skeleton of a really good story in less than a week. I have three pages of notes so far, rather than the one that I started with, plus about a page and a half of outline-stuff. I also have four definite characters accounted for, plus one or two who have been no more than wisps of thought. I made part of a map but I really hate it. I need music to listen to so I can get ideas, but I need a certain kind and though I love it, I think I can only listen to The Lord of the Rings so many times before I have it memorized.

I watched part of Troy last night because I found out Garrett Hedlund, who plays Achilles' cousin Patroclus, will be playing Murtagh in Eragon. He moves so wonderfully with a sword. He may not be Robert Pattinson, but I think he'll do nicely. I have absolutely no idea whether the movie will be any good. Having Jeremy Irons, though he is great, doesn't guarantee a hit. The last time he was in a fantasy movie, it kind of bombed. However, movies that are based on very popular books usually do better unless they change them too much. Judging by the cast list on, they seem to have almost all the right characters, which is a very good sign. And even if the movie does suck (which I hope it won't), I'll still always have the books. (And I'll probably always use my casting unless I REALLY like the movie choices.)

CSI seriously needs to have Tarantino do ALL their season finales. They can't top Grave Danger without him, no matter how much hype they induce. As regular episodes, they were fine. But they got us geared up for something exciting that never really happened. I hope my roommate likes television.

I'd rather be an honest bitch than nice and a liar.
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It occurred to me today that when the Eragon movie comes out, I'll be in Eugene. I can't get over stuff like that. After living in the same place for over twenty-three years, the realization that I won't be living here anymore in a few months is quite a bit to take in. Sure, I'll come back on weekends and holidays, and I'll probably come back home after I get my Master's degree until I find a job, but I'm going to miss this place. I really love my room. I love my house, even though it's changed a lot since I was a child, mostly due to the renovation a few years ago. I love where it is -- not the Sheridan part, but the location of the house itself. I'll miss living here the way I am now. I'm sure I'll get used to it, I usually do; but it will be different. I'll probably be there also when the last Harry Potter book is released (at least I hope it doesn't take any longer than that!), as well as when that next movie comes out. I'll have to investigate the theaters in Eugene. I've also discovered a place that teaches capoeira, which I would LOVE to learn. I also expect to become something of a political activist. I'm predominantly Irish/Italian, so my blood is all fire. And there is much to burn.

I've read two hundred and fifty pages of Eldest so far today. These books have grown on me and I am in love with them now. Too bad the third one's not written yet. Blimey.


May. 4th, 2006 11:28 pm
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I just finished reading Eragon and it was all right. I do wish that I'd looked at the film cast list before I'd started. I had the wrong guy for Brom. But the guy I used was offered the role, so I was close. I'm not wild about Christopher Paolini's writing style because it seems amateurish and unrefined, but I guess I should go easier on a guy who wrote his first book at fifteen. Show off. Anyway, the story was decent and it had one character that I really liked, but part of that may have something to do with him in my mind looking suspiciously like Robert Pattinson (aka Cedric Diggory). Sometimes when I read books I figure out plot twists that aren't really there, and I hope that turns out to be the case with one involving him. It actually makes a bit of sense and I've seen little that disproves it, but I still hope I'm wrong about it. If I'm not, it basically means toast for my guy. I don't know how I cooked this one up, either. It's a doozy. Anyway I have to wait three or four days until I can get the next book so I won't know for sure until at LEAST then. Maybe not even until the third book, and I don't think that's been written yet. Fooey. Oh well, I'll keep hoping my imagination is putting things together that don't go again. I'm really terrible at solving mysteries. I think Half-Blood Prince is the only one I actually figured out almost right away. No romance taking over in this book, but I know for a fact it's only a matter of time because the fortune teller said so and she's been right about stuff so far. I just hope it's the cute black chick and not Mary Sue Elf. She's too old for Eragon anyway. I know I said that thing about wanting an older girl in a couple, but she's probably got at least a few thousand years on this kid. I don't think it would work out. Personally I think he should snub both girls and choose his buddy Murtagh (who looks alarmingly like Robert Pattinson), but I'm not that lucky. They'll have to have a secret affair. I don't feel like reading my other books now, I feel like continuing this series... which is weird, because I usually get sick of a series after one book and have to leapfrog. Maybe I liked this book more than I think I did. I guess I don't usually finish a five hundred page book unless I have some interest. I MUST find out what happens to Murtagh. I don't much care for Paolini's descriptions of his female characters. There's only one who he doesn't keep reminding us is Aphrodite's twin, and I think that one's based on his sister. Well, two, but the other one's a dragon so she doesn't count. She's blue, that's about all I know. I will give the next book a try. But if the Evil King Galbatorix turns out to be Eragon's father, I will never read another book again.  

When I'm reading Eragon is played by Daniel Radcliffe. And you may have heard Murtagh is Robert Pattinson. Yay! Pretty!
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I'm reading Eragon. It's not too bad. The author's definitely read Dune, though. I can tell you that. I could write an essay on the similarities. But it's okay. The best ones are those who steal from everybody else. The ones who get everything from the stuff they dreamed last night, well, they just plain suck. YA Fantasy is where all the real talent is.


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