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I made dinner tonight, actual dinner from a recipe, and it was good. (Of course my way of cooking involves asking somebody a question about it every five minutes, because almost all of my previous dinner-making experience is limited to tuna melts.)

BUT I proved I could multitask by keeping an eye on three burners and the cookies in the oven all at once. Now I'm just fighting a Benadryl coma.
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There's no CSI tonight, (sad), but tomorrow is super-fun Atlantis :). Johnny's gonna get whumped like so bad.

The lines for Carson dining hall duirng mealtimes suck, the new design is crappy, and the food is less than good most of the time. Its only redeeming factor is nightly late-night pizza for low pointage, and it's damn good pizza. I was all excited about getting a dining hall in the building, and I hardly ever use it.

Voltaire is fun.
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One thing that's not awesome about being home is my connection speed, or lack thereof. I'm seriously wondering about my ability to watch the last three Doctor Who episodes, because I have to online, and I might have to plug Andromeda into the router and hope that's fast enough to download the whole thing. I really don't want to wait until September. In the meantime I'm trying to catch up on the history of the old series by reading episode summaries, and waiting for my first two seasons to arrive. By all rights they should have been here today, but for some reason my card number didn't work the first time around, and the delivery date is now Monday. This does not please me. At least Erica's taping Stargate for me. I'd go over and watch with her, but my damn car has a headlight issue and I can't drive it at night. On the bright side, the Stargate season 10 dvd set is coming out next month, which is about six months earlier than normal, which means I can make a bunch of my videos sooner than I'd expected. Yay!

The yard looks awesome, the fish are gigantic, and the cats are happy to see me. And homemade food is the best. Sam's leaving for Korea in two weeks to teach kindergarteners English for a year. He's hurriedly learning Korean. There are little yellow notes all over the house labeling things. Mom has a digital camera and now she wants an iPod shuffle and a laptop (what's this world coming to?!). It took me forever to unpack all my junk. My room was a mess like I'd never seen before, and it was tough to pick a place to start. I had an easier time finding places for things in my room at school, which was half the size. But there were shelves and roomy drawers there. I need to get rid of some of my stuff again.

There are so many things I want to do now that I'm free from the burdens of homework and classes and I'm having trouble choosing. Maybe when I've caught up on all the lost sleep from recent weeks and need less than ten hours a night, I'll be able to do some of them.
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All my friends left me and went to an anime con in Seattle this weekend. And while I've gotten quite a bit of homework done, I'm just a bit lonely. I've more or less locked myself in my room and stayed the hell away from the dining halls. I hate eating there alone. For the last three days I've been living on peanut butter sandwiches, goldfish, and microwave maccaroni. And reading. A lot. They come back today, but I have no idea how late.

Even with the whole weekend I don't know if I'll be able to get all my homework done (partly because I get bored stiff after four or five hours and need to do something else), and this will be my best chance to do much at all. Jess and I are going to be cramming Stargate the rest of the week, and we may have to skip a few episodes for the time being because we have over two seasons to get through and new episodes start on Friday (that's right, bitch! FRIDAY!). After that we can take our liesurely time with Atlantis and Firefly.

Apparently it's not a problem with my shoe, it's a problem with my heel, because it's happened with two different shoes. I hope it gets better soon, because walking five miles in sandals is not fun.


Mar. 19th, 2007 12:32 pm
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Criminy, what a Monday this has been so far. Last night I had two hours of sleep, maybe. 8:00 final, done in 45 minutes, then off to the library to correct the little misunderstanding regarding my work schedule this week. They thought I was working TODAY which of course I was totally unable to do, because I had two exams this morning alone. Then at 10:15 was my second final, and I didn't to incredibly well on the first part but luckily the essay question I'd actually prepared for was on the final and I think I did all right on that one. I was done in an hour. I love being a fast test-taker. I think the mocha might have helped too, though I've had the shakes for the last two hours. Then to Grab 'n' Go to spend more points that I can't use later this week because I'm going home tomorrow (yay!) and now I have lots of food and drinks for next term. My fridge is now full and my food box is nearly so. I now have five and a half hours before my next (and last!) final exam, the one I'm not too worried about because I've been doing well in German thus far. Then we're supposedly going to dinner at Toshi's, which has amazing ramen noodles they make in the restaurant. Tomorrow I have to get up freakishly early again, but I work instead of take tests, which is infinitely better because I've grown to enjoy my job a bit.


I should maybe sleep now.
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I'm dyeing my hair tomorrow. I semipromise pictures.

On Wednesday we went to Borders and the liquor store, and I have Stargate Atlantis season 1 and Duggan's Irish Creme. I've tried quite a few different alcohols this week, but I have yet to be drunk. Which is good. I have discovered that a drink or two in the evening makes me fall asleep faster and I've been resting quite well this weekend. I have also discovered that Parrot Bay rum with pineapple is quite good in Wild Cherry Pepsi.

Yesterday we went to Valley River Center, and I got JEANS! and a new belt and a coat that was on sale. The jeans need stretching out, but they look awesome and jeans from Buckle fit better than any I've found anywhere else, even if they are more expensive than they have any right to be. I didn't buy anything at Hot Topic and I'm proud of myself for that. We also went to Torrid, which is really hot fashions for plus sizes because a couple of my friends fit into and love their stuff. I love that stuff, too. I'm a little sad that I don't fit in any of it.

Tonight we had dinner at Applebee's, and my steak was yummy and Sobe Adrenaline Rush with orange vodka is not bad. It was very hot and stuffy in the restaurant, though, and by the time we left I was starting to get a headache. I now have fun new products for my hair, and dye that I decided to buy in a rare fit of spontanaety. Mom will be surprised next weekend when she comes to visit.

Jessica and I are making our way through Stargate SG-1. She wants to see every episode, and who am I to suggest otherwise? I found out today, however, that SHE HAS NOT SEEN THE MOVIE! If I had known this, I would have had her watch that first, as it's kind of important. We'll have to watch it later. I like going through the whole series again, and it's fun to watch it with someone other than myself for a change.  Usually I have to force people to watch with me. It's eight weeks, by the way, until new episodes start up again. I am so uber-excited.

I've been on city buses more times in the past two weeks than EVER IN MY ENTIRE LIFE.

Week 1

Jan. 14th, 2007 03:23 pm
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Wow, it's been a week. Okay.

So I'm back at school. The night we got back we had a round of Apples to Apples with Joe's new expansion pack until about two in the morning, even though we were already exhausted, because we hadn't seen each other in a month and Apples to Apples is so much more fun on sleep deprivation anyway. The next day was the first day of classes. I dropped two, Chinese Religions and Japanese Anime, because I'm going to be busy enough this term and apparently the anime one is open to the public anyway. I don't know anybody in my German class because I had to change teachers due to a schedule conflict. The room we're in sucks, and there's barely enough space for the desks, but at least it's warm. My Humanies class is in a lecture hall and I love the class. We've only had two sessions because on Friday the teacher was iced in, and tomorrow there's no school, but the reading is interesting (for a change) and my discussion group is small and our GTF is wired on coffee that early. Old English is also fun, even though we don't have Professor Bayless anymore, and there are fewer people. We may get to go on a field trip to the Mt. Angel monastery and, if we're lucky like last year's class, might get to see the old manuscripts in the vault. I'm crossing my fingers.

On Monday it was 60+ degrees, and on Thursday it was snowing. Go figure. Jessica got snow for her birthday, but it looks like I'll get rain for mine. On Monday nights I work at the library from 3-8, so I miss dinner with my friends at Barnhart. Fortunately there's a microwave on my floor and food at Grab 'n' Go. I will not be eating Campbell's Chunky Chicken Noodle Soup again. This week it's either three-cheese rotini or Spaghetti-os. I've been practically living in a friend's room on the third floor this week, huddling under a blanket because her heat's been out and watching either whatever's on tv or her play Twilight Princess and Lufia II. I haven't worked on my scarf much lately, but I might be joining a weekly knitting circle in my hall on Wednesdays if I don't have too much homework. We're trying to corrupt Anne-Marie's new roommate Hilary with our evil ways.

Thursday was Pirate Night, which I was going to dress up and go to (they had pizza and watched POTC) but none of my friends were going so I watched Grey's Anatomy with them instead. I don't think I'd watch it by myself ever, but it's very fun with them, and it's how I met them in the first place. On Friday we started introducing Jessica to Harry Potter, and she's convinced that Dumbledore is a dirty old man. We'll finish the marathon tonight or tomorrow. Yesterday, in celebration of my and Jessica's birthdays, we ate at Sakura (ELEVEN of us), which has very yummy sushi. Areum gave me an adorable pink umbrella from Korea. Also, the heat was out for the whole building for most of the day. I was so pleased this morning when there was hot water. Today it's about 30 degrees outside.

I have a new PEBL phone, which is blue, and the number is 503 560-3352. Seriously, our family plan has more minutes than we can use in a month, and nights and weekends are apparently free. I absolutely love the thing and I take it everywhere because it's my newest toy and it's so adorable. It is my precious.

Jessica told me that she thought I looked "neat" when she first saw me and wanted to get to know me. How cool is that?! I swear the two of us share a brain or something, we're freakishly alike. Except I like bright colors and she's better at video games than me.

I've got a crapload of reading and translating homework to do, not to mention a couple of papers to start working on. I'm still reeling from the change of pace and lack of sleep, and I seem to be having trouble staying asleep after 7 am. I have no idea why.
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I spent the better part of my Saturday watching one person or another play Final Fantasy XII and hanging out with friends from the third floor. I got very little homework done. I was in four different peoples' rooms this evening. We watched House and Bones, made tea, watched Salad Fingers and Potter Puppet Pals, ate Japanese snack food, and carried around Walter, Jessica's beanie giraffe. Jessica's room is directly above mine and she has managed to fit a hell of a lot more stuff in there. Karen's room is draped with giant batik hangings, including one that stretches to form a tent ceiling. Anne-Marie is in a double and had a lot of purple and pink. Greg's room reminded me of Sam's: clothes all over the floor and drink containers on every surface. Aside from that and a tall cactus, not much adornment. Now I really want to bring lots of stuff from home to make my room fun. I have room for a plant now, and certainly a few milk crates to keep random stuff in. I need lots of stuff for my walls to make them not ugly and white. I FINALLY used up all my weekly mealpoints, I think.

It's raining so much here the last few days to the point of where I am almost constantly damp. The heater in my room doesn't seem to work, but that's okay because I don't seem to be in here all that much and I like to sleep when it's cold. And I have lots of things to bundle up in. It will be nice to go home for winter to a room with a heater that I can control.

I sleep now.

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I need to stop going to the library with only my German homework, because the basic stuff takes about five minutes and it's kind of embarrassing to only stay there for that long. I don't like to drag all my books around because my backpack is heavy enough with all the German crap I have to take to class every day. Maybe after I gain some muscle from all the walking I can start carrying my computer. And after my parents bring the futon thing I can start sleeping normally again. Let's hope. I wish I could sleep on the couch in the library CPS staff break room.

I think I'm turning pseudo-vegetarian. WTF? Do NOT ask me how this happened. It wasn't really a conscious choice; I'm just not as into meat as I used to be. I think I've eaten meat once in the week since I've been here, and at that meal there really wasn't a lot of variety. Tonight I tried a couple of vegetarian nuggets, and they weren't bad. I don't know. I often go through phases with food, maybe this is one of them.

I'm starting to remember some of the frustrations I'd forgotten about when learning new languages. Namely the other people in the class who just don't get it. People who don't even try to pronounce the words they way they should be pronounced. People who can't read a word on the board that to me is painfully simple. I know I have a tendency to be arrogant about that sort of thing. But god, sometimes I wish I could study one-on-one. At least there don't seem to be any characters in my classes who monopolize the instructor's time (and mine!) by asking ten thousand questions about everything. Today in Old English we learned how to say "snot." I'm going to enjoy that class.

One of the British guys lives three doors down from me. 



Sep. 22nd, 2006 04:30 pm
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So I'm at college now. It's very different. But I'm figuring it out.

I had some problems with getting on the internet; UOwireless requires that you log on with your e-mail address and password. Of course, if you've forgotten your password, that's sort of a problem. So today I went to a computing seminar thingie and found out not only how to solve that problem, but where to go for any future problems. Now I have internet! My room faces a very busy and very noisy street and if I slept last night, it wasn't for long. This morning the first thing I did was buy some ear plugs. I'm wearing them now and I can't hear myself typing. The only problem with this is hearing my alarm in the morning. But I expect that eventually I'll get used to the racket. Either that or I'll be so tired from not sleeping that I'll collapse from exhaustion. The room is a nice size, but the beds are tiny. There are drawers underneath, shelves on the walls, and a wardrobe for each of us so I have space for all my stuff (finally!) and then some. The sink kicks ass. We're not sure where to put a TV, but we would both like one. I think I'm one of about a dozen Americans in my building. There are about a frillion international students in Riley and it's not even the international hall. I've met two of Asami's (my roommate) Japanese friends, Momoko and Natsuko. Last night we all had dinner and those girls have some very respectable appetites. I actually went to dinner twice last night -- the first time I ate early because Asami hadn't come back yet from wherever she was, and then later Momoko came by and invited me to dinner with them and I didn't want to say no. (For many reasons: I don't know anybody yet, they seemed nice, and it was really boring in the dorm without internet.) 

Last night was a hall orientation thing but the RAs couldn't seem to figure out where we were supposed to be, because we moved around a bit before they settled us in an amphitheater for a half hour while they took turns telling us about responsibility and stuff. It was chilly. Tonight is Intermingle, which should be a lot of fun. There's tons of stuff going on, like live music and dancing, human bowling, fire dancers, and karaoke. I'm learning my way around campus (or at least the west side, where my dorm and classes are). I have blisters on my feet from walking so much.This morning I found where my classes would be...supposedly. One of them changed on me, and it was the one in the building I really liked. Bummer. Now it's quite a bit farther from the class I sometimes have ten minutes later, but things are closer than they look on the map so I should be able to make it in ten minutes if I don't dawdle.

I went to the job fair this afternoon and got an application to work in the library. My interview is on Monday morning. I hope I get to work there because the library is awesome. It's four floors high and absolutely a beautiful building. I asked to work in stacks and periodicals, so I'll be shelving books and whatnot. I'll know where EVERYTHING is.

More tomorrow, weather permitting.
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Of all the experiences I figured having a roommate would involve, a cultural exchange was not one I expected. It honestly had never even crossed my mind. And unless she's really into American stuff, there will likely be a big exchange of music and tv favorites and a whole load of stuff I probably won't have thought of. It later occurred to me that she's probably an exchange student and will only be here for this year. I hadn't thought of changing roommates either, but it's possible that would have happened anyway. It's different, this college thing. I'm very glad I get to be a part of it. I'd probably be content living at home indefinitely, but I find myself really looking forward to this. I'm also eager to make friends who do things. I love my friends who still live close by, but they don't like to go anywhere other than the movies and it's getting a bit boring. I think I've finally hit my teen years.

I've been brushing up on my Japanese (which really sucks, since I haven't studied in over seven years). With that and the two I'm studying this term in class, I'm going to be in language heaven (or hell) this coming fall.

Yesterday Sam spent ALL DAY preparing dinner, which was Peking duck and pork dumplings. And I must say, it was very good. He's going to make some girl very happy one day (not to mention well-fed). Sometime after dinner Erica and I saw My Super Ex-Girlfriend. I cannot remember the last time I saw a romantic comedy in the theater. This is one of the few I have ever seen and enjoyed. I'd even see it again when it comes out on video. Of course, Ivan Reitman (the director) has done some of my favorite comedies ever, including both Ghostbusters, Evolution, and Twins. I guess that shows that my favorites among that type of movie involve stuff beyond the normal goings-on.

I measured my room at home and it looks as if my dorm might be twice as big. Yowsers.
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There's no food in my house!

Also, my allergies suck right now. Seriously, you should hear me sneeze.
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The right side of my lower jaw is full of novacaine, but I'm starting to get some feeling back in my tongue. I stopped at Sally's on the way home and got some fun hair products, which cheered me up a bit. Especially since I got $5 off. My hair is very interesting and probably smells like coconut. When we got back from the dentist Sam and Mom and I wrapped homemade tamales in the kitchen. There's a bowl full of the things wrapped and tied in three very different ways.

Last night I slept in my pajamas and everything! I even turned the fan off. That's what summer should be like here. Our trip to Cali may be delayed for the Explorer to have the AC fixed. And I had my new duffle packed and everything. More or less. But I will enjoy staying in less-than-100 degree weather for a short while longer. Grandma reports it's bloody hot down there. She told Mom she'd keep the air conditioning at 80 around the clock, which Mom seems to think is too warm. However, when the outside temperature is 107 or so, it should feel nice. 80's in my (rather small) comfort zone. Except maybe at night. I like to sleep when it's chilly and under a lot of blankets.

I need to decide which books I'm taking down there because it will be boring.
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So Sam's been learning to cook this past week, because he'll be living in an apartment with two other guys this year and one of them can barely make a sandwich without supervision. I must say, everything has been very good so far. However, Mom has been tutoring him. We'll see how good he is when he flies solo. With two parents that cook, we never really needed to learn ourselves. I would be learning too but I can't cook at the UO dorm so I'd probably forget everything. I don't like how much guesswork is involved in cooking. I can fry a decent egg by myself, but I've only done it once.

I slept in the living room last night because the rest of the house refused to cool down. The couch is squishy but a bit scratchy and there is zero elbow room. I was also afraid I was going to kick Sam's guitar. I am soooo glad it's going to cool down after today. I am not glad I'm going to California where it will be hotter. Grandma's house has AC though, and we'll probably go swimming. I desperately hope I'm not on the rag. On the way back up we're going to check out Crater Lake. The part of the vacation I'm most looking forward to.

We'll be seeing Lady in the Water this afternoon to escape the worst heat of the day.

I'm going to go fiddle with the guitar for a bit.


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