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Happy day, my ReBoot video is finally finished, and after many frustrating and questionable mishaps, saved without any damage to the synchrony (word?). I figured out a way around saving the video in separate pieces, which always seems to ruin that.

Season 8 is not as fun as the earlier X-Files. Not by a long shot. I sort of knew that, but I didn't realize the intenisty of the "is this seriously X-Files?" feeling until I watched half the season. For some reason it was going okay until Mulder came back, and then it just felt weird. I'm not sure how I managed to watch every episode of those last two seasons on air.

I'm almost CRAVING Atlantis. I'm not sure why.

Just over two weeks until I move again, and I'm starting to get restless. What the hell happened to my summer?

Who! Who!

Aug. 24th, 2007 09:53 pm
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Holy buckets.

Somethow I managed to miss half the X-Files episodes that made the show absolutely incredible. The other half I managed not to pay attention to when I saw them about once. How, how could I not have seen The Field Where I Died? And Amor Fati? I almost died. This show is amazing me on levels I had no idea it had. I used to prefer the little episodes, the onesies, with the weird things they went off hunting, but now that I understand the colonization storyline more fully, I'm beginning to really like it. The fact that Mulder's special just sends me bouncing off the walls (that sort of thing appeals to me just a bit). And according to imdb, there's another movie in the making and I am so freaking excited. The date is 2009. Unfortunately. I want to see Mulder save the world, by god, and I'm not going to miss this one in the theater. I still can't believe I missed the last one.

I'm in season 7 now.

Also, today I finished my Doctor Who scarf! Finally! I smell a Halloween costume.
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What the hell? Eight textbooks for  three classes? I remember when history classes just had history books.

I am watching X-Files again. It was a joke when I said it, but I'm in a knitting frenzy and I a) don't want to watch anything I have, b) am having to wait between discs of Homicide from Netflix, and c) can only take so much of BtVS at a time. That show is pretty cheesy. Firefly really was so much better. An added bonus of X-Files is that I'm familiar enough with the episodes that I know more or less which ones Mulder gets the crap kicked out of him, and I can just listen the rest of the time. That man was whumped on a lavel almost unequaled in fandom.

My scarf is MONSTER long and approaching 8 feet if it hasn't reached it already. I desperately want to finish before I go back to Eugene because my free time will disappear fast. I've been working on it so much that I've developed a sore shoulder from throwing the yarn over the end of the needle. Injuries from knitting are possible. And they don't have to involve stabbing yourself.


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