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How can I not dance when my hair looks this great?
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1. I made a profile and posted my resume to, so hopefully that will help me get a job. I really want to be able to afford going back to school this fall.

2. I may get my book today, yay!

3. I have a new haircut which rocks.

4. I made coffee by myself and it's pretty damn good.
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I'm sure I have more silver hairs than I did a few months ago.
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OMG I have Okk hair.

My ReBoot DVDs are, apparently, out of print and rare enough to be worth well over a hundred dollars each on Amazon. And that's the starting price. One goes up to $300 (!). Never buy anything out of print from Amazon. You'll most likely find it cheaper someplace else. I bought each of those DVDs at Suncoast for $15 a couple of years back. There is, by the way, no way in HELL I'm selling them. I'm on a serious ReBoot rebound right now, which will change in a few days -- hopefully only temporarily, so I can get back to work on the fic I've wanted to do for like, five years.

OMG BY THE WAY I tried to read the ReBoot fics I wrote in 2002, when I first started writing fanfic EVER and DEAR GOD it was traumatic. I've wanted for ages to rewrite them, but if I can't bring myself to read them that might be a problem. I may have to start from scratch and my sketchy memories.

Production has stalled on my Doctor Who scarf. Instead I've been giving myself eyestrain staring at computer screens all day, which means that if I can't get rid of it by Saturday, I'm going to have to read Deathly Hallows with a microscope.

Harry's going to live, dammit. I can believe that for another three days, at least.
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Reasons I'm happy today (despite it being Monday and work being more boring than usual):

 - I'm a brunette again (my roots were clashing with the red)
 - I have a white hot chocolate from Starbucks
 - Michael Shanks will be on 24 next week (!!!)
 - I have manageable homework now that I dropped Old English (honestly, I can translate Beowulf on my own at this point)
 - I know it's spring, because my muse has woken up and is poking at me steadily saying "write...write...write..."
 - Stargate is so BACK (and soon to be whupping ass in as many as three galaxies - once Daniel's back in the show, of course)
 - I read an excerpt from the third book in the Inheritance trilogy (Eragon was the first) which made me remember, GOD, just how much I love those books and I really hope it's coming out this summer, because that would be kick-ass if I got that AND Harry Potter. . .but then I would be out of things to read

Speaking of Eragon, I had the most bizarre dream about the movie, but it wasn't the movie exactly and for some reason Ben Browder was in it. Saphira wasn't, and neither was Eragon, actually, although Jeremy Irons did make an apperrance. I don't know what the hell that was all about, but now I want to read the books again. They are, unfortunately, a good 70 miles away at the moment.

Jessica and I finally finished watching SG-1! Okay, we skipped two episodes. But they were clip shows and one of them is my absolute least favorite episode. Onward Atlantis! (And after that, Firefly!)
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OMG Stargate is tomorrow!!! I've been such a good girl to wait six freaking months and not watch it online ages go but I wanted to have something to look FORWARD to every week of this godawful work-heavy term, and watching it on the bigscreen downstairs (crossing fingers) is just going to make it that much more exciting. I'll probably dream about it all tonight (that's assuming I sleep at all). Last night I was dreaming about Doctor Who for some reason, but then my alarm went off and ruined the whole thing, and I think stuff was just getting exciting. Note to self: dreams while on Advil PM are some damn good ones. And I went off-topic, surprise. While catching Jessica up we had to skip most of season 8 and half of 9 and 10 and we'll just barely make it in time. She's seen all the stuff she absolutely needs to know for tomorrow, and we can see the rest later. But it sucks that we had to skip over some of the really good ones like Reckoning and Moebius, even if only temporarily.

In other news: I'm wanting to dye my hair brown again because I miss it. Since there's not a big market for ash brown, I'll probably have to go with something darker, but at least my roots will blend in better when they happen.
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I'm dyeing my hair tomorrow. I semipromise pictures.

On Wednesday we went to Borders and the liquor store, and I have Stargate Atlantis season 1 and Duggan's Irish Creme. I've tried quite a few different alcohols this week, but I have yet to be drunk. Which is good. I have discovered that a drink or two in the evening makes me fall asleep faster and I've been resting quite well this weekend. I have also discovered that Parrot Bay rum with pineapple is quite good in Wild Cherry Pepsi.

Yesterday we went to Valley River Center, and I got JEANS! and a new belt and a coat that was on sale. The jeans need stretching out, but they look awesome and jeans from Buckle fit better than any I've found anywhere else, even if they are more expensive than they have any right to be. I didn't buy anything at Hot Topic and I'm proud of myself for that. We also went to Torrid, which is really hot fashions for plus sizes because a couple of my friends fit into and love their stuff. I love that stuff, too. I'm a little sad that I don't fit in any of it.

Tonight we had dinner at Applebee's, and my steak was yummy and Sobe Adrenaline Rush with orange vodka is not bad. It was very hot and stuffy in the restaurant, though, and by the time we left I was starting to get a headache. I now have fun new products for my hair, and dye that I decided to buy in a rare fit of spontanaety. Mom will be surprised next weekend when she comes to visit.

Jessica and I are making our way through Stargate SG-1. She wants to see every episode, and who am I to suggest otherwise? I found out today, however, that SHE HAS NOT SEEN THE MOVIE! If I had known this, I would have had her watch that first, as it's kind of important. We'll have to watch it later. I like going through the whole series again, and it's fun to watch it with someone other than myself for a change.  Usually I have to force people to watch with me. It's eight weeks, by the way, until new episodes start up again. I am so uber-excited.

I've been on city buses more times in the past two weeks than EVER IN MY ENTIRE LIFE.


Dec. 15th, 2006 10:28 pm
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Here's what happened: a newbie director took a 500 page book and compressed it into an hour and forty-five minute movie and COMPLETELY RUINED ERAGON. I was not pleased. However, I was sort of expecting it. At this point it's doubtful they'll make Eldest, which I liked better, unless they get somebody new and WHO KNOWS WHAT HE'S DOING!!!

It's exactly what I'm always afraid will happen to one of the Harry Potters; they'll cut too much out and ruin the story. But so far they've all had good directors, and none of them has been under two hours, even the first, which was less than half the size of Eragon.

One thing I did like: the influence of Native American, Middle Eastern, and African styles in costuming. It was something I haven't seen often and it, at least, was well-done. And the boys were wearing leather, which did please me. Jeremy Irons was very good, too, for the half he was in. What confused me the most was why he was narrating the opening of the movie (which was just weird) when his character kicked the bucket an hour in.

Also the movie was started ten minutes late, the previews were skipped completely, it was in the wrong lens to start out with, and it went out of frame twice.

Anyway, I went and rented some movies (two seasons of CSI because I'm in that zone again, Chronicles of Narnia, Superman, and X2 because I think there might be something I like in the deleted scenes) and got some awesome shampoo that makes my hair feel AMAZING and a new facial wash because the other one wasn't working for crap. And an energy drink, which is still in my system after six hours. I'm going to be up all bloody night.

Oh yeah, last night: windy as hell. The power died for a few hours so I did some writing-related stuff by candellight because there was nothing else to do. Once, when this happened, we played board games by candles. Anyway, I kind of like writing by candles except my heater wasn't working (the heat is electric) and I was freaking freezing. Water started coming in through my smoke detector (which always happens in weather like that).

I'm getting into that tri-yearly drawing mood, right on schedule.

Maybe I'll read Eragon again so I don't feel so cheated.
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My hair looks so damn good these days it's not even funny. I wish I could keep it at this length by will.

I've been watching cartoons galore because my awesome friend showed me where to find them online. I'm catching up on X-Men Evolution and Teen Titans. Next, original X-Men WITH GAMBIT, the Venture Bros. eps I missed, Robot Chicken, probably Gravitation, and maybe Earthworm Jim. And Jack of all Trades because DAMN! That show was hilarious. There's so much stuff to watch. I've fallen a bit behind on CSI and WAY behind on Numb3rs and my friends are getting me into all sorts of other stuff. Last Saturday we watched Howl's Moving Castle and a French Canadian comedy/fairytale/musical (Anne-Marie's from Quebec) and they were both great but I had eyestrain from reading so many subtitles. I really should be finishing my geology homework but I'd rather be watching cartoons. I'm back into the ReBoot zone big time after a dead long hiatus and maybe I'll finish that story I had that idea for about five years ago.

They turned on the heat in my room and now I have to sleep with the window open and it's noisy. I'm not happy about this. On the bright side, I'm not huddling up under blankets with the heating pad in the daytime anymore. I can't wait to spend a month at home where the temperature is at my command. There's so much stuff I want to bring back after break. I want a fridge.
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Yay, I have a story to write! It may be kind of a cliche, but it's at least practice. Here's how it is: Boy meets dragon. Boy befriends dragon. Somebody dies horribly and villagers blame dragon and boy. Villagers try to burn boy, dragon saves boy. Boy later defends dragon when knights come. Boy and/or dragon may or may not die. I haven't decided yet. Hell, I only first thought of this an hour ago. I'm quite sure something very similar has been done before, but I'm going to do it because I feel like it. This kind of thing always happens with a girl anyway. I'll decide whether or not it's worth trying to publish if and when I finish writing it.

I went to the coast today and walked up and down the beach for about an hour. The weather was perfect: sunny but not too warm, and very little wind. And the beach wasn't crowded, and on the dive there I nearly had the road all to myself. Then I headed home. 

Or so I thought.

Apparently, you're supposed to take the exit that says Portland/Salem. Whoops.

By the time I figured out I was on the wrong highway, I was halfway to Tillamook. And what a beautiful drive it was. I'll have to go that way next summer when I'm intending to. I stopped in Pacific City after I turned around because I've heard about decent surfing there and I wanted to see the waves. Couldn't find the beach.

Anyway, it was a very nice trip (and my first time driving to the beach alone!). I must do that again next year. More than once if possible.

About my hair: I went to Sally's yesterday to look at hair dyes. First of all, I can't decide what color I really want to do (choices are pink, black, or blue). Also, it looks like an awful lot of work. And if I want anything but black, it's twice as much work because I have to bleach first. I'm too laaaazy. So I got a bottle of spray-on highlighter so I could streak my hair instead. Unfortunately, it's intended for hair of a lighter color than mine and instead of blonde highlights, they're sort of red. But that's okay too. I bought the stuff, I'm going to use it. Dammit.
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My last book was supposed to have come today and it didn't. So I e-mailed the seller and gave him hell. Three weeks my ass. Never screw up orders to a young lady on her period.

I'm seriously considering dyeing my hair pink. Of course, then I would look like Tonks instead of Harry Potter. Hmm, maybe a Halloween costume idea. If only I could change my appearance at will. I also have costume patterns for a lady pirate and a few Arwenish dresses, and I had thought of going as an albino. So many choices. But somehow I don't think a pink-haired Middle-earth lady would work.

House and Nip/Tuck start a week from today! WOOT!
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I got more hair stuff today. I swear I must have half the Beyond the Zone collection at this time. I thought I'd try Air Wax and Hair Cement. I want to color my hair, but I think I'll probably need to ask for help with that.

Two of the books I ordered two weeks ago are STILL not here. I've had overseas orders that shipped faster. I am not joking. In fact, I don't think I've EVER had an order that took this long to arrive. I live on the west coast, for chrissakes, not the south pole. It shouldn't take two weeks to ship from North Carolina, even if it is media mail. I went back to Amazon and read that seller's customer feedback, and while most of it was positive, there seemed to be a lot of cases where people didn't get their stuff at all. I hope I don't have to get those again, and if I do, I'd better get my money back for this order. At the very least I'm never buying from them again, and I'm not rating them any higher than a 3 (and that only if I ever get my damn books). I'm this close to e-mailing the guy.

Sam's leaving tonight and won't be back till Christmas at the earliest. And he's taking all the stinking guitars with him. Damn his hide. Maybe my roommate will be a Japanese punk girl and play bass or something.
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The right side of my lower jaw is full of novacaine, but I'm starting to get some feeling back in my tongue. I stopped at Sally's on the way home and got some fun hair products, which cheered me up a bit. Especially since I got $5 off. My hair is very interesting and probably smells like coconut. When we got back from the dentist Sam and Mom and I wrapped homemade tamales in the kitchen. There's a bowl full of the things wrapped and tied in three very different ways.

Last night I slept in my pajamas and everything! I even turned the fan off. That's what summer should be like here. Our trip to Cali may be delayed for the Explorer to have the AC fixed. And I had my new duffle packed and everything. More or less. But I will enjoy staying in less-than-100 degree weather for a short while longer. Grandma reports it's bloody hot down there. She told Mom she'd keep the air conditioning at 80 around the clock, which Mom seems to think is too warm. However, when the outside temperature is 107 or so, it should feel nice. 80's in my (rather small) comfort zone. Except maybe at night. I like to sleep when it's chilly and under a lot of blankets.

I need to decide which books I'm taking down there because it will be boring.

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