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"Thackary Binx, what took thee so long?"
"Sorry, Emily. I had to wait three hundred years for a virgin to light a candle."

Hocus Pocus is pretty screwed up for a kids' movie, which is no doubt why I still love it after all these years.


Nov. 1st, 2008 05:45 pm
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I learned last night that there is such a thing as 100 proof rum. It is scary stuff.
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There was a very obvious lack of people in costume today. How disappointing. College students are pussies. I was the only one in costume at all in my Geology class. German was a little better: Jeff was, I think, a character from Dodgeball, Babs was Agent Scully, and the teacher wore a Superman shirt because he didn't have a whole costume. One of the RAs was a Sith Lord. My boots were on the verge of destroying my feet (and shins!) by the time I got out of classes, so I changed for work. I threw together a bunch of stuff I had lying around and did my hair funky so I sort of looked a bit punkrockerish.

With the exception of it not feeling as much like Halloween as I would have liked, it was a pretty good day. I got my Geology midterm back, and found that I did much better than I'd expected. I got all of the extra credit questions right, and with them scored 79%. That's very nearly a B! I may pass that class after all. Also, I didn't fall asleep in class, though I suspect that was largely due to the Red Bull. I also took three pages of notes but started to space out a bit in the last half hour. I feel like I did very well on yesterday's Old English midterm.

Last night I FINALLY finished watching SG-1 ninth season. Now I can watch old episodes again. There's no news on my room transfer, but I guess it's only been a day. I've been sort of nervous about how long it will take, because I got a new neighbor next door. He has a television, apparently, and likes hip-hop, and has lots of friends over. It wasn't too noisy over there last night, but I'm wary of the weekend.

I need to talk to one of the custodians about the heat in the basement, because the thermostat reats sixty degrees down there. That's a bit on the chilly side, in my opinion.

Tomorrow I get paid! I keep forgetting that I actually get money for shelving those books.
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I just experienced the full-version Rocky Horror Picture Show, complete with virgin-hazing (which the people I went with neglected to mention when they invited me). I, along with several others, performed a chocolate twinky-thing blowjob. I got off easy. (And I was fed chocolate.) There was a live cast which acted out the movie as it ran (Frank was hot!). There was rice in my hair, lipstick on my face, flying toilet paper, and I probably laughed and shouted myself hoarse. That was the most fun I've had in a long time. Screw football games. Next time I'm dressing up.

Delaney, I really wish you'd been there. You would have loved it so much. There was live lesbian nudity.

I love Halloween.

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Last night I downloaded the Catherine Wheel album I've been wanting for ages but could never find. I LOVE IT. Now I just need to get my hands on a blank CD so I can burn it and re-upload it to put it onto my MP3 player.  I dislike the way iTunes works that way. Creative is much more lenient, but they don't let me download the shows I miss. Sometimes compromises must be made.

My box from home came today (one-day shipping! that was fast!) and now I can use my smaller backpack again and my pirate costume is finally all in one place. I can't wait to wear it. I still need to get a hat, and maybe I'll find a suitable sash somewhere. I don't know if Saturday Market is still going this time of year.

The previews of Nip/Tuck for next week just about made me die. Christian whumping!! I'm absolutely sure he's not going to die, because I don't think the show would work without either one of the guys, but it will be hella fun. Fortunately Halloween movie night is on Saturday. But even so, I could get it on iTunes. Which I still may do anyway.

My phone works again! I made two new ring tones (SG Atlantis and old Battlestar Galactica themes) and accidentally wrecked two of my old ones. Daylight savings time is coming up, and just in time because I nearly fall asleep in my Geology class EVERY DAMN TIME and they seriously need to turn off the AC in that building because I wasn't the only one in there this morning freezing my ass off. Lucky for me all my winter clothing came in that box today. I'll be all bundled up for the midterm. The professor also told us that hats aren't allowed during the test. What the hell is that all about? If it was about hiding answers, I would think a sleeve would work just as well. I want to know why no hats. May we wear clothes, or should that be considered cheating?

I'm so hungry right now. I need to start keeping around some snacks.

I think the caffeine in that mocha I had this morning finally kicked in.
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My last book was supposed to have come today and it didn't. So I e-mailed the seller and gave him hell. Three weeks my ass. Never screw up orders to a young lady on her period.

I'm seriously considering dyeing my hair pink. Of course, then I would look like Tonks instead of Harry Potter. Hmm, maybe a Halloween costume idea. If only I could change my appearance at will. I also have costume patterns for a lady pirate and a few Arwenish dresses, and I had thought of going as an albino. So many choices. But somehow I don't think a pink-haired Middle-earth lady would work.

House and Nip/Tuck start a week from today! WOOT!


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