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OMG, the internet and phones were down today until after 2:30pm because some idiot hauling a prefabricated house up the road tore down our line.

Oh yeah. And it seems that the Titanic the Tardis crashed into is not "our" Titanic, because it seems to be in space. I think I remember Douglas Adams or somebody wrote a book like that once.

Anyway, here's the next session.

Happy Hogwarts Fun Hour, Part the Third
by Erica, Marie, and Delaney

In which Death Eaters attack, Legs the Elf is not what he appears to be, and Harry gets knocked up.

total of Erica's spelling mistakes corrected (so far): 91

Run away! )
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I'm wearing the Gryffindor hat I just finished making a couple of hours ago, and I finished polishing the second session, so here it is.
Happy Hogwarts Fun Hour, Part the Second

In which Hermione's underground porn ring is discovered, Snape makes Harry an offer he can't refuse, and Seamus keeps popping in and out of existence.

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Well, last summer I promised to unearth Happy Hogwarts Fun Hour, and now I actually have the time to edit and post it. For those of you who were not there (or have convenienty forgotten), a few years ago Erica and I were remembering what fun we had as the 7:00 gang on the Planet Hippo chatroom way back when, and we decided to do something similar with our now highly-corrupted minds. We chose Harry Potter as our fandom and invited Delaney to join us, and we sort of role-played this thing more or less on the fly in MSN Messenger once a week. We each chose characters and bastardized them to our hearts' content in ways that would have J. K. Rowling rising from her grave to seek revenge on us were she dead (god forbid).

A few cautions: there's not too much to be offended by in this one: hints of slash and solicitation, but it will get stronger in following issues, believe me. There will be, at the very least, copious amounts of slash and love prisms. I know there's at least one person who's found this journal accidentally. Seriously, if you don't know me, or are not okay with this sort of thing, I don't suggest you read this.

Also, my deepest apologies to Ms. Rowling. We were only having fun. We love her stories, and no offense is meant.

Happy Hogwarts Fun Hour, Part the First
by Erica & Marie
April 6, 2004

Wherein the students return to Hogwarts, Neville summons a wood elf, and Hermione's the only one not getting laid.
And that's just chapter one.

Otherwise: I finally saw Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. Wow.


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