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God, I need to change my icons.

Holy shido, Volume 5! I have a lot of problems with this season, but one of the most grating is that half this stuff seems to be going nowhere. The music is lovely, but what exactly does it have to do with the plot? And the other half, well, it's not very interesting. The only part I can really get behind so far is amnesiac!Sylar because it's all sorts of adorable.

Where is the rest of the cast? There used to be a dozen people with their own storylines that all fit together (eventually), and now we see plenty of about three or four people. Everyone else comes and goes on a pretty irregular basis. Nearly all these people are the ones I like, naturally. Although I must say, now that Mohinder's back (clean-shaven and not to mention HIGH DAMN TIME), he's looking even more ridiculously pretty than ever. Rrrrr. :9

This show has seriously gotten under my skin. It's especially weird because even when it's bad, I can't stop watching.
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Dying Hiro?

Possessed Matt?

Nonexistent Mohinder?

I'm not totally loving Volume 5 so far.
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2. I will be getting my new computer sometime this week. One day, I'll be able to afford a computer with neat perks like a backlit keyboard or a touchscreen... but this one will still be better than anything I've used before. (Not to mention hella cheaper.)

3. Started watching Heroes again after taking a short break and accepting that everbody's just going to be a huge idiot and deciding to be okay with it (and finding out that Mohinder will stop being The Fly). It sure makes it easier (well, that and knowing that most of the annoying people are going to eat it). Besides, it's not like I have anything else to watch.

But if Sylar's morality switch could be set to "evil" and left there, he would be fun again.

(off-track, is Sylar/Mohinder not the hottest Foe Yay ever?)


Dec. 19th, 2009 10:27 pm
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Season One was pretty awesome, what with almost everyone having their role to play and all storylines converging on a great ending.

Season Two was not nearly as good, but still watchable for the most part.

Season Three... good lord. Where do I even start.

*twitch* )

I want to see season one again. :(
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On to Heroes season two after an amazing end to season one. Least favorite thing: guy tries to rape girl, girl is utterly useless and helpless and needs a big strong man to save her. This happened twice in the first two episodes. That's right, we can't lift a finger to save ourselves. Ever.

Favorite thing: Matt and Mohinder are roomies. Living together. Shacked up. TWO OF MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS ARE SHARING AN APARTMENT and raising little Molly. There is no end to how happy this makes me. It needs to continue.

I'd rather not see Ali Larter anymore because I'm tired of staring at her teeth. The woman needs to learn to close her mouth. (That goes for Naomi Watts and the chick from Chuck as well.) Besides, she's kind of lacking in the charisma department.

Not very interested in Maya and Alejandro. Sorry, they're just not doing anythiing for me.

And another thing: Ando misses Hiro. They-need-to-be-together-again-kudasai. *forgot Japanese*
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The evil Bennett guy on Heroes reminds me of Ben Horne from Twin Peaks (which is kind of creeping me out) and Peter Petrelli is a little too much like Peter Parker. It doesn't help that he's all How Do I Shot Web.

I like the guy who can read minds (Greg Grunberg has always reminded me fondly of a big squishy teddy bear), and Hiro because he's just too shiny and adorable, and Mohinder because... well, look at the guy. He's freaking gorgeous.

And of course I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of Spock Sylar.

Edited to say I COMPLETELY FORGOT Christopher Eccleston was on the show! :D
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Screw it all, I'm going to try and watch Heroes.


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