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Skipping Sunday on this tour of Atlantis, because Carson is pretty much equal to Sheppard on my favorites list now and I don't feel like spending the rest of the night crying.
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While I'm not a monogamous kind of fan where I obsessively focus all my attention on a single fandom, I do tend to do one at a time. Normally. At the moment, however, I have three fandoms competing for my attentions; one recent, one not-so-recent, and one decidedly fucking un-recent. Respectively, Atlantis, X-Files, and original Star Wars. It's getting a bit confusing.

(Better late than never reaction to the) Atlantis finale! Carson, you've come a long way. Sure, John already flew the city, and that was freakishly awesome, but Carson got to fly it BACK TO EARTH. I am SO proud of him. Ronon, thanks for not staying dead. Teyla, thanks for... whatever it was you did. Major Paul Davis, thanks for being there. SERIOUSLY. I didn't see his name and freaked out when he appeared on screen. We hadn't seen him much in, like, forever.

John, Rodney, thanks for being beyond awesomely awesome characters. And to John for getting whumped on a regular basis (but points deducted for not wearing enough leather).

I will seriously miss this show.
Can't wait for the movie. :D
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Son of a bitch. Atlantis really had me worried there for a bit. They shouldn't scare a girl like that.

And for the record, that's fifteen Wraith stuns. Even if that one wasn't actually real.
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I ran out of Atlantis.

John Sheppard ("Colonel Hero")

hits from Wraith stunners: 13
shot by Ronon: 6
shot by other things: 4

Five of the Wraith stunner hits were in season four. The boy is good whumpin'.

I want to watch it again.
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We kind of had an impromptu mini SGA John Sheppard whump-a-thon last night, because we missed Atlantis. And I missed whumped!Johnny. And after catching up on network season finales, I needed a pick-me-up. CSI seriously made me cry for probably the first time ever.

Considering just buying the Doctor Who DVD every year, because waiting a week (or two!) between every episode is messing with my happy.


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