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I couldn't find anything I felt like watching after I finished with Doctor Who. So it's more Doctor Who.

(At least until I finish this sweater.)
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1. Knitting nipples is a BITCH and my poor fingers never want to be put through that again.

2. He may have certifiable fashion sense and be a bit more roly-poly than we're used to, but he's still the goddamn Doctor!

3. HARRY SULLIVAN IS AN IMBECILLE! (But we still love 'im.)
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I've made a thinking cap... sort of. It's kind of a lumpy and mistake-ridden snood. I plan to make it again with the correct yarn one day. I wanted to make a hat that I could put on when I wrote for NaNo, as a habit I could develop that would help me get in my zone. Ideally, I'll condition myself so that when I put the hat on, it's writing time. (It's a good thing NaNo is in November.)
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I nicked copied a list of prompts from the 100 Fics LJ, so in theory I should start generating ideas for shortish things. I just need to stop bouncing around fandoms, because that's not helping my concentration any.

Tin Man, by the way, comes out on DVD on March 11, the same day as Stargate: Ark of Truth. Guess what I'll be watching for spring break.

Today I finished my third Firefly video, everything except for the polishing. I now have a craving to watch the series again. Unfortunately, I left everything at school except for the movie. I've also developed a sudden onset of strong affection for Jayne Cobb.

Usually I can knit a hat in a day or two, but this bitch of a cable/bobble hat is trying my patience.
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Long story short, the Paxil isn't working so well this time around, and I've hardly slept in two days. The turkey sandwiches were quite up to expectations. I'm going home for winter break in nine days and I plan to do lots of knitting and make some more videos. The only one of my shows that will be airing next term will be, luckily, my absolute favorite. I'm getting Stargate season 10 for Christmas (woot!).

I'm getting my appetite back, which hopefully means the meds have mostly left my system and I can get some goddamn sleep tonight.
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What the hell? Eight textbooks for  three classes? I remember when history classes just had history books.

I am watching X-Files again. It was a joke when I said it, but I'm in a knitting frenzy and I a) don't want to watch anything I have, b) am having to wait between discs of Homicide from Netflix, and c) can only take so much of BtVS at a time. That show is pretty cheesy. Firefly really was so much better. An added bonus of X-Files is that I'm familiar enough with the episodes that I know more or less which ones Mulder gets the crap kicked out of him, and I can just listen the rest of the time. That man was whumped on a lavel almost unequaled in fandom.

My scarf is MONSTER long and approaching 8 feet if it hasn't reached it already. I desperately want to finish before I go back to Eugene because my free time will disappear fast. I've been working on it so much that I've developed a sore shoulder from throwing the yarn over the end of the needle. Injuries from knitting are possible. And they don't have to involve stabbing yourself.
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...sort of. I still needs tassels, but I ran out of yarn. And I think I gave myself tendonitis.
I finished at three in the morning. Why do I finish everything at three in the morning?

Because of a VCR malfunction, I have not yet seen the VERYLAST/FINAL/ULTIMATE EPISODE OF SG-1. And strangely I'm not as upset about that as I think I ought to be. I'm a little more miffed that Atlantis isn't coming back until September. And seriously, season 10 comes out on DVD in like less than a month. I'm also madder about the state Doctor Who left me in after seeing last Saturday's episode.
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Okay, so it's been a few days. I been busy.

For Christmas I got a curling iron, a hat, and a kick-ass little digital camcorder which I've been having oodles of fun with. It records from movies, so I got lots of clips from Stargate and spent a couple of days making a fanvid. But wouldn't you know it, half the thing won't save properly and now I have half a vid with no video. The memory card sucks. The battery takes longer to charge than it does to wear it down. However, all of this can be fixed. I've requested a larger memory card for my birthday.

My Gryffindor scarf is about two feet long so far. I don't know if I mentioned I'm making one.

Only a week and a half before I go back. I don't wanna.
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Final grades are in!!!

Two As and a P, which would have been a B if I hadn't changed the grading option. I guess I did better than I thought. And I may not have to take one of my classes next term because my degree audit says I've finished my social science group requirement. If it stays like that I'm dropping the class because at the moment I'm at 18 credits for next term.

I finished my first hat today also! Only five or so to go. I can't wait to start the fuzzy one.
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One of the writing exercises had me write about snot, to get me used to subjects I'm not accustomed to writing about. Here's the poem I came up with.

Ode to Snot

Snot is a thing that you fling at the wall;
Snot is a thing you can roll in a ball;
Snot keeps you busy in that boring class,
Oh, that wonderful snot.

Snot can be yellow or white or quite clear;
Comes from your nose, and not from your ear;
Snot is of variant volume and mass,
Disgusting, but marveouls snot.

Some say it's icky and slimy and foul;
If you don't use a tissue they will start to howl.
But often the ones who say snot is most crass
Are those who pick noses the most.

Snot can be useful, snot can be fun;
When someone is mean, sneeze on them and run.
Sometimes they're so shocked they fall down on their ass;
Oh, that magnificent snot!

Is it sad that this is the most coherent of all my exercises to date?

I didn't get any writing done today so far because I spent the first part of the day shopping for yarn and the rest working on a hat. Last night I watched Superman Returns and OMG Brandon Routh and James Marsden need to be in the next one and Bryan Singer needs to direct or else I will go to all their houses and tie them up and make them watch Lexx episodes (no association with Lex Luthor). Of course, Bryan Singer might enjoy Lexx and James Marsden spent an entire movie tied to a chair so I might have to try something more evil. In any case, they all need to work together again. I know Marsden having to say the line "I spent the night with Superman" can't have been an accident with Singer in the director's chair. Even if it's out of context. Brandon Routh is gorgeous, I want to draw him again with a better picture.

The countdown until Eragon continues, and I was going to read the book again but I only have three days and lots of knitting to do, and it's very unlikely I'll finish it by Friday. I may read it after. I want him to write the third one.
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Yesterday I spend the entire day in my pajamas, ate turkey, and watched Goblet of Fire with my mom. Today Mom and I went shopping. I bought two awesome coats and got lots of socks.  We each had peppermint mochas from Starbucks and they were yummy. I had turkey sandwiches for both lunch and dinner and started learning to knit. Tomorrow Mom may take me to pick out yarn and get my own needles. Once I get good I can make my own Gryffindor scarf and sweater.


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