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Midterms are over! Okay, so I only had one, but it wasn't a complete breeze. It was also at 9 am. So I got up at 7 to study, and went back to bed at 7:30. On the bright side, it was the only school-related thing I had to do today. A nice, early end to a very interesting week.

Last weekend, video games. Mostly Mario Kart; I suck at driving, partly because it goes much faster than the old Super Nes game, but I'm pretty good at sitting on the back and throwing shit at people when somebody else is driving. Seriously, I tried Rainbow Road and I fell off about twenty times. And always in the same places on DK Mountain (the damned bridge!) and Bowser's Castle. I really can't get the hang of turning. And also we were at first playing three people on a 13 inch screen, and I had the hyper-sensitive controller, and it just made for a lot of losing on my part. But anyway: it was fun. Jessica also has the old Sonic games which I used to play all the time when I had a Sega (back in the day).

The first part of Monday was lame, all my classes were a waste of time. In history we had discussion gorups, which are useless because the students don't really know anything. And even if they did, I am not in the mood to talk to people at nine in the morning. Especially on a Monday. In Longsword we had a sub, and in German we had a sub, and learned nothing new. Work was about the usual (note to self: if working at the library next year, break up shift). Michael Shanks was bizarro on 24 (and is returning to Stargate tonight after three weeks, so excuse me if I bounce off the walls), and I missed everything he said in his first scene because I was trying not to laugh my ass off. Jessica had the same problem. It's a little weird when you see somebody playing the same character for so long, a nice character, and then see him play an evil sneaky bastard. It was interesting. It's just like James Spader: the first time I saw either of them, they were playing this awesome, sweet character (the same one, actually!) and later I discover they can be downright creepy when they want to.

Wednesday, I skipped class. I woke up with my alarm at 8, and decided the hell with it. Nothing important was going on in classes, and I was just too damn tired to get out of bed. I think that part of that may have had something to do with my allergy medicine, because I ran out of the good stuff and have been forced to take Zyrtec, which makes me drowsy. But in any case, I took the day off, slept for three more hours, and spent the day doing homework. I spent yesterday afternoon and evening watching a hell of a lot of Voyager on the internet.

Stargate is tonight! and Daniel is back! and I can't remember what the hell is going on in Atlantis, because I never do. I have homework to do this weekend and I'm not happy about it.
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Reasons I'm happy today (despite it being Monday and work being more boring than usual):

 - I'm a brunette again (my roots were clashing with the red)
 - I have a white hot chocolate from Starbucks
 - Michael Shanks will be on 24 next week (!!!)
 - I have manageable homework now that I dropped Old English (honestly, I can translate Beowulf on my own at this point)
 - I know it's spring, because my muse has woken up and is poking at me steadily saying "write...write...write..."
 - Stargate is so BACK (and soon to be whupping ass in as many as three galaxies - once Daniel's back in the show, of course)
 - I read an excerpt from the third book in the Inheritance trilogy (Eragon was the first) which made me remember, GOD, just how much I love those books and I really hope it's coming out this summer, because that would be kick-ass if I got that AND Harry Potter. . .but then I would be out of things to read

Speaking of Eragon, I had the most bizarre dream about the movie, but it wasn't the movie exactly and for some reason Ben Browder was in it. Saphira wasn't, and neither was Eragon, actually, although Jeremy Irons did make an apperrance. I don't know what the hell that was all about, but now I want to read the books again. They are, unfortunately, a good 70 miles away at the moment.

Jessica and I finally finished watching SG-1! Okay, we skipped two episodes. But they were clip shows and one of them is my absolute least favorite episode. Onward Atlantis! (And after that, Firefly!)
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I consider it a bit on the side of fortune that I have made it through three days of this term with no panic attacks. I have twelve textbooks and a reading packet. TWELVE. My knees are complaining, and one of my new shoes is digging into the back of my Achilles heel. Three of my teachers tried to keep us late today, which is not good because it takes me so much time to go between classes, and my bike needs new tires. Inability of professors to read clocks really seems to be an issue at this school. Yesterday I was behind already because I don't get much time for homework on Mondays, and I have doubts that Jessica and I will be able to finish two and a half seasons of Stargate by next Friday, since she'll be gone all weekend.

But so far, so good.

I'm loving Inferno. Beowulf is slow-going, because I have to translate it as I read it. We're only planning to do about a third of it in class. I really like my History class so far, even if it's at nine in the morning. It's in the most amazing building that makes it feel like I'm stepping back in time about a hundred years. We didn't get to practice today, but I love Longsword. I hope I can take it again next year, and use a steel sword instead of a wood one. I still don't really like German, partly because I have the same teacher as last term (and it only took her three days to start yelling at us this time), and I'm not as fond of the language and I thought I would be. I'd rather take Russian or Italian right now.

Most of my friends will be gone at Sakuracon this weekend, which will be lonely but will at least give me time to do some homework and, with any luck, get ahead a little.


Mar. 19th, 2007 12:32 pm
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Criminy, what a Monday this has been so far. Last night I had two hours of sleep, maybe. 8:00 final, done in 45 minutes, then off to the library to correct the little misunderstanding regarding my work schedule this week. They thought I was working TODAY which of course I was totally unable to do, because I had two exams this morning alone. Then at 10:15 was my second final, and I didn't to incredibly well on the first part but luckily the essay question I'd actually prepared for was on the final and I think I did all right on that one. I was done in an hour. I love being a fast test-taker. I think the mocha might have helped too, though I've had the shakes for the last two hours. Then to Grab 'n' Go to spend more points that I can't use later this week because I'm going home tomorrow (yay!) and now I have lots of food and drinks for next term. My fridge is now full and my food box is nearly so. I now have five and a half hours before my next (and last!) final exam, the one I'm not too worried about because I've been doing well in German thus far. Then we're supposedly going to dinner at Toshi's, which has amazing ramen noodles they make in the restaurant. Tomorrow I have to get up freakishly early again, but I work instead of take tests, which is infinitely better because I've grown to enjoy my job a bit.


I should maybe sleep now.


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