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"Thackary Binx, what took thee so long?"
"Sorry, Emily. I had to wait three hundred years for a virgin to light a candle."

Hocus Pocus is pretty screwed up for a kids' movie, which is no doubt why I still love it after all these years.
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While watching Men In Tights, I had to rewind and rewatch the Stupid Villager Recruitment scene because toward the end I noticed DAVID DELUISE WAS IN IT.

Proving that it doesn't matter how many times you see a movie, it can still surprise you seventeen years later.
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I already knew that The Asylum's Sherlock Holmes mockbuster was going to be bad for many reasons, not the least of which included the freaking dinosaurs on the promo poster, and because it's The Asylum, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that it's probably the worst casting of Homes that I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot of people play Sherlock Holmes.

But Ianto Jones as Watson and Dominic Keating? How could I miss it?
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Oh. My. God.

No, really.

I've been trying to find this movie for YEARS. Video stores don't have it. Netflix doesn't have it. The DVD is rare, out of print, and expensive even when it isn't imported. But it's a dark comedy with Thomas Jane and Aaron Eckhart, so of course I wanted like hell to see it.

So HOW in the living world did it end up on HULU?

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So I went and saw 2012 last night (best audience ever, by the way, even though there were only half a dozen of us). While it was quite intense at times, and John Cusack and Chiwetel Ejiofor both looked mighty fine throughout, I wasn't that impressed by the movie overall. Why? Because it was trying too damn hard.

massive spoilerage and miscellaneous disturbia )

All told, I had some fun and I left the movie in a pretty good mood. I didn't enjoy it as much as I'd hoped though, and I'm not sure when the last time was I did seriously enjoy a movie in the theater... and if it was as long ago as Star Trek, I'll be depressed. :/

[damn, that was long.]
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Benicio del Toro is the Wolfman! Oh, this I'm looking forward to. :D


Apr. 3rd, 2009 03:48 pm
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I was reading back on my older posts, and I came across this little bit: "...a trailer for Hellboy II, which I'm going to have to see now even if John Myers isn't in it. With any luck, they'll make a third and he'll be available that time. The movie just looks too freaking awesome to miss. Also there was a promo for Iron Man, which looked neat."

If only I had known. The Hellboy preview, though, was very well done. I liked it better than the movie. What I get the biggest kick out of is how I thought Iron Man 'looked neat' and turned out to be probably my favorite superhero movie -- or at least in my top five.

Speaking of movies, I've seen some wacky stuff this week, like damn. Robin Dunne in Species III was not something I expected to find, but I'm not sure why that surprises me much. Sanctuary does have a creature or two (in the main cast). Maniac Cop was... well... Bruce Campbell was pretty adorable. Homicidal Corin Nemec was kind of fun, but not as much as Leland Orser in that leather jacket and awesome hair (oh my god). My Best Friend is a Vampire was cute, as was a teenage Robert Sean Leonard. Awww. And of course, the movie called Ssssss with a young Dirk Benedict as an unwitting lab assistant who lost his shirt half a dozen times before his boss turned him into a snake. What a shame. So gorgeous.


Oct. 26th, 2008 05:18 pm
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So. This winter, instead of Harry Potter (and Star Trek), we are getting Twilight. Fucking Twilight.


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If Galaxy Quest were to have a direct Star Trek counterpart, it would have to be Enterprise... which is odd, because it predated Enterprise by two years.

Archer would be, as captain, Peter Quincy Taggart; T'Pol would have to be Tawny Madison, because it's a mystery as to how her boobs fit into her suit; Travis would be Laredo, the pilot; Trip would be Fred Kwan (or whatever Tony Shaloub's character's character's name was); and Dr. Lazarus would kind of have to be a combination of Dr. Phlox and Malcolm Reed. Which leaves Hoshi as either the weird alien chick or Ensign Redshirt.

Andromeda seems to be the long-lost sibling of Firefly. Observe.

Dylan Hunt / Malcolm Reynolds - the gloomy and driven but sometimes silly captain with a big depressing chunk of personal history.
Beka Valentine / Zoe - Warrior Woman. 'Nuff said.
Trance Gemini / Kaylee Frye - Shiny happy people (and cute as buttons to boot).
Tyr Anazazi / Jayne Cobb - The hired muscle...except Jayne was funny... and you know, likeable.
Seamus Harper / Wash - They have the same wardrobe, and they even look a bit like each other. It's kind of scary, actually.
Rev Bem (Bev Rem?) / Book - "Just keep on walkin, preacher man."
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It would be interesting to see: an alternate universe where all the movies ended differently.
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How often do I get attached to the bumbling idiot character?

How often do I wish they would actually kick some ass?

And how often do they?

Jonathan Carnahan finally did.

It's been like a week since I saw Dragon Emperor, but I had to get it out. Every bit as fun (for me) as were the others.
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You don't meet too many highwaymen whose signature yell is "yodelay HEE-HOOOO!"

Also saw Mummy 3!! Yeow!!!
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OMG, the Who finale KILLED. I am stunned. Fantastic. I can FINALLY relax. Only one admonishment: guys, don't encourage the shippers. The fanfic was bad enough already.

Wanted was awesome. Hancock, not so much. It was like a superhero movie for the average non-nerdy dumb American. But I saw a James Bond preview. (glee!)
I'm going through a bunch of really old stuff I wrote way back when, and I found an unfinished poem I wrote about the posters on my wall at the time (many of them have changed since then), and it was amusing enough to share.

If My Posters Could Move

Orlando would frolic along on the beach
without any shoes, doing cartwheels and leaps

Cyclops and Logan would be in a snit
So Jean Grey and Stormy have left for a bit

Aragorn and Arwen are off somewhere snogging
While Gollum and Toad now are happy leap-frogging

Smith would dress all up in drag and sing tunes
While Gandalf shouts at him 'You used to like runes!'

Harry and Frodo are having a duel
Determining whose sword will be the most cool

Johnny and Heath are having a staredown
Hoping that each others' posters I'll tear down

If my posters could move there'd be no moment's peace...

It's a bit different now. X-Men and Matrix were taken down years ago, as was my The Order poster which Heath was on (I still have them all somewhere. There was a Spider-Man 2 for a while, and now there's a Star Wars. These days I probably would have had Cyclops and Wolverine snogging. Orlando, though, would still be absolutely frolicking his heart out.
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When I first really got into Star Wars, I caught up on all the books that were out in about a year or so. And I reread many of them more than once. But it's taken me two years and I'm about halfway through New Jedi Order. And there are nine new books that just finished being released that I haven't even bought yet. I used to be so good at reading books, even when I was busy. What the hell happened?

Fortunately, as I discovered last summer, my fandoms may go dormant, but rarely ever do they die.

Also, finally saw Sky Captain and the World ot Tomorrow. I likes. There's just something about the 1940s that I've come to love. The clothes, the hair, the machines, the personalities... it's just tops. That goes for the 30s as well. And Jude Law is hawt in any time period.

Two days till the Who season finale. *crosses fingers and prays to high heaven that her favorites won't bite the big one*

Hopefully seeing Wanted tomorrow and then hanging with a bunch of other nerds with fireworks. And Apples to Apples. *glee*
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The problem with watching Evil Dead is that I always want to watch it again. And I don't have Army of Darkness! *is sad*

Ash's ripped shirt + strappy chainsaw holster = one of my favorite costumes EVER.
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It was awesome. Maybe not quite as much as Iron Man, but pretty awesome nonetheless. Marvel movies are getting seriously badass lately and I dig.

New topic:

Brock Samson vs. The Hulk


I'm going to watch Red Dragon now: I've got an Ed Norton thing going on (again). Wonder how that happened.


Apr. 24th, 2008 08:37 pm
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I know it's time for a vacation when I try to wash my hair with face soap. (I have Glitch's half-brain.) My MP3 player decided to move to Kaputtsville. I'm in my second Tin Man phase, and I'm desperately wanting to write fanfiction. I's excited as hell about Iron Man, Prince Caspian, and Indiana Jones.

I like watching Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader because it makes me feel like a damn genius.

None of my friends write in their journals anymore!!!


Jan. 21st, 2008 11:30 pm
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Yesterday I saw Cloverfield, which was freaky and kind of awesome. There was a teaser for Star Trek and a trailer for Hellboy II, which I'm going to have to see now even if Jonh Myers isn't in it. With any luck, they'll make a third and he'll be available that time. The movie just looks too freaking awesome to miss. Also there was a promo for Iron Man, which looked neat.

I'm totally on a Numb3rs kick and by the end of this week I should have both of the first two seasons. David Krumholtz is like the hottest guy on earth to me at the moment. Rob Morrow ain't so bad either.

On a slightly related subject, I'm thinking of getting a second bachelors degree, possibly in mathematics.
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I finished another ReBoot video, I got stuff for Christmas, and I saw National Treasure. Not to mention a preview for Prince Caspian, which I am dying to see.
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So, Neal McDonough, who I have liked for a few years now, played Tin Man. So I got to see a lot of him earlier this week. Last night I watched Ravenous, which he is also in, because I love that movie and it's always fun to see him standing waist-deep in icewater screaming his lungs out. Today I rented The Guardian, because I was told it was good, I'm becoming an Ashton Kutcher fan, and I was in the mood for it.

I totally forgot Neal McDonough was in it.

I still have Timeline and Minority Report. Might as well make it a thoroughly McDonoughlicious week.

I'd be watching Alan Cumming movies, except I don't have any. : (

Also, I'm reading Wizard of Oz, and I don't know why it took me so long.

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