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I GET TO SET MY OWN WORD COUNT FOR CAMP NANO. YES. I hate artificially bumping up my word count because it's a pain in the ass to edit later. Plus, I get to hang out with my family AND get sleep!
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In Panic Mode about Camp NaNo's early session being in April this year! My whole family's going to be home and that's not going to make it easy. There's still the later one, but seeing as I'm already in NaNo mode and started planning early anyway, I figure I might as well go for it. July can be backup. Onward!

Dammit, and I was just starting a Supernatural marathon, too.
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WOOHOOHOO I'm finally nailing down the huge-ass battle that I've been trying to detail for like almost a year. I'm banking on being able to write this thing for the early Camp Nano. Or I guess the regular November one if that doesn't work out.
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Dear NaNo,

October was a hell of a month. Between two four-hour bus trips, reproducing an 8x7 of de Martelly's "No More Mowing" in chalk in two days, too much time around Republicans I'm related to, and a slight mineral deficiency that resulted in an evening in the emergency room, I wasn't really able to prepare (mentally or outline-wise) to write 50,000 words this month. I've only just started to feel like my old self again physically, and to be able to start chipping away at the mountain of much-needed house cleaning (because my dad? Not exactly Hugh Test), but still I am le tired.

This doesn't mean I won't do any writing! Last year's draft still needs a lot of revision. I just won't likely be doing anything at the rate of 1,667 words a day.

There's always June, August, and next November.
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Aaaand it looks like I'm also going to be a NaNo Rebel this year, because I want to get this whole ReBoot Alternate Timeline thing off my to-do list sometime in my life.
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So for NaNo I'm thinking I'll take on the old cliche-ridden fantasy draft from my late teen years and make it as awful and nonsensical as possible in an attempt to GET IT OUT OF MY LIFE once and for all.

I'm gonna purple-prose the shit out of it, too.
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I guess it's about time to start thinking about NaNoWriMo again...
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August NaNo's probably a bust! But I'll still work on my outline because my standards are too high.
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I decided it wasn't too late to do Camp Nano, I picked my oldest story (kind of) and decided to make it the worst piece of Roget's Syndrome purple prose and unnecessary wish fulfillment with as much gratuitous sex and violence I could manage, wrote the opening paragraphs, and then lost 700 words of work because Microsoft Word 2003 fucking sucks.
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Finally finished the stupid chapter that pretty much cost me my NaNo victory. Have at thee, rough draft! I'll conquer you yet!
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Okay, so I failed NaNo again. Who cares? I wrote seventy pages! Even when I was writing all the time, I don't think I ever wrote that much in two and a half weeks. But my brain conked out and demanded "Do something else!" so I made three music videos in a week while barely sleeping. YEAH, THAT HELPED A BUNCH.

All in all, a productive month, even plagued as it was by a horrid cold and bouts of insomnia. The farthest I'd ever gotten on this story before was about half a page, so I consider it a personal victory. It's not finished yet, but it will be, dammit!
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It's only halfway through November and I am JONESING to go back and rewrite this thing already. Or to write something else. Or to DO something else. I've got a line of music videos begging to be made, Father Ted is shiny and new to Netflix instant, and I've still got a scarf from last winter that needs finishing, not to mention Christmas presents to knit. I've finished most of the easy parts and the rest is probably going to be a bit slower-going.

But... 30,000 words! 30,000! In two freaking weeks! Another 8k, and this will be the most wordy thing I have ever worked on, finished or not. When the going gets tough, do the tough get out of the kitchen? I don't THINK so!

[brought to you by Too Much Coffee™]

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It's occurred to me that with all the cold medicine and poor sleep I've had while writing this, editing it is going to be a bitch and a half. Especially seeing as I've currently skipped most of chapter four, in which a lot of very important shit happens. Hey, the rules don't say all the scenes have to be there. I'll write it later when I'm not panicking about how the fuck it's supposed to go. I suppose I shouldn't have ordered that deus ex machina from IKEA.
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Made today's word quota last night while also breaking my previous NaNo word record. And now I've got a cold. Yes, I'm writing a story about fighting evil cartoon computer viruses WHILE I HAVE A VIRUS. Although I'm glad it's not a computer one, because that would be fucking ironic. Nice one, universe. But I will not be defeated!

Also, it's just now occurring to me that it might have been fun to treat Daemon's infection kind of like an STD. I'll try to hang on to that one for the rewrite. :)
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Day One: I'm only 700 words over quota. Woot and booyah!
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Three and a half days until the crazy begins... but I'm ready to start NOW, DAMMIT.
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My outline is largely done, but needs going through to make sure everything makes sense, take care of plot holes, and find something to do for the characters who inexplicably disappear. That shouldn't take more than two weeks, right?
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I don't mean to count my basilisks before they hatch, of course, but having focus on a single story for longer than I can remember having in years, and this close to November, is a good sign. Usually it's a whole lot of indecision and flipflopping and ending up with half a dozen stories that aren't well planned, if they're planned at all, and lasting barely a week with only a few thousand words. I feel somewhat confident, though, due to the aforementioned focus, the solidish outline I've been working on, and the feeling that this isn't just a story I feel like writing, it's one I need to have told. Even if it's just to myself.

This surely might not reach 50,000 words, though, and I'll either work on another or still be able to say "Failing NaNo since 2009!" but if I just finish this one, it would be beyond awesome.

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I've been sort of training myself to write every day, every time I get the chance, and keep moving forward no matter how bad it is, 'cause I can fix that in editing. And it's working. My scenes are horribly short and awkwardly written, but I'm ahead of the schedule I set for myself. I doubt I'm making NaNo quota, but when I finish this, I should totally do like a NaNo boot camp thing. This will be my third year, and third time's the charm, right?

Also, all the writing distracts me from the goddamn water pressure problems we're having. Hooray for escapism!
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1. The phrase "Oh God, I'm blind!" is not one you generally expect to hear outside a somewhat comedic setting because frankly, it sounds pretty goddamn narmy. There are quite a few characters I wouldn't expect to say this ever.

Ronon Dex is definitely one of them.

2. Psych spoilery things, I guess )

Glad Psych is back. Very much looking forward to the Twin Peaks episode. But please, this year, maybe have a male in peril for the season finale? No more damsels, please.

3. Looks like I've officially failed NaNo again, but since I wrote almost a thousand words more than last year, I'll call it an improvement.


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