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'Cause it's time to start freaking out about who's gonna die on CSI! AGAIN!

I gotta say, if Nick finally buys it, they'll have to make Archie a field guy or my six-plus year viewership will be terminated. (And I shall be a VERY SAD PANDA)

ETA THIS PANDA IS VERY PLEASED INDEED (but would appreciate it if Ray would stop dying plz)
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Watching Fringe in the dark by myself? They pretty much turn the creepy factor up to eleven. I may have jumped out of my skin once or twice.

Okay, first of all: I really liked it better when Olivia was just Badass Normal. She doesn't need superpowers, and she certainly doesn't need a new one every three episodes.

I keep cursing like a sailor every time NotCharlie is on screen. Seriously, that's pissing me off. I can at least take some comfort in the fact that the sonofabitch seems to be suffering.

That is the coolest typewriter EVER. I want one.

Yay for Walter and Peter bonding!

Half the cast of CSI was kicking some serious ass tonight. I was mightily impressed. And I LOVE the character development Nicky's been getting the last few seasons.

I can't seem to find Flashforward for online viewing, and that makes me sad. : (

Also starting this week was NCIS, which rocked my socks very much. Speaking of turning things up to eleven, DiNozzo/McGee subtext FTW! My only complaints about the episode were that there wasn't quite enough torture and that the applaiuse at the end was so cheesy even I had problems with it.

And the spinoff was... interesting. The characters appeal to me, especially Cool J and O'Donnell. We haven't had a buddy cop show in a while. They also get point for having a spiffy HQ and a supervisor who personally dresses her agents.


Sep. 3rd, 2009 10:31 pm
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It's my 500th post on LJ yay!

Let's talk entertainment.

Shows start again this month - most of them. Unfortunately, I don't have TV, so I have to watch what I can online. Here's what I'm looking at and what I'd like to see happen this year.

Fringe - Meh, I don't care so much about the show in general, especially the direction it seems to be taking. Mostly I'm interested in Walter and Peter and their getting to be proper family again. AND WHY THE HELL PETER'S NAME IS ON THAT TOMBSTONE. Okay, I like that other guy too. That one agent. I forget his name.

CSI - Season fucking TEN. Jeezus. I've been watching since season three. And seriously, something needs to happen to Nick this year. It's been way too freaking long. And I want to see Bobby Dawson again, dammit.

NCIS - Poor Tony. Will he and Ziva ever mend those bridges? ETA AND I WANT MORE JIMMY PALMER DAMN IT ALL

Numbers - I failed to completely catch up with the last season. I need to do that.

Castle - Mmm, Nathan Fillion.

Trauma - Paramedics? Cliff Curtis? That's all I need to know.

Sanctuary - SANCTUARY!

Stargate Universe - I shall give it a chance. Mostly because of Robert Carlyle. And it may have something to do with Brad and Robert having a history of making good shows.

Nip/Tuck - I hope it's better than last season.

Unfortunately I will not be watching Criminal Minds, one of my favorite shows, because it's not fucking available online. >:(

[tv girl]


Nov. 6th, 2008 10:06 pm
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CSI promises to be very exciting next Thursday.

So, I'm going to spend the next week freaking the fuck out.


Oct. 5th, 2008 11:54 am
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I think I've been dreaming about CSI. I so need the season to start already.

Need... Nicky-grieving...
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This thing CSI does every season where they threaten to kill Nicky? Not fun anymore!

Okay. I don't know for sure it's Nick that gets shot. But based on the show so far, as well as what I've read about the episode, I'd say it's pretty damn likely. It was fun when he had a gun pointed at him by a crazy chick, and when he was stalked. It was even fun last year when he was buried alive, even though it scared the shit out of me. But this I'm not liking! Especially since they're spreading it out over two weeks! GAAAAAH! I had a dream at the start of Season 5 that he was going to die. After that year's finale I thought he was in the clear, that they couldn't POSSIBLY do that two years in a row. I want to say I think it could be Greg or Brass, but Warrick was awfully emotional. For crying out loud, at least last year we knew who it was!

Don't tell me I have no life. Fiction is my life. I'm a writer, dammit.

This is not a good time for Frappuccino.


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