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I really have no color sense, so it took me a long time to come up with this scheme. I like it, and I'm thinking I'll keep it for fall and change it back to blue for the winter.

SPEAKING OF FALL: It is my favorite season of the year, and since I started school in Eugene I don't get to enjoy the full effects at home like I used to. There's no smell of apples, somebody keeps blowing the leaves off the sidewalks (and I really wish they wouldn't; leaf imprint patterns look so cool later), and I'm usually too busy to notice how fall it is anyway. And really, it's a city, albeit a small one, and seasons are different in cities. While I do like having everything I need within the range of a brisk walk or a bus trip, I don't think I'll live in a city again when I finish school (whenever that may be). I like the peace and the quiet and the fresh air of the country too much. I'll deal with the isolation and how creepy it gets at night. I've been doing that all my life.

It looks like I'm coming up on watching Doctor Who S2 for the second time in as many weeks (although probably this time with the commentary tracks on). Jessica really wants to see Atlantis when we get back and I'm only too happy to oblige. As soon as we finish that (as well as the final two episodes of Firefly) I'm getting her addicted to the Doctor.

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FYI, my Firefly/Serenity video kicks some gorram ass. I've watched the series and the movie again, because I missed them a lot. I wish like hell there was more. My favorite character changed - not like I really had a definitely favorite, but Wash was pretty close, but then he and Simon duked it out and Simon won. But hell, he's still alive, so he's already got a leg up. And I always did like Simon.

I saw a preview online for the next Pirates movie, and I nearly died. I want May to come so bad it hurts. Then, of course, is July, with the Order of the Phoenix movie and THE LAST FREAKING HARRY POTTER BOOK. Summer is going to rock so hard.

I've started where I left off in the New Jedi Order, I think. It just sort of happened. Fine time too, when I won't have time to read for the next eleven weeks.

I, by the way, have pants that fit and new blue shoes that are bouncy so I can do swordfighting class and not get blisters or trip over my feet.

Two and a half gorram weeks until Stargate and you have no idea how excited I am.
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I need to stop going to the library with only my German homework, because the basic stuff takes about five minutes and it's kind of embarrassing to only stay there for that long. I don't like to drag all my books around because my backpack is heavy enough with all the German crap I have to take to class every day. Maybe after I gain some muscle from all the walking I can start carrying my computer. And after my parents bring the futon thing I can start sleeping normally again. Let's hope. I wish I could sleep on the couch in the library CPS staff break room.

I think I'm turning pseudo-vegetarian. WTF? Do NOT ask me how this happened. It wasn't really a conscious choice; I'm just not as into meat as I used to be. I think I've eaten meat once in the week since I've been here, and at that meal there really wasn't a lot of variety. Tonight I tried a couple of vegetarian nuggets, and they weren't bad. I don't know. I often go through phases with food, maybe this is one of them.

I'm starting to remember some of the frustrations I'd forgotten about when learning new languages. Namely the other people in the class who just don't get it. People who don't even try to pronounce the words they way they should be pronounced. People who can't read a word on the board that to me is painfully simple. I know I have a tendency to be arrogant about that sort of thing. But god, sometimes I wish I could study one-on-one. At least there don't seem to be any characters in my classes who monopolize the instructor's time (and mine!) by asking ten thousand questions about everything. Today in Old English we learned how to say "snot." I'm going to enjoy that class.

One of the British guys lives three doors down from me. 

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I've got about 300 pages to go in Order of the Phoenix (roughly the length of the first book) and I'm finally in unfamiliar territory; I haven't read the back half of this one in about three years and so far almost nothing rings a bell. I've realized this is a dry year for Harry Potter (no new book, no new movie) which there hasn't been since the books started coming out here. Good thing I'm getting my fix. But soon I'll run out and there won't be any more and I'll be sad.

Both the cats are sneezing and sniffling with some respiratory thing. Rodrigo's being a brat and not letting us give him his meds without putting up a good fight. I've suggested sticking the eyedropper down his throat while he's sleeping, or knocking him out first. Mom wasn't too thrilled with those ideas.

I never thought I'd hear myself say it, but I'm starting to miss being in school and having tons of homework. I've been reading these books with kids at school and all their homework for a week and a half and it's making me jealous. I want to go to a magic school and play Quidditch and stuff. I'll have to settle for a Muggle university and club sports; I've never played sports in school in my life, except for lunchtime soccer and whatever was in PE, so there's not a chance in hell I'd make the teams. But there's about 5000 clubs there, so I should be able to find something I like. I really want to learn to snowboard. Hockey or soccer might be fun as well. I just can't do sports that involve throwing, because I throw like a girl. 
College certainly suits me better than K-12, and oddly enough I do best when I'm constantly kept busy writing essays and stuff. I had two terms at Chemeketa where I got all As: one was fall of last year when I had Precalculus, Astronomy, and Speech (which is incredible, because I'm usually terrible at every one of those subjects); and winter of my second year when I had three English classes (Intro Shakespeare, Intro Drama Lit, Intro Mythology) and World History. I was turning in several essays every couple of weeks and my notebook was delightfully crammed and messy. I really wish I'd had this spirit about learning when I was a kid. Maybe if the atmosphere hadn't been so repressive I'd have had the will to do better. But those years have gone.

I have nine workdays remaining before I gleefully rejoin the rainks of the unemployed.
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There are fifteen days left in this month and I work ten of them. I hope for everybody's sake they go by fast. I'm sure as hell not working for anybody else for the rest of the month. I think one ot them tried to ask me to the other day, but I wasn't able to call her back and I would have said no anyway. These last two weeks are going to go so slowly. I need to be done with this job.

I always have trouble reading Order of the Phoenix because there's so much anger in that book. Parts of it remind me of how caged I felt in school, and I just want to reach into the book and throttle that horrible teacher. She is possibly my least favorite character in the entire series, and that includes Voldemort and Snape. People only like Snape because he's played by Alan Rickman in the movies. In just the books, he's a right bastard and he often pisses me off. But I still don't believe he's evil. Even with that thing he did.

Four weeks till Stargate.


Jun. 15th, 2006 07:11 pm
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