May. 26th, 2007 10:25 am
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I can't have happy endings anymore. But it was a good ending all the same, and I loved it. It just wasn't very happy. And it won't leave me alone.

I want to be the Pirate King, and I want to wear that outfit.
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FYI, my Firefly/Serenity video kicks some gorram ass. I've watched the series and the movie again, because I missed them a lot. I wish like hell there was more. My favorite character changed - not like I really had a definitely favorite, but Wash was pretty close, but then he and Simon duked it out and Simon won. But hell, he's still alive, so he's already got a leg up. And I always did like Simon.

I saw a preview online for the next Pirates movie, and I nearly died. I want May to come so bad it hurts. Then, of course, is July, with the Order of the Phoenix movie and THE LAST FREAKING HARRY POTTER BOOK. Summer is going to rock so hard.

I've started where I left off in the New Jedi Order, I think. It just sort of happened. Fine time too, when I won't have time to read for the next eleven weeks.

I, by the way, have pants that fit and new blue shoes that are bouncy so I can do swordfighting class and not get blisters or trip over my feet.

Two and a half gorram weeks until Stargate and you have no idea how excited I am.
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My yesterday was all about the pirate love. I made the most kick-ass POTC vid that I can't get enough of, then abandoned my traditional new year's movie to have a Pirates marathon until three in the morning. I analyzed those movies in ways nobody ever has. And I noticed, for the first time, that the cinematography is just beautiful. And also a lot of foreshadowing in the second one.

My video is to Flogging Molly's "Seven Deadly Sins" and I don't normally like to brag, but I think I outdid myself. Even though the song is very short, it was hard to make because it moves so damn fast. But it was wicked fun.
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The midnight showing was so much fun and the movie was absolutely amazing and I am very tired today. I must remember next time to get there more than half an hour early if we want decent seats (we were second row from the front). I look forward to seeing that movie again, and they'd better come out with the next one real fast.

One week till Stargate!
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My dad has an old handheld scanner that I thought I might be able to use to scan my drawings easier. There turned out to be two problems: 1) the software seems to have left this world, and 2) it won't plug into my computer without an adapter. It also might not be wide enough to get all of some drawings. I guess I'll just have to put up with the grey stripe as long as I'm drawing in a book. Yesterday I drew Angela Basset and I used so much graphite on her hair I hit it with a fixative as soon as I was finished ... I think I may have used a little too much. I only use the stuff when I have a really super-graphited drawing because it's possibly carcinogenic (at least in California) and the lighter drawings don't smudge against the opposite page so there's no need to spray them.

Sam comes home in one week and his plane is supposed to get in sometime around 8 in the morning (we think), which means I'll be getting up in the neighborhood of oh-god-thirty. He's also demanding that we take him to Chipotle's as soon as humanly possible. I can't imagine he's had a decent burrito in about ten months. And I will be surprised if we aren't having pizza for dinner that night. I hope the shirt I got fits him.

One of the reasons I was so keen to see the midnight showing of PotC is that as late as it is, it's unlikely there will be many small children there. I'm guessing much of the audience will be people around my age, who can stay up that late. And hopefully this trip to the theater won't involve the people in the row behind us putting their feet on the seats and acting stupid. There was a group several rows behind us who, by the sound of their conversation, I would definitely get along with (they sounded like fellow geeks). I would rather have sat in front of them. (Or joined them.) Anyway, I hope there are lots of people there. Movies are fun with a full audience.
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I've got tickets to the midnight showing of Pirates of the Caribbean!!! 

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Reasons why I'm looking forward to July:

No more job!
Pirates of the Caribbean!
My brother comes home!
Dentist appointment
New Seasons of Stargate Sg-1 and Atlantis!
Superman Returns! (okay, it comes out June 30 but I work that night for the last time at the theater)

I WANT to know why Jack and Will seem to be fighting each other in the Dead Man's Chest preview. A lovers' quarrell, probably. I wish. Also I saw a nice preview of Superman Returns and it looks awesome. I didn't see James Marsden in it, but he's fourth on the list at IMDb so he probably has more screen time and hopefully a lot less dying. Bryan Singer knows how to treat him right. And this Tuesday is The Omen! I hope David Thewlis' character doesn't go the way of the original and get his head lopped off.

I think I'll start reading the Harry Potter series again because I'm kind of in a boredom slump. The last time I read them all, there were only four. I found out the fifth movie's coming out in July of next year, so i won't be able to wear my scarf. Assuming my mother finished it by then (she'd have to find it first). It'll have to be my GOF poster t-shirt.

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I saw Mission: Impossible III today. Ass-kicking awesome!! I didn't know/forgot Jonathan Rhys-Meyers was in it! SO gorgeous. He and Tom Cruise seriously need to get it on. The UST was so thick I could have tied it in a knot. I like each one of those movies better than the last. I need to watch Legend again. Young beautiful Tom Cruise with no pants -- *thud*. 

The preview of POTC: Dead Man's Chest made me squirm with excitement and fangirlish giddiness. I feel like watching all my Orlando Bloom movies to quell my anticipation. I STILL don't have Kingdom of Heaven ... don't know how that happened. I sort of made it my goal once to watch every one of his movies in the theater ... but then Ned Kelly didn't come out in my area, and I missed Elizabethtown, and the foreign stuff doesn't make it to theaters here. But to miss Pirates of the Caribbean, I will have to suffer serious bodily harm. Even so, the theater is right across the highway from the hospital.


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