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Aug. 3rd, 2006 09:09 pm
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I just sneezed four times in a row. I am so allergic to something right now and it's pissing me off.

I actually seem to be reading Vector Prime all the way through this time. Go me! It helps a bit that I've turned the Mary Sue into a guy, and a cute one at that. He/She's sort of being played by Sean Patrick Flanery, but I can't remember what he sounds like except when he's using an Irish accent. I totally futzed up the Star Wars universe when I began rereading it a few months ago and changed around a bunch of people. Han Solo went from looking a little like Harrison Ford to looking a lot like Nathan Fillion because really, wouldn't he just make a dandy Han Solo? He IS Captain Tightpants, after all. Luke and Leia just kind of got bastardized. I tried to make the whole thing in my head sort of a mix between the styles of Firefly and the new BSG (which I don't watch). Basically, becaue the whole thing needed updating for dramatic effect. And because I can.

I'd like to set the Yuuzhan Vong against the Ori and see if they're so tough then.

damn hot

Jun. 24th, 2006 06:08 pm
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Nobody told me it was going to be 100 degrees today! I got my hair cut this morning and it seems like it was just in time for the hot weather. It's awfully short; some might use the term "lesbian." But it feels great, and it will grow out a bit in a couple of weeks anyway.

I've started reading The Lord of the Rings again at the rate of about five pages a day. At that pace I should finish sometime in January.

Season two of Venture Bros. starts tomorrow and I'm very much looking forward to it. I just hope they bring back Hank and Dean.

Sam comes home in two weeks!
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I finally did it! I read through all of the Harry Potter books without any hang-ups, and damned if I'll remember any more in a few months than I did two weeks ago. That's the downside of marathons like these: when you read them fast, everything blends together and by the time you get to the end you can't remember the beginning. Now I'm going to bore you all (both?) with some hopes/speculations/fears regarding Book Seven.

I had suspicions to the contrary before, but now it seems reasonably clear to me that Snape is not on our side. Previously I thought it could go either way, but was leaning toward him playing the other side and I had all sorts of crazy ideas. But reading the last book again, I really don't have high hopes for his being a good guy. I really think he serves Voldemort. Unless, of course, he's playing him in hopes of becoming the next Dark Lord himself. I wouldn't put it past him. I do think Draco's winnable. I've had this crazy desire for a while now to see him and Harry fighting side by side as allies, and I have no idea one way or another whether that will happen, but it would be cool.

There's also this Horcrux business. I am absolutely positive that one of them is (or was) at Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place, which Harry now owns. They seemed to come across it when cleaning out the place, and I can only hope that Kreacher kept it and that nobody threw it away, because that would be disastrous. The others, well, they'll be a little tougher to find. I wouldn't be surprised if one of them was at the orphanage where Voldemort was raised.

There's one more hopeful speculation I'm keeping to myself, just because I think I should.

As for the rumors people are flinging around that Harry is going to kick the bucket, I sincerely hope not. I have invested far too much emotion in many characters (as evidenced by the way I could hardly get through the end of book six because I kept crying and couldn't see the page) and would be most unhappy if any of them were to die. Aside from Harry himself, these characters include Ron, Lupin, Tonks, and all of the other Weasleys except for Percy. If Harry dies, I shall be very put out.

In other notes, What Not to Use as a Horcrux, item #1: A balloon.

Now I'll have to find something else to read.
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I had hoped to finish Half-Blood Prince today so that I could watch all the movies tomorrow, my one completely free day this week, but seeing as I have over two hundred and fifty pages left I'd say it's not bloody likely. Either way, I'll have something to do tomorrow.
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After putting my glasses back together this morning I began Half-Blood Prince. I really can't believe how much I've read in just eleven days. Huge portions of this book have completely wiped themselves blank from my mind, and I only read it a year ago. I do, however, find myself remembering quite specific things before I quite reach them in the book, so I guess I haven't quite forgotten as much as I thought I had, but only disremembered it. Things like this include the thing with Dumbledore's hand ( I still can't remember exactly what happened to it, though I have a guess), the part where Harry gets kicked in the face on the train (which I also remembered, along with the scene itself, how much it surprised me the first time I read it), and Fenrir Greyback. That's all I can think of at the moment, I may have forgotten more already. I did not remember how often Ron seems to be giving people the Bird (at least I think that's what he's doing; it just says he makes a 'rude hand gesture') or that the entire Weasley clock is stuck on mortal peril. This book still seems weird to me.

I realise that for people who are not very familiar with the books (which may be one or both of you, I don't really know) this post probably makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and I do not apologise.

My spelling also seems to have become British.
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I've got about 300 pages to go in Order of the Phoenix (roughly the length of the first book) and I'm finally in unfamiliar territory; I haven't read the back half of this one in about three years and so far almost nothing rings a bell. I've realized this is a dry year for Harry Potter (no new book, no new movie) which there hasn't been since the books started coming out here. Good thing I'm getting my fix. But soon I'll run out and there won't be any more and I'll be sad.

Both the cats are sneezing and sniffling with some respiratory thing. Rodrigo's being a brat and not letting us give him his meds without putting up a good fight. I've suggested sticking the eyedropper down his throat while he's sleeping, or knocking him out first. Mom wasn't too thrilled with those ideas.

I never thought I'd hear myself say it, but I'm starting to miss being in school and having tons of homework. I've been reading these books with kids at school and all their homework for a week and a half and it's making me jealous. I want to go to a magic school and play Quidditch and stuff. I'll have to settle for a Muggle university and club sports; I've never played sports in school in my life, except for lunchtime soccer and whatever was in PE, so there's not a chance in hell I'd make the teams. But there's about 5000 clubs there, so I should be able to find something I like. I really want to learn to snowboard. Hockey or soccer might be fun as well. I just can't do sports that involve throwing, because I throw like a girl. 
College certainly suits me better than K-12, and oddly enough I do best when I'm constantly kept busy writing essays and stuff. I had two terms at Chemeketa where I got all As: one was fall of last year when I had Precalculus, Astronomy, and Speech (which is incredible, because I'm usually terrible at every one of those subjects); and winter of my second year when I had three English classes (Intro Shakespeare, Intro Drama Lit, Intro Mythology) and World History. I was turning in several essays every couple of weeks and my notebook was delightfully crammed and messy. I really wish I'd had this spirit about learning when I was a kid. Maybe if the atmosphere hadn't been so repressive I'd have had the will to do better. But those years have gone.

I have nine workdays remaining before I gleefully rejoin the rainks of the unemployed.
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I'm about a third of the way into Prisoner of Azkaban at this point. Yesterday I read all of Chamber of Secrets, which I haven't done since the first time. I work two more days and then I get three off in a row! My longest stretch this month. After I'm done reading the books I'm going to watch all the movies. It's been so long since I've seen some of them. I'm getting eyestrain and I'm only in book three! *sobs*
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Two days in a row I have had to work alone because the people I'm supposed to worth with can't get their schedules straight and The Boss hasn't hired anybody else yet. Tomorrow I get to work with Mitch, who's back in town. That should be fun.

I'm still in Sorcerer's Stone and enjoying it. I think this is the fourth time I've read this book in three and a half years. It'll be the same with Goblet of fire once I get that far. Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban have only been read twice, I think, because I skipped them last year when I was catching up for Half-Blood Prince, which I've only read once. I've read Order of the Phoenix once all the way through, and the first half or so twice more. I have trouble getting through that one, for several reasons. It's a lot longer for one, not only the number of pages, but the print is also smaller so it's even longer compared to the others than it looks at first glance. Also, I feel Harry's anger, and he has a lot of it in that one. Umbridge reminds me of how I felt in school at that age (okay, maybe I didn't have it quite THAT bad, but I had that same anger) and I desperately want to punch her in the face but I can't because she's a character in a book. Which is my favorite? I'm not sure. I like PoA because Lupin's in it a lot and I love him. I like GoF because it kicks ass and the chapter Blood, Flesh & Bone is possibly my favorite in the series so far. I also like HBP because it also kicked ass. It seemed somehow different though, and I can't really put my finger on why. But I still loved it. I only wish it was longer.

Do you know I have the same given names as TWO X-men? Crazy.


May. 12th, 2006 11:37 am
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I stayed up most of the night finishing Eldest. By the time I got to bed, my mother was already up. The book was just so damn exciting I couldn't put it down until after five in the morning. And I was right about everything. I really, really wish I wasn't. Of all the times to be right about plot twists, it had to be this one. Damn. However, since the story seems to be following a loosely Star Wars pattern (hero journey mostly, but some more specific things as well), I have something of a hope that the character can be saved... or maybe he'll just die saving Eragon. Not what I'd hope for, but it would be some angsty tragedy. There are now male characters who have been described with as much gusto as the females in the previous book, including the main character, who underwent a sort of involuntary magical transformation. I believe the word the author used was "beautiful." The writing style still needs a little polish at times, but he's gotten much better since the opening of Eragon. And even though he was still fawning after that elf, she made it quite clear -- several times -- that she wasn't interested. And the other girl hugged him after the battle. Also, I don't think I've ever read a book where a shipload of angry peasants arrived just in time to swing the outcome of the battle in favor of the good guys. Wizards, yes. The main character's entire hometown... not until last night.

I am now eagerly awaiting the last books of two different series, and Eragon and Eldest have earned a place on the dresser with my absolute favorite books, which are all achievements in storytelling far beyond the normal. And perhaps best of all, reading them has renewed my desire to work on my own stories that have been neglected. I couldn't ask for better gifts from a book than an enjoyable read and inspiration. I know it takes a lot from a book to please me. Christopher Paolini, you have done well. Now finish that last book.

Favorite lines:

'Eragon surreptitiously watched the elf, curious to see what he looked like without his clolhes.'

"Barges! We don't want no stinking barges!"

(Nine weeks until new Stargate)
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It occurred to me today that when the Eragon movie comes out, I'll be in Eugene. I can't get over stuff like that. After living in the same place for over twenty-three years, the realization that I won't be living here anymore in a few months is quite a bit to take in. Sure, I'll come back on weekends and holidays, and I'll probably come back home after I get my Master's degree until I find a job, but I'm going to miss this place. I really love my room. I love my house, even though it's changed a lot since I was a child, mostly due to the renovation a few years ago. I love where it is -- not the Sheridan part, but the location of the house itself. I'll miss living here the way I am now. I'm sure I'll get used to it, I usually do; but it will be different. I'll probably be there also when the last Harry Potter book is released (at least I hope it doesn't take any longer than that!), as well as when that next movie comes out. I'll have to investigate the theaters in Eugene. I've also discovered a place that teaches capoeira, which I would LOVE to learn. I also expect to become something of a political activist. I'm predominantly Irish/Italian, so my blood is all fire. And there is much to burn.

I've read two hundred and fifty pages of Eldest so far today. These books have grown on me and I am in love with them now. Too bad the third one's not written yet. Blimey.

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Eegads! I think I called a plot point in the Inheritance trilogy!

I don't usually see things coming, especially when it's in a book. I did, however, figure out who the Half-Blood Prince was pretty early on. That was the one exception, and now that number seems to be up to two. I got confirmation (I think) totally by accident when browsing the Eragon section of FF.N (I don't know why I was there; 99% of the authors don't deserve to hold a pen) and I saw a story mentioning the secret I had figured out! Well. I guess the second book does reveal all. But I kind of wish I'd learned it from the horse's mouth and not some wannabe writer. If you haven't read the book yet but would like to, I would suggest not reading any further if you don't want any surprises ruined.


I need to finish this book. Only four hundred and sixty pages to go.


May. 4th, 2006 11:28 pm
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I just finished reading Eragon and it was all right. I do wish that I'd looked at the film cast list before I'd started. I had the wrong guy for Brom. But the guy I used was offered the role, so I was close. I'm not wild about Christopher Paolini's writing style because it seems amateurish and unrefined, but I guess I should go easier on a guy who wrote his first book at fifteen. Show off. Anyway, the story was decent and it had one character that I really liked, but part of that may have something to do with him in my mind looking suspiciously like Robert Pattinson (aka Cedric Diggory). Sometimes when I read books I figure out plot twists that aren't really there, and I hope that turns out to be the case with one involving him. It actually makes a bit of sense and I've seen little that disproves it, but I still hope I'm wrong about it. If I'm not, it basically means toast for my guy. I don't know how I cooked this one up, either. It's a doozy. Anyway I have to wait three or four days until I can get the next book so I won't know for sure until at LEAST then. Maybe not even until the third book, and I don't think that's been written yet. Fooey. Oh well, I'll keep hoping my imagination is putting things together that don't go again. I'm really terrible at solving mysteries. I think Half-Blood Prince is the only one I actually figured out almost right away. No romance taking over in this book, but I know for a fact it's only a matter of time because the fortune teller said so and she's been right about stuff so far. I just hope it's the cute black chick and not Mary Sue Elf. She's too old for Eragon anyway. I know I said that thing about wanting an older girl in a couple, but she's probably got at least a few thousand years on this kid. I don't think it would work out. Personally I think he should snub both girls and choose his buddy Murtagh (who looks alarmingly like Robert Pattinson), but I'm not that lucky. They'll have to have a secret affair. I don't feel like reading my other books now, I feel like continuing this series... which is weird, because I usually get sick of a series after one book and have to leapfrog. Maybe I liked this book more than I think I did. I guess I don't usually finish a five hundred page book unless I have some interest. I MUST find out what happens to Murtagh. I don't much care for Paolini's descriptions of his female characters. There's only one who he doesn't keep reminding us is Aphrodite's twin, and I think that one's based on his sister. Well, two, but the other one's a dragon so she doesn't count. She's blue, that's about all I know. I will give the next book a try. But if the Evil King Galbatorix turns out to be Eragon's father, I will never read another book again.  

When I'm reading Eragon is played by Daniel Radcliffe. And you may have heard Murtagh is Robert Pattinson. Yay! Pretty!
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I'm reading Eragon. It's not too bad. The author's definitely read Dune, though. I can tell you that. I could write an essay on the similarities. But it's okay. The best ones are those who steal from everybody else. The ones who get everything from the stuff they dreamed last night, well, they just plain suck. YA Fantasy is where all the real talent is.


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