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Russell T. Davies, what the hell?

Poor Sara

May. 18th, 2007 01:51 pm
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Ooh, CSI is getting more evil every year. If it was a character I cared about whose life was undetermined, I might be upset. As it stands, I just found it hilarious.

I almost got caught up with Lost, but then decided I'd had enough of them threatening to kill Charlie. It's not worth it. Enough of my favorites have bought the farm this year, so I thought I'd just quit while I was ahead. Goodbye, Jack, Desmond, Sawyer, Sayid, Jin, Sun, Claire, and all you other castaways. And goodbye Charlie, whether you make it or not. For once I'd prefer not to know.

I'm sick again. I blame school.
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Oh, the Lost season finale. Where to start? All this mysteriousness was a whole lot of fun at first, but now it's starting to get on my nerves. I've been checking out the websites in the fake Hanso Foundation (and it is fake, no matter what you saw on Jimmy Kimmell) commercials and it at least has given me some idea of what is going on. Vaguely. One weird thing though: one of the guys who's high up in the company looks a hell of a lot like Jack's dad. The name is different, but names can be changed. The company is partly bio stuff, and Jack's dad was a doc too. And he wasn't in his coffin, as I recall. Hmm. Very interesting. Well, at least now we know how and why the plane crashed. Good one, Desmond. I really hope he's okay, but he's probably not. Damn, and he was cute too. I also know that much of this stuff has to do with bio-engineering and such!

Check out the websites for yourself: (find 108 degrees, and when prompted, type Y - you get more stuff that way, but most of it's forbidden access - ahanso and pthompso work)

Then there's this Dharma Initiative thing. On a whim, I looked up "dharma" in my dictionary, and this is what it says:
"The eternal law of the Hindu cosmos, inherent in the very nature of things, upheld (but neither created nor controlled) by the gods. The concept is both descriptive and prescriptive: what is and should be. In the context of individual action, it denotes the social rules codified in the lawbooks (e.g. The Laws of Manu); in Buddhism, it is the true doctrine as preached by the Buddha; in Jainism, it is both virtue and a fundamental substance, the medium of motion."
Chew on that.

I want Jack and Sawyer back. Perhaps Sayid will rescue them... whatever happened to him anyway?


May. 23rd, 2006 10:25 pm
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What's with the House season finale not ending like that? I thought they only did cross-season cliffhangers on sci-fi shows. I have so got to have a TV in my dorm this fall. I hope my roommate and I have similar tastes in shows. I know that everything comes out on DVD these days but it is oh so much more exciting to watch a show when it's ON.

Vash + Wolfwood. Oh yes.


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