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It'd be fun to mesh the mythologies of Stargate and X-Files and have the Asgard be actually kind of evil and playing nice with SG-1 while planning to take over the world one day. It'd have to be AU, of course, if only for the fact that they're all dead as doornails.

Stop it, self! I don't need any more plotbunnies!
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Going to try some Stargate Universe again, because I'm feeling game and I desire some Peter Kelamis.
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Seems like the stargates are the one and only thing the Ancients ever got to work without a hitch (barring solar flares, broken DHDs, black holes, power surges, and other whatnot). They don't explode randomly, create time loops, get you stuck in someone else's body, create nitro glycerin tumors, or spit anyone out in the wrong order like that poor Vulcan bastard from the first Star Trek movie, and unless the DHD done broke, they never EVER seem to run out of power. Just remember not to stand in front of it, and it won't directly kill you.
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I'm bored, snarky, and entering the silly phase of not having had enough sleep last night. So I felt it was time for some quirky summaries.


Sporkers, to the Batmobile! )


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I don't know what "Shataha kreeohmel Goa'uld" means, but this is my theory:

"Gentlemen! Behold!"


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Watching SG-1 again, I now remember why slashing Jack and Daniel was so damn easy.
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Hee, A-Team. I am all over the Face/Murdock.

It's my slowest SG-1 marathon ever! 5 episodes every two weeks or so. At this rate, I'll be finished in about a year and a half.

I will watch Chuck sometime this week.
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I feel like watching SG-1 again.
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That's it. I'm all out of SG-1. Daniel got shot a lot.

Zat blasts: 11
Staff blasts: 5
Other: 9

He's been shot by every member of his team at least once (though not necessarily when they were on it).

He's been zatted a total of eleven times.
Five of those times were in season 8.

(Not to mention about six deaths.)

I'm kind of sad now because I don't know what to do for the rest of the night. It's sorta late to start making vids, seeing as I still need a shitload of footage.
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1. I noticed that in the briefing room scene of the SG-1/Atlantis crossover, the SG-1 girls were seated on either side of Sheppard. (Space pimp, indeed.)

And the boys on either side of Rodney. (...)

2. HOW DID I NOT HEAR that there was going to be another Pirates movie?

Honestly, if Orlando Bloom's not going to be in it, I don't know how interested I'll be. I should just be because it's PIRATES and pirates are universally, unquestionably awesome.
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An addition to the Stargate/X-Files list for Bruce Harwood and I CAN'T BELIEVE I NEVER NOTICED A LONE GUNMAN IN STARGATE BEFORE. WTF, BLIND MUCH?
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Here is a list of people I've seen in both X-Files and Stargate, in less-than-exact order.

Seasons 1-7

Kevin McNulty
Tom Butler
Blu Mankuma
Glynis Davies
Don S. Davis
Marshall Bell
Jason Schombing
Jay Brazeau
Robin Mossley
Peter LaCroix
Tom MacBeath
Mitch Pileggi
William B. Davis
George Touliatos
Tony Todd
Steven Williams
Paul McGillion
Teryl Rothery
Megan Leitch
Colin Cunningham
Bill Dow
Steve Bacic
Alex Diakun
Willie Garson
Thomas Kopache
Nancy Sorel
Jewel Staite
Gillian Barber
Kenneth Welsh
Robert Wisden
Amanda Tapping
Sebastian Spence
Marie Stillin
Chris Owens
Hiro Kanagawa
Michael Puttonen
Jay Acovone
Barry Levy
Gerard Plunkett
Peter Williams
Peter Kelamis
Brent Stait
Peter Stebbings
Ellie Harvie
Brian Markinson
Brad Lowe (? can't read own writing)
David Lewis
Roger R. Cross
Hrothgar Matthews
Tobin Bell
Tony Amendola

Also John Deihl from the original Stargate movie. I couldn't decide if he counted or not.

I remember Robert Patrick, Adam Baldwin, and Matthew Glave from seasons 8-9.

These are just the people I recognized.
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I may have to go through SG-1 again, because Daniel can't have only been zatted four times before season eight (in which he was zatted at least five). The first half or so of the show is so weird and fuzzy now.

Besides which, I've missed those guys. I need my Daniel fix like woah. And it's not like I have anything more important to do. If I do have a proper marathon (every episode) I can knit during the boring ones.
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I nicked copied a list of prompts from the 100 Fics LJ, so in theory I should start generating ideas for shortish things. I just need to stop bouncing around fandoms, because that's not helping my concentration any.

Tin Man, by the way, comes out on DVD on March 11, the same day as Stargate: Ark of Truth. Guess what I'll be watching for spring break.

Today I finished my third Firefly video, everything except for the polishing. I now have a craving to watch the series again. Unfortunately, I left everything at school except for the movie. I've also developed a sudden onset of strong affection for Jayne Cobb.

Usually I can knit a hat in a day or two, but this bitch of a cable/bobble hat is trying my patience.
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Long story short, the Paxil isn't working so well this time around, and I've hardly slept in two days. The turkey sandwiches were quite up to expectations. I'm going home for winter break in nine days and I plan to do lots of knitting and make some more videos. The only one of my shows that will be airing next term will be, luckily, my absolute favorite. I'm getting Stargate season 10 for Christmas (woot!).

I'm getting my appetite back, which hopefully means the meds have mostly left my system and I can get some goddamn sleep tonight.
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And on the sixth day, we said 'Let there be a Stargate-a-thon'.

And it was good.

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Nov. 3rd, 2007 10:14 pm
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Good news bad news about the Inheritance Trilogy. The good news is the third book is coming out September 08 (!). Bad news is it's no longer a trilogy. I have to wait for a whole 'nother book. Damn it all.

I, on the other hand, have been writing nothing. Except papers.

Last night I got the new Stargate magazine, a GRE prep book, and played Guitar Hero III. And, of course, watched Atlantis, which was again awesome. It seems that now that there's only one show the producers/writers/directors are giving it their all. There had damn well better be a fifth season, because it's too freaking good this year for them to cancel it.
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I really have no color sense, so it took me a long time to come up with this scheme. I like it, and I'm thinking I'll keep it for fall and change it back to blue for the winter.

SPEAKING OF FALL: It is my favorite season of the year, and since I started school in Eugene I don't get to enjoy the full effects at home like I used to. There's no smell of apples, somebody keeps blowing the leaves off the sidewalks (and I really wish they wouldn't; leaf imprint patterns look so cool later), and I'm usually too busy to notice how fall it is anyway. And really, it's a city, albeit a small one, and seasons are different in cities. While I do like having everything I need within the range of a brisk walk or a bus trip, I don't think I'll live in a city again when I finish school (whenever that may be). I like the peace and the quiet and the fresh air of the country too much. I'll deal with the isolation and how creepy it gets at night. I've been doing that all my life.

It looks like I'm coming up on watching Doctor Who S2 for the second time in as many weeks (although probably this time with the commentary tracks on). Jessica really wants to see Atlantis when we get back and I'm only too happy to oblige. As soon as we finish that (as well as the final two episodes of Firefly) I'm getting her addicted to the Doctor.

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Woke up with two extremely puffy eyes because they were itching last night like nobody's business. It's sad when a cold washcloth works better than prescription eyedrops.

I FINALLY saw the last episode ever of SG-1. On YouTube. Of all places. It was strange, but good. Can't wait for the movies.

I'm reading ElfQuest again because it's been a while.

I really, really need to write something. My muse is crying.
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...sort of. I still needs tassels, but I ran out of yarn. And I think I gave myself tendonitis.
I finished at three in the morning. Why do I finish everything at three in the morning?

Because of a VCR malfunction, I have not yet seen the VERYLAST/FINAL/ULTIMATE EPISODE OF SG-1. And strangely I'm not as upset about that as I think I ought to be. I'm a little more miffed that Atlantis isn't coming back until September. And seriously, season 10 comes out on DVD in like less than a month. I'm also madder about the state Doctor Who left me in after seeing last Saturday's episode.

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