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1. Screw it. I'm test-driving a new style (and after all that redecorating I did). I have to change my icons every three months or so, but I can keep the same blog style for a year and a half. Go figure. (And, hell, it's not like anybody ever VISITS this thing anyway.)

2. I have recently, and quite suddenly, started to come to terms with the world. I don't like it any more than I did, really, but it sort of sunk in that humanity really hasn't changed in the last few thousand years or so, and won't, in all likelihood, any time soon. Not unless some major event happens from an outside force. Maybe not even then; we're an obstinate lot, humans. I think I'd like to do a video someday of stuff that's happened in the last hundred/thousand years or so, and call it The World.

3. I'll have HOMEWORK in nine days. Gah.

4. With any luck my brain will start working again soon.

5. I'm freaking cold these days, and I forgot how to sleep.

(Atlantis starts, like, two weeks from yesterday. I think.)

gratuitous poetryspam

The Death of Allegory

I am wondering what became of all those tall abstractions
that used to pose, robed and statuesque, in paintings
and parade about on the pages of the Renaissance
displaying their capital leters like license plates.

Truth cantering on a powerful horse,
Chastity, eyes downcast, fluttering with veils.
Each one was marble come to life, a thought in a coat,
Courtesy bowing with one hand always extended,

Villainy sharpening an instrument behind a wall,
Reason with her crown and Constancy alert behind a helm.
They are all retired now, consigned to a Florida for tropes.
Justice is there standing by an open refrigerator.

Valor lies in bed listening to the rain.
Even Death has nothing to do but mend his cloak and hood,
and all their props are locked away in a warehouse,
hourglasses, globes, blindfolds, and shackles.

Even if you called them back, there are no places left
for them to go, no Garden of Mirth or Bower of Bliss.
The Valley of Forgiveness is lined with condominiums
and chain saws are howling in the Forest of Despair.

Here on the table near the window is a vase of peonies
and next to it black binoculars and a money clip,
exactly the kind of thing we now prefer,
objects that sit quietly on a line in lower case,

themselves and nothing more, a wheelbarrow,
an empty mailbox, a razor blade resting in a glass ashtray.
As for the others, the great ideas on horseback
and the long-haired virtues in embroidered gowns,

it looks as though they have traveled down
that road you see on the final page of storybooks,
the one that winds up a green hillside and disappears
into an unseen valley where everyone must be fast asleep.

-Billy Collins
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FYI, my Firefly/Serenity video kicks some gorram ass. I've watched the series and the movie again, because I missed them a lot. I wish like hell there was more. My favorite character changed - not like I really had a definitely favorite, but Wash was pretty close, but then he and Simon duked it out and Simon won. But hell, he's still alive, so he's already got a leg up. And I always did like Simon.

I saw a preview online for the next Pirates movie, and I nearly died. I want May to come so bad it hurts. Then, of course, is July, with the Order of the Phoenix movie and THE LAST FREAKING HARRY POTTER BOOK. Summer is going to rock so hard.

I've started where I left off in the New Jedi Order, I think. It just sort of happened. Fine time too, when I won't have time to read for the next eleven weeks.

I, by the way, have pants that fit and new blue shoes that are bouncy so I can do swordfighting class and not get blisters or trip over my feet.

Two and a half gorram weeks until Stargate and you have no idea how excited I am.
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Classes are finally OVER. I have three final exams and a paper due on Monday, and I work Tuesday morning and then I go home. I'm signed up for 18 credits next term and I might get to add Old Norse *squee!* and I really hope my brain doesn't cave in from the stress. In four days I get to see my parents, my cats, my dog, and hopefully some of my friends. I'll get to lay around at home and make fanvids and knit and watch movies with my mom. I only resent that spring break is so damn short. I'm bringing back my bike, my teapot, and probably even more movies. Waiting for me at home are Stargate Atlantis season 2 and Escape from Mars.


Well, if I wasn't there for the beginning, at least I can be there for the end.
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As if being under a mountain of homework wasn't bad enough, now I've caught a nasty chest cold that's wiping me out. Usually I get head colds, but instead of constantly blowing my nose, I'm coughing up phlegm and my head spins when I move it too much.

I've got a ten-page paper due next week that I haven't really started yet on a thousand-year-old poem in a dead language. I figure I'll just analyze the hell out of it, and since nobody really knows what it means, I can say whatever I want as long as I can back it up with text. I'm not too worried about it. I'm staying home from classes tomorrow, partly because I need the time to do homework, and partly because I might pass out if I get any worse than I was today. I'll be spending Saturday morning filming our German rip-off of Iron Chef, so I'll need my strength for that.

Jessica and I are going to be roomates next year! Seriously, she's the one person I know here I could live with, and she needs to be in a double for cost reasons or else get an apartment. She'll be the only one of my friends still here next year, and I want to stay in the dorms. So we'll be roomies. We're going to try our damndest to get our own bathroom. We've been watching Stargate SG-1 for half the term, because she hasn't seen it. Last week we finished season 5. Woot! If only we had time to do six before the break. But homework came to bite us in the ass. She has the same ten-page that I do 'cause we're both in Old English.

It turns out that I'm astoundingly behind on my upper-division credts, moreso than I thought. I'll have to take two terms of 17 credits and two of 21 to graduate next year. Which means I'll be up to my ass in homework for more than a year and probably have to take some time off before grad school. I really don't want to spend another year getting my bachelor's degree, partly because living here costs so much. Next term I have lined up Old English III (Beowulf!), Dante in Translation, German 103, Late Middle Ages History, and Italian Longsword (which I'm really excited about). I also want to take an Ancient Maya class because 1) four upper-div credits 2) it's at a time that works for me 3) three of my friends are taking it. It might be full by the time I get to sign up, but I'll go the first day and wait for somebody to drop it. That class will put me at 22 credits. Let's hope my brian doesn't explode. That's nine credits more than what I'm barely surviving now, but most of that is due to the amount of time spent slacking off with friends and watching Stargate.

Speaking of Stargate, I saw the promos for the second half of the season of both shows last night, and I am excited to DEATH about them. Episodes return in five weeks!!!
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I'm dyeing my hair tomorrow. I semipromise pictures.

On Wednesday we went to Borders and the liquor store, and I have Stargate Atlantis season 1 and Duggan's Irish Creme. I've tried quite a few different alcohols this week, but I have yet to be drunk. Which is good. I have discovered that a drink or two in the evening makes me fall asleep faster and I've been resting quite well this weekend. I have also discovered that Parrot Bay rum with pineapple is quite good in Wild Cherry Pepsi.

Yesterday we went to Valley River Center, and I got JEANS! and a new belt and a coat that was on sale. The jeans need stretching out, but they look awesome and jeans from Buckle fit better than any I've found anywhere else, even if they are more expensive than they have any right to be. I didn't buy anything at Hot Topic and I'm proud of myself for that. We also went to Torrid, which is really hot fashions for plus sizes because a couple of my friends fit into and love their stuff. I love that stuff, too. I'm a little sad that I don't fit in any of it.

Tonight we had dinner at Applebee's, and my steak was yummy and Sobe Adrenaline Rush with orange vodka is not bad. It was very hot and stuffy in the restaurant, though, and by the time we left I was starting to get a headache. I now have fun new products for my hair, and dye that I decided to buy in a rare fit of spontanaety. Mom will be surprised next weekend when she comes to visit.

Jessica and I are making our way through Stargate SG-1. She wants to see every episode, and who am I to suggest otherwise? I found out today, however, that SHE HAS NOT SEEN THE MOVIE! If I had known this, I would have had her watch that first, as it's kind of important. We'll have to watch it later. I like going through the whole series again, and it's fun to watch it with someone other than myself for a change.  Usually I have to force people to watch with me. It's eight weeks, by the way, until new episodes start up again. I am so uber-excited.

I've been on city buses more times in the past two weeks than EVER IN MY ENTIRE LIFE.
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The midnight showing was so much fun and the movie was absolutely amazing and I am very tired today. I must remember next time to get there more than half an hour early if we want decent seats (we were second row from the front). I look forward to seeing that movie again, and they'd better come out with the next one real fast.

One week till Stargate!
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Today is my last day at work! WOOHOO! I have to celebrate. I sort of like the idea of staying up all night with a bottle of Jolt.

I'm too damn lazy to go down to the pharmacy today and fill my Zyrtec prescription. I really hate doing that. This means I'll be sans allergy meds for the weekend, but I've already been clean for several days so it should be bearable. Maybe I'll wait until my mom gets back from grandma's and beg her to do it.

Two weeks till Stargate!

I have a good feeling about today.
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Four workdays left and three weeks till Stargate!
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There are fifteen days left in this month and I work ten of them. I hope for everybody's sake they go by fast. I'm sure as hell not working for anybody else for the rest of the month. I think one ot them tried to ask me to the other day, but I wasn't able to call her back and I would have said no anyway. These last two weeks are going to go so slowly. I need to be done with this job.

I always have trouble reading Order of the Phoenix because there's so much anger in that book. Parts of it remind me of how caged I felt in school, and I just want to reach into the book and throttle that horrible teacher. She is possibly my least favorite character in the entire series, and that includes Voldemort and Snape. People only like Snape because he's played by Alan Rickman in the movies. In just the books, he's a right bastard and he often pisses me off. But I still don't believe he's evil. Even with that thing he did.

Four weeks till Stargate.
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Umm ... five weeks till Stargate.
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I may end up having to do this month's work schedule myself because whoever usually does it didn't. Jess must have been awfully busy on Tuesday what with the seven people who showed up. Somebody had enough spare time to doodle on it, but not to decide who works which days. Somebody better be available tonight or, better yet, come in expecting to work. Yesterday I came in even though I wasn't sure I was working (I needed toothpaste and dental floss anyway, so it wouldn't have been a complete waste of a gallon). It sure doesn't help that three out of the five of us who work there are taking vacations this month. Most of them have the balls to ask me to work for them when they can't get their schedules straight. I'm not even going to get started on the amount of draws most of them take. These people are irresponsible at the best of times.

This is not the best of times.

I just might be leaving at the worst possible time for the theater, especially as a projectionist. I really don't care anymore. I've had it up to here and more.

Stargate in six weeks. 
Tranquility in four.
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Of course, the one time I work all weekend, the hours are longer than they've been in a month. Tell me if that's fair. Five more weeks until I'm out of that place for good.

7 weeks till Stargate. I need sunshine.
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I don't have to work today and I'm so happy.

I liked last year's CSI finale better. The last scene was just disturbing.

I cannot decide on a name for a particular character and it's driving me bonkers.

(Stargate in 8 weeks)


May. 12th, 2006 11:37 am
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I stayed up most of the night finishing Eldest. By the time I got to bed, my mother was already up. The book was just so damn exciting I couldn't put it down until after five in the morning. And I was right about everything. I really, really wish I wasn't. Of all the times to be right about plot twists, it had to be this one. Damn. However, since the story seems to be following a loosely Star Wars pattern (hero journey mostly, but some more specific things as well), I have something of a hope that the character can be saved... or maybe he'll just die saving Eragon. Not what I'd hope for, but it would be some angsty tragedy. There are now male characters who have been described with as much gusto as the females in the previous book, including the main character, who underwent a sort of involuntary magical transformation. I believe the word the author used was "beautiful." The writing style still needs a little polish at times, but he's gotten much better since the opening of Eragon. And even though he was still fawning after that elf, she made it quite clear -- several times -- that she wasn't interested. And the other girl hugged him after the battle. Also, I don't think I've ever read a book where a shipload of angry peasants arrived just in time to swing the outcome of the battle in favor of the good guys. Wizards, yes. The main character's entire hometown... not until last night.

I am now eagerly awaiting the last books of two different series, and Eragon and Eldest have earned a place on the dresser with my absolute favorite books, which are all achievements in storytelling far beyond the normal. And perhaps best of all, reading them has renewed my desire to work on my own stories that have been neglected. I couldn't ask for better gifts from a book than an enjoyable read and inspiration. I know it takes a lot from a book to please me. Christopher Paolini, you have done well. Now finish that last book.

Favorite lines:

'Eragon surreptitiously watched the elf, curious to see what he looked like without his clolhes.'

"Barges! We don't want no stinking barges!"

(Nine weeks until new Stargate)
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I am so damn tired today and I don't know why. I was sure that tea had caffeine in it. Writing is not easy when all you can do is stare at the page and drool.

Mission: Impossible 3 comes out today and I desire to see it. Tom Cruise may have flown over the cuckoo's nest but he's still a "hot sexy bitch" to quote a friend. I don't care if he declares himself the scientologist pope, as long as he looks that good I will still watch his movies.

And the countdown begins: ten more weeks until new Stargate seasons. Yippee!


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