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I've been cruising the LOTR section of the pit lately because there's lots of good sporking material there, and it's largely because of the inordinate number of marysues in the fandom. But then I had a thought: wouldn't it be delightfully mad to have some crazed psychopathic teenage girl stalk the Fellowship and murder them one by one in their sleep?


Oct. 5th, 2008 02:22 pm
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The Goosebumps ad on Cartoon Network starts out "IF YOUR NOT AFRAID OF THE WOODS..."


Seriously, how difficult a concept is you're/your? It's really not rocket science. And before you but something ON PUBLIC TV, you may want to get an editor who knows how to spell.
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I want to write so bad, but my concentration is shot and every story I ponder I'm either not in the mood to work on or seems too big a project to take on at this point, considering I have so little free time left. I kind of want to do Doctor Who, but I don't even know where to start. I suppose, if I really can't come up with anything, I could always do what I'd want out of the Christmas special. Hyeah. Like I'll ever get around to that.

I'd be reading fanfic, but everything seems to suck these days, or I'm just not having any luck finding the good stuff. Everybody on ff.n is retarded. I figured out English grammar by the time I was nine without being taught. If it's really that difficult, I must be a genius.
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I need to stop going to the library with only my German homework, because the basic stuff takes about five minutes and it's kind of embarrassing to only stay there for that long. I don't like to drag all my books around because my backpack is heavy enough with all the German crap I have to take to class every day. Maybe after I gain some muscle from all the walking I can start carrying my computer. And after my parents bring the futon thing I can start sleeping normally again. Let's hope. I wish I could sleep on the couch in the library CPS staff break room.

I think I'm turning pseudo-vegetarian. WTF? Do NOT ask me how this happened. It wasn't really a conscious choice; I'm just not as into meat as I used to be. I think I've eaten meat once in the week since I've been here, and at that meal there really wasn't a lot of variety. Tonight I tried a couple of vegetarian nuggets, and they weren't bad. I don't know. I often go through phases with food, maybe this is one of them.

I'm starting to remember some of the frustrations I'd forgotten about when learning new languages. Namely the other people in the class who just don't get it. People who don't even try to pronounce the words they way they should be pronounced. People who can't read a word on the board that to me is painfully simple. I know I have a tendency to be arrogant about that sort of thing. But god, sometimes I wish I could study one-on-one. At least there don't seem to be any characters in my classes who monopolize the instructor's time (and mine!) by asking ten thousand questions about everything. Today in Old English we learned how to say "snot." I'm going to enjoy that class.

One of the British guys lives three doors down from me. 

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My dad has an old handheld scanner that I thought I might be able to use to scan my drawings easier. There turned out to be two problems: 1) the software seems to have left this world, and 2) it won't plug into my computer without an adapter. It also might not be wide enough to get all of some drawings. I guess I'll just have to put up with the grey stripe as long as I'm drawing in a book. Yesterday I drew Angela Basset and I used so much graphite on her hair I hit it with a fixative as soon as I was finished ... I think I may have used a little too much. I only use the stuff when I have a really super-graphited drawing because it's possibly carcinogenic (at least in California) and the lighter drawings don't smudge against the opposite page so there's no need to spray them.

Sam comes home in one week and his plane is supposed to get in sometime around 8 in the morning (we think), which means I'll be getting up in the neighborhood of oh-god-thirty. He's also demanding that we take him to Chipotle's as soon as humanly possible. I can't imagine he's had a decent burrito in about ten months. And I will be surprised if we aren't having pizza for dinner that night. I hope the shirt I got fits him.

One of the reasons I was so keen to see the midnight showing of PotC is that as late as it is, it's unlikely there will be many small children there. I'm guessing much of the audience will be people around my age, who can stay up that late. And hopefully this trip to the theater won't involve the people in the row behind us putting their feet on the seats and acting stupid. There was a group several rows behind us who, by the sound of their conversation, I would definitely get along with (they sounded like fellow geeks). I would rather have sat in front of them. (Or joined them.) Anyway, I hope there are lots of people there. Movies are fun with a full audience.
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The other projectionist quit with no warning and eight days left on her schedule. Inconsiderate bitch. I hope her new job sucks.


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