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I had never noticed before that the royal tomb in Tin Man looked like just a door... and could only be seen when viewed straight on... and it's bigger on the inside.
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One of these days, I will get past the first line of Scarecrow.
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I seriously need to just sit still and start writing this damn fic.
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I've had to retrain myself to write short things on the fly with little to no planning, because I'm not used to doing that. But as I'm horrendously out of practice writing at any length, I feel I need to start small.

how long?

Nov. 28th, 2008 11:58 pm
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Holy Hannah. I remember writing those few paragraphs of Tinfic, but I seem to have written them in April. April. No wonder I want to get the damn thing started so bad.
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Actual progress in the planning of my Tinfic. I might actually be able to start writing it relatively soon. I wish I didn't have two papers to write next week. And all that reading to do...

Yes, it will be Cain/Glitch (as long as I don't manage to screw it up).


Nov. 26th, 2008 02:36 pm
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Good god. This Tin Man fic I'm reading started out all right, even if the melodrama was a bit heavy, but now the OCs have too much to do, and the three horses that can suddenly talk are--I'm sure--the voices of the fic's three authors. Which is just not cool. And even if they weren't, the idea is so ridiculously Disney that it hurts. The thing is, I'm already a hundred and fifty pages in, so I don't want to call it quits in case something exciting finally happens.

Related note: The Wizard of Oz is SO much more fun with older (slashgoggle-wearing) eyes.
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I have got to be the first person ever to do a Tin Man vid to Green Day's Homecoming.

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Tin Man vs. Iron Man

Um, yeah... you might think Iron Man hands down, but remember that Wyatt Cain was beat up, shot, crashed through a window, then fell a hundred feet through a sheet of ice into freezing water... and survived.


Jun. 25th, 2008 01:20 am
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Well, I finished a Tin Man vid, just not one of the ones I've been working on the last few days. Funny how that happens sometimes.

I'm finally starting to put my stuff on YouTube. The most annoying thing is that the picture seems to be a hair ahead of the sound. That's going to be harsh when I upload the really precisely-timed ones.


Apr. 24th, 2008 08:37 pm
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I know it's time for a vacation when I try to wash my hair with face soap. (I have Glitch's half-brain.) My MP3 player decided to move to Kaputtsville. I'm in my second Tin Man phase, and I'm desperately wanting to write fanfiction. I's excited as hell about Iron Man, Prince Caspian, and Indiana Jones.

I like watching Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader because it makes me feel like a damn genius.

None of my friends write in their journals anymore!!!
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I nicked copied a list of prompts from the 100 Fics LJ, so in theory I should start generating ideas for shortish things. I just need to stop bouncing around fandoms, because that's not helping my concentration any.

Tin Man, by the way, comes out on DVD on March 11, the same day as Stargate: Ark of Truth. Guess what I'll be watching for spring break.

Today I finished my third Firefly video, everything except for the polishing. I now have a craving to watch the series again. Unfortunately, I left everything at school except for the movie. I've also developed a sudden onset of strong affection for Jayne Cobb.

Usually I can knit a hat in a day or two, but this bitch of a cable/bobble hat is trying my patience.
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So, Neal McDonough, who I have liked for a few years now, played Tin Man. So I got to see a lot of him earlier this week. Last night I watched Ravenous, which he is also in, because I love that movie and it's always fun to see him standing waist-deep in icewater screaming his lungs out. Today I rented The Guardian, because I was told it was good, I'm becoming an Ashton Kutcher fan, and I was in the mood for it.

I totally forgot Neal McDonough was in it.

I still have Timeline and Minority Report. Might as well make it a thoroughly McDonoughlicious week.

I'd be watching Alan Cumming movies, except I don't have any. : (

Also, I'm reading Wizard of Oz, and I don't know why it took me so long.
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Alright! Come on, people! I want to see the Cain/Glitch slash already!

I am sad that Tin Man is over. Now when's the DVD come out?

Going home on THURSDAY.
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That is all.


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