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On a huge vidding streak, apparently. I guess I'm making up for last year, when I finished seven vids, and three of those were in November. So far this year I've made eight. Seven of those were in the last two weeks. At least I'm being artistically productive?
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Everclear's "All Fucked Up" would be awesome for a Farscape/John Crichton vid. Curse my lack of footage!

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I've finished 40 music videos in the last three and a half years. And I've made almost half of them in the last year.
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FINALLY getting around to getting vid-worthy clips from the last two seasons of Atlantis. If only my stupid batteries would keep up. >:(
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Good News, Everyone!

After taking a bit of a break from the multi-fandom Gimme Shelter vid (during which I made five other videos), I find I like it much better than I remember. It might just get finished after all!

Also, I intend to get the first season of Fringe when I get paid next, as it's damn cheap on the innernets and my loans are paid up until May. Fringe vids on the horizon? Perhaps. :)
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1. The weather is stellar

2. I made an awesome Serenity vid

3. I have Girl Scout cookies.
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At first it was just a Dune vid to Gimme Shelter. Then it dawned on humble self that I might not have enough good clips to make a rockin' video, and added Star Wars and Serenity.

It must have been the song, because very little fun was to be had making it.

I looked at some different songs, and a few were promising. But now I just want to say "screw it all" and make another Firefly vid, except I'm not happy about not getting all of Serenity (or the series) last time I went clip-hunting and might have to at least do the movie again.

And on top of it all, my sinuses don't feel well at all.

This sucks. >:(

ach gai

Feb. 18th, 2010 11:58 pm
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2. Remember where the GOOD SHOTS are
3. Finish LATER

OMG. Making a five minute vid from a three hour movie should not be this difficult.
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I finally get stocked up on Doctor Who clips, and I can't freakin' decide what song to do.

I finally choose a song, and it turns out to be the hardest. Song. Ever.

Being scatterbrained about my hours worth of footage probably doesn't help.
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Today I made one hell of a badass dancing-ish video. Pity the song wasn't my idea... it belonged to an even more badass dancing-ish video that I absolutely loved. The song and cutting were so awesome I wanted to make my own with the dancing footage that's been lying around on the hard drive for a year and a half. TOTALLY surpasses my last dancing vid.
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Finally made a Doctor Who video where PEOPLE ACTUALLY SMILE.

[going to watch Ten now]
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I love making videos.

I don't love the drop in my blood sugar when I forget to eat.
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I didn't expect to be making another ReBoot video. (Hell, it was almost a fluke I made the first one.) It's too bad I'm on Benadryll or I'd be enjoying it more.

mixed bag

Apr. 25th, 2009 08:24 pm
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The Bad News: I have to tape more footage for my new ReBoot video. That means dragging the VCR down from upstairs, because it's on tape.
The Goood News: I has Torchwood! Woot!

And I only wish the Julian Sands marathon could have been a little longer.

I saw a fire truck and a medic unit today. I feel lucky.
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I haven't been this frustrated with making a video since I did Dune.
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I really like my Army of Darkness video, but Sam Raimi's cinematography kind of makes my head spin. I'll probably need to watch the whole series tonight.
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I take back whatever I may have said in the past about the old Star Wars trilogy having poor cinematography, because I just finished a fairly wicked video.

Also I have footage for my Evil Dead one now. Hail to the king baby!
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I have got to be the first person ever to do a Tin Man vid to Green Day's Homecoming.



Jun. 25th, 2008 01:20 am
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Well, I finished a Tin Man vid, just not one of the ones I've been working on the last few days. Funny how that happens sometimes.

I'm finally starting to put my stuff on YouTube. The most annoying thing is that the picture seems to be a hair ahead of the sound. That's going to be harsh when I upload the really precisely-timed ones.
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Watched a lot of Clasic Who, attached myself to the Fifth Doctor. And I love Four and Eight too. And Jamie, because I've got a kilt fetish. And a Scot fetish. And he was just so damn cute. I'm going to have to like, Netflix a bunch of that stuff this summer. And redo my scarf so I can actually wear it.

I've been ITCHING to make vids. And to write Who fic, because there's nothing good online.

I am so ready for this term to be over.


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