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[Error: unknown template qotd]Either Bubble Bobble or Tetris. Or that one we had on 5" floppy where we fired cannons at each other's castles.
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Midterms are over! Okay, so I only had one, but it wasn't a complete breeze. It was also at 9 am. So I got up at 7 to study, and went back to bed at 7:30. On the bright side, it was the only school-related thing I had to do today. A nice, early end to a very interesting week.

Last weekend, video games. Mostly Mario Kart; I suck at driving, partly because it goes much faster than the old Super Nes game, but I'm pretty good at sitting on the back and throwing shit at people when somebody else is driving. Seriously, I tried Rainbow Road and I fell off about twenty times. And always in the same places on DK Mountain (the damned bridge!) and Bowser's Castle. I really can't get the hang of turning. And also we were at first playing three people on a 13 inch screen, and I had the hyper-sensitive controller, and it just made for a lot of losing on my part. But anyway: it was fun. Jessica also has the old Sonic games which I used to play all the time when I had a Sega (back in the day).

The first part of Monday was lame, all my classes were a waste of time. In history we had discussion gorups, which are useless because the students don't really know anything. And even if they did, I am not in the mood to talk to people at nine in the morning. Especially on a Monday. In Longsword we had a sub, and in German we had a sub, and learned nothing new. Work was about the usual (note to self: if working at the library next year, break up shift). Michael Shanks was bizarro on 24 (and is returning to Stargate tonight after three weeks, so excuse me if I bounce off the walls), and I missed everything he said in his first scene because I was trying not to laugh my ass off. Jessica had the same problem. It's a little weird when you see somebody playing the same character for so long, a nice character, and then see him play an evil sneaky bastard. It was interesting. It's just like James Spader: the first time I saw either of them, they were playing this awesome, sweet character (the same one, actually!) and later I discover they can be downright creepy when they want to.

Wednesday, I skipped class. I woke up with my alarm at 8, and decided the hell with it. Nothing important was going on in classes, and I was just too damn tired to get out of bed. I think that part of that may have had something to do with my allergy medicine, because I ran out of the good stuff and have been forced to take Zyrtec, which makes me drowsy. But in any case, I took the day off, slept for three more hours, and spent the day doing homework. I spent yesterday afternoon and evening watching a hell of a lot of Voyager on the internet.

Stargate is tonight! and Daniel is back! and I can't remember what the hell is going on in Atlantis, because I never do. I have homework to do this weekend and I'm not happy about it.
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I recently woke up from a NAP. That's how tired I am. The day has now been split in two because I'm not accustomed to sleeping in the middle of it.

Hez, you were in my dream last night, I'm not sure why. It was nothing bad. You were just there.

It's been busy as hell. I have more homework than I need, and I spend more time wih my friends than I should in order to get it all done. Last Saturday we went and saw Blood and Chocolate, which was awesome. Not your average werewolf story, and I really like how they did the wolves. They used real wolves! Also, there was an adorable male lead who got whumped on a lot. I really liked the movie. I might get myself a copy when it comes out.

I've been having fun with Sims, even though I haven't played in two days, partly because I've been as mentioned busy and partly because it crashed my computer on Sunday night. When I see the words "the system has recovered from a serious error," I start to get all twitchy. Anyway, I made the Stargate gang and the Potter family, as well as a few other. I really like making families. And Jessica taught me the money cheat, so I can make the houses as nice as I like.

House sucked last night. Sorry, Hez, but it wasn't a proper House episode. It was much more fun watching Hugh Laurie win the Golden Globe and SAG awards.

CSI these days! I am much enjoying Liev Schreiber being on the show and I think we should keep him. They need some new blood anyway. And now Nicky's getting all emo, which I love to pieces. Now he just needs to grow his goddamn hair back. And I wish Grissom would get back so he could open that bloody box!
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THERE'S A PREGNANT GUY IN SIMS 2. Yeah, those alien babies are a bitch.

I freaking LOVE this game.
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I got Sims 2 on Wednesday :D

Week 1

Jan. 14th, 2007 03:23 pm
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Wow, it's been a week. Okay.

So I'm back at school. The night we got back we had a round of Apples to Apples with Joe's new expansion pack until about two in the morning, even though we were already exhausted, because we hadn't seen each other in a month and Apples to Apples is so much more fun on sleep deprivation anyway. The next day was the first day of classes. I dropped two, Chinese Religions and Japanese Anime, because I'm going to be busy enough this term and apparently the anime one is open to the public anyway. I don't know anybody in my German class because I had to change teachers due to a schedule conflict. The room we're in sucks, and there's barely enough space for the desks, but at least it's warm. My Humanies class is in a lecture hall and I love the class. We've only had two sessions because on Friday the teacher was iced in, and tomorrow there's no school, but the reading is interesting (for a change) and my discussion group is small and our GTF is wired on coffee that early. Old English is also fun, even though we don't have Professor Bayless anymore, and there are fewer people. We may get to go on a field trip to the Mt. Angel monastery and, if we're lucky like last year's class, might get to see the old manuscripts in the vault. I'm crossing my fingers.

On Monday it was 60+ degrees, and on Thursday it was snowing. Go figure. Jessica got snow for her birthday, but it looks like I'll get rain for mine. On Monday nights I work at the library from 3-8, so I miss dinner with my friends at Barnhart. Fortunately there's a microwave on my floor and food at Grab 'n' Go. I will not be eating Campbell's Chunky Chicken Noodle Soup again. This week it's either three-cheese rotini or Spaghetti-os. I've been practically living in a friend's room on the third floor this week, huddling under a blanket because her heat's been out and watching either whatever's on tv or her play Twilight Princess and Lufia II. I haven't worked on my scarf much lately, but I might be joining a weekly knitting circle in my hall on Wednesdays if I don't have too much homework. We're trying to corrupt Anne-Marie's new roommate Hilary with our evil ways.

Thursday was Pirate Night, which I was going to dress up and go to (they had pizza and watched POTC) but none of my friends were going so I watched Grey's Anatomy with them instead. I don't think I'd watch it by myself ever, but it's very fun with them, and it's how I met them in the first place. On Friday we started introducing Jessica to Harry Potter, and she's convinced that Dumbledore is a dirty old man. We'll finish the marathon tonight or tomorrow. Yesterday, in celebration of my and Jessica's birthdays, we ate at Sakura (ELEVEN of us), which has very yummy sushi. Areum gave me an adorable pink umbrella from Korea. Also, the heat was out for the whole building for most of the day. I was so pleased this morning when there was hot water. Today it's about 30 degrees outside.

I have a new PEBL phone, which is blue, and the number is 503 560-3352. Seriously, our family plan has more minutes than we can use in a month, and nights and weekends are apparently free. I absolutely love the thing and I take it everywhere because it's my newest toy and it's so adorable. It is my precious.

Jessica told me that she thought I looked "neat" when she first saw me and wanted to get to know me. How cool is that?! I swear the two of us share a brain or something, we're freakishly alike. Except I like bright colors and she's better at video games than me.

I've got a crapload of reading and translating homework to do, not to mention a couple of papers to start working on. I'm still reeling from the change of pace and lack of sleep, and I seem to be having trouble staying asleep after 7 am. I have no idea why.


Nov. 9th, 2006 12:51 am
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A bunch of us stayed downstairs late last night to watch the Daily Show/Colbert Report on the election, and then half-watched coverage until 1:00 hoping to see the Democrats take the Senate. Then we sort of gave up and played Final Fantasy XII.

A guy in my OE class found out I like Scandinavian metal bands and has offered to lend me some Nightwish CDs to burn over the weekend. Score! I got him into Apocalyptica. Spread the love.

I started writing this before my friends got me for dinner (around six) and I just got back from spending the rest of the evening watching tv in Jessica's room. She's a writer too (!!). I showed off my drawing book, and she showed me a website where I can watch episodes of ReBoot. OMG. I missed Lost, but I can download it tomorrow. It works out. When I watch things by myself, I can pay more attention.

Two weeks till I go home!
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I spent the better part of my Saturday watching one person or another play Final Fantasy XII and hanging out with friends from the third floor. I got very little homework done. I was in four different peoples' rooms this evening. We watched House and Bones, made tea, watched Salad Fingers and Potter Puppet Pals, ate Japanese snack food, and carried around Walter, Jessica's beanie giraffe. Jessica's room is directly above mine and she has managed to fit a hell of a lot more stuff in there. Karen's room is draped with giant batik hangings, including one that stretches to form a tent ceiling. Anne-Marie is in a double and had a lot of purple and pink. Greg's room reminded me of Sam's: clothes all over the floor and drink containers on every surface. Aside from that and a tall cactus, not much adornment. Now I really want to bring lots of stuff from home to make my room fun. I have room for a plant now, and certainly a few milk crates to keep random stuff in. I need lots of stuff for my walls to make them not ugly and white. I FINALLY used up all my weekly mealpoints, I think.

It's raining so much here the last few days to the point of where I am almost constantly damp. The heater in my room doesn't seem to work, but that's okay because I don't seem to be in here all that much and I like to sleep when it's cold. And I have lots of things to bundle up in. It will be nice to go home for winter to a room with a heater that I can control.

I sleep now.

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I'm back in the res hall and my weekend wasn't nearly long enough. Erica and I saw the Prestige on Saturday (which was pretty neat, and now I'm in a Hugh Jackman thing). I shipped a bunch of stuff back so I would only have to take one backpack down on the bus and carry it all the way back to Riley in the dark. This time I had a seat to myself the whole way! But next time I'm taking an earlier bus back.because it was dark when I arrived and I nearly missed dinner. I went downstairs to do homework, but ended up watching some of my Grey's Anatomy buddies play a strange video game where the object is to roll around and pick up as much stuff as you can into a huge ball. When I did come back upstairs to do my homework, my favorite pair of headphones broke. I patched them up with scotch tape until I can replace them. Tomorrow I have to get up early for work (blegh). Next term I want try not to have my opening shift on a Monday. I can't decide what to do next, read the book I started today or watch more Stargate. What I ought to do is go to bed.

Only five Geology labs left!


Jun. 6th, 2006 10:44 am
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Holy crap! I missed a day! How did this happen???

I've been playing Escape from Monkey Island and learning Italian (not at the same time) and I found my brother's copy of Morrowind upstairs with the Bloodmoon and Tribunal expansion packs. What with that and all the writing I should get myself to do, and the big-ass puzzle, I maybe will not get too awfully bored this summer. I hope. The last time I played Morrowind the only thing I was really good at was getting killed. I've never been a very good adventure-gamer. Tetris. I was good at Tetris.

Yesterday I wore a new shirt to work that said "Marriage is a human right, not a heterosexual privilege." I didn't get into any fights like I was sort of expecting to, and most people didn't say anything about it, but the girl at Walgreen's wanted to know where she could get one. Sweet. 
BTW, if the FMA makes it into the so-called Bill of "Rights" today, I am boycotting marriage in this country. I don't understand how people think that two men or two women getting married is going to hurt them. Like the other shirt says: if marriage is so sacred, ban divorce! And focus on your own damn family!

Last night I finally saw Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. I want that movie. Who could have thought Christopher Lee could ever play a character who wasn't bone-evil? Not me. Did anyone else get the Ed Wood joke in that movie, or was it just me?


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