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I don't trust Snape and I think he's an evil bastard.
I'm really hoping Kreacher kept that locket.
I want Draco to be a good guy.
Wormtail's going to do something useful. I just know it.
Harry/his scar is NOT a Horcrux. This isn't Dragonheart.
I'm all but certain Harry's the heir of Gryffindor or whatever. There, I said it.
And he'd better not be the Boy Who Died. Or else.

AS IF I'm going to get any sleep tonight. Or I'll have crazy book dreams. Those are always interesting.
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It took me six hours to watch King Kong today. I like that movie, and I normally like long movies, but that particular movie would be much better if it was about an hour shorter. There were too many drawn-out scenes and far too much of Naomi Watts looking sad. It also would have been a lot more fun for me if Adrien Brody had been sacrificed to Kong and Thomas Kretschmann had chased after him. I'm grinning like a loon just thinking about it. I think I'll have some fun dreaming about it tonight. Kretschmann is always saving Brody's ass. There are so many boycouples in that movie already it's not even funny (sexy, maybe). There's Carl Denham and Preston, even though it looks like they probably split up in the end, and Jimmy and Mr. Hayes, and Lumpy the cook and Choy, and if I have my say, Jack Driscoll and Captain Englehorn. And I must say that I loved Colin Hanks from the moment I saw him, even when I didn't know who he was. What a cutie! I hope to be seeing him around for a good while. I might have to rent Orange County just to watch him some more. But that would be the only reason!

I've run out of Adrien Brody movies. Maybe I'll put on Resident Evil: Apocalypse and ogle Thomas Kretschmann and Oded Fehr.
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This weather does not please me. I am very glad that it's going to get cooler. I have no air conditioning in my house, my car, or my place of work. I do, however, have a gift certificate to the ice cream shop next door to the theater and I'll be using it today if I can. I'm thinking coffee ice cream or strawberry milkshake. This kind of weather requires sunscreen, shades, sandals, and 60s music. I wish I was at the beach right now. I wish the convertible worked!

Sam's sleep schedule is going to be whacked out when he gets back. Last year he came home straight (more or less) from China and we woke him up the next day at 3pm. He was only there for a couple of weeks. This year he's been in Japan since September. And I had a hard enough time adjusting my sleep for Illinois.

My Junior Mints are MELTING! Oh the humanity!

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I finally did it! I read through all of the Harry Potter books without any hang-ups, and damned if I'll remember any more in a few months than I did two weeks ago. That's the downside of marathons like these: when you read them fast, everything blends together and by the time you get to the end you can't remember the beginning. Now I'm going to bore you all (both?) with some hopes/speculations/fears regarding Book Seven.

I had suspicions to the contrary before, but now it seems reasonably clear to me that Snape is not on our side. Previously I thought it could go either way, but was leaning toward him playing the other side and I had all sorts of crazy ideas. But reading the last book again, I really don't have high hopes for his being a good guy. I really think he serves Voldemort. Unless, of course, he's playing him in hopes of becoming the next Dark Lord himself. I wouldn't put it past him. I do think Draco's winnable. I've had this crazy desire for a while now to see him and Harry fighting side by side as allies, and I have no idea one way or another whether that will happen, but it would be cool.

There's also this Horcrux business. I am absolutely positive that one of them is (or was) at Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place, which Harry now owns. They seemed to come across it when cleaning out the place, and I can only hope that Kreacher kept it and that nobody threw it away, because that would be disastrous. The others, well, they'll be a little tougher to find. I wouldn't be surprised if one of them was at the orphanage where Voldemort was raised.

There's one more hopeful speculation I'm keeping to myself, just because I think I should.

As for the rumors people are flinging around that Harry is going to kick the bucket, I sincerely hope not. I have invested far too much emotion in many characters (as evidenced by the way I could hardly get through the end of book six because I kept crying and couldn't see the page) and would be most unhappy if any of them were to die. Aside from Harry himself, these characters include Ron, Lupin, Tonks, and all of the other Weasleys except for Percy. If Harry dies, I shall be very put out.

In other notes, What Not to Use as a Horcrux, item #1: A balloon.

Now I'll have to find something else to read.
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Things would have been so much simpler if James Potter had just turned into a stag and gored Voldemort's ass.


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