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Aaaand it looks like I'm also going to be a NaNo Rebel this year, because I want to get this whole ReBoot Alternate Timeline thing off my to-do list sometime in my life.
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This ReBoot fic is starting to get kind of weird. Not My Two Bobs weird, but definitely I've-been-watching-too-much-scifi weird. I've got a thing that's trying to be part Galactus/part Infosphere from Futurama and a guy who wants to rip a hole in virtual reality so he can find the User.

Although this is for the series that gave us Nullzilla, Megatruck, and a tankosaurus rex all in the same season. I might be overthinking this a bit.

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So, for a long time I've had two different fantasy stories on the shelf: one is a straight-up, undiluted High Fantasy drawing from Celtic, Norse, Finnish, and even a touch of Hindu mythology (we'll call this World A), and the other is more YA kid-finds-a-door-to-another-world a la Oz or Narnia (World B), and significantly more fairy tale than A.

World A is way, waaaay more fleshed-out, but I'm not in love with the characters. They're been through a dozen revamps and name changes and they're just seem to be there out of sentimentality than anything. I've run into problems with the lead character being an elf, and how does one write an elf when they're supposed to be mysterious and badass and shit (and also accidentally making the three core leads being children of various royalty, which I'm not sure I like).

World B is skeletal, but with far more interesting characters who already have the beginnings of a backstory, and fish-out-of-water scenario that helps when introducing a completely new world.

The solution? Transplant the good/usable stuff from World A into World B (plus some stuff that was originally for World C before it became steampunk). It's kind of like watching tiny galaxies collide. If only I didn't have, like 50 pages of notes to go through.
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So for NaNo I'm thinking I'll take on the old cliche-ridden fantasy draft from my late teen years and make it as awful and nonsensical as possible in an attempt to GET IT OUT OF MY LIFE once and for all.

I'm gonna purple-prose the shit out of it, too.
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I guess it's about time to start thinking about NaNoWriMo again...
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The beginning of this story is starting to piss me off. And it pisses me off more that I'm being so damn picky about it. Just write something that makes sense and doesn't make anyone scream "Get on with it!"
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I decided it wasn't too late to do Camp Nano, I picked my oldest story (kind of) and decided to make it the worst piece of Roget's Syndrome purple prose and unnecessary wish fulfillment with as much gratuitous sex and violence I could manage, wrote the opening paragraphs, and then lost 700 words of work because Microsoft Word 2003 fucking sucks.
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Chapter One rewritten AT LONG LAST. (It'll probably get a little facelift when I type it.)

Only fifteen more to go, a third of which haven't been written yet. KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON.
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Nevermind the story lab! I may indeed be crazy, but part one was planned to the max, I'm gonna see if I can wing the second half.
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It's looking very much like there's going to be an Ouroboros: Part II -- in other words, season five. It was just sort of a fancy at first, but now there's enough stuff I want to do that can't be covered in the current storyarc and, well, why the hell not? Life doesn't need to stop after Megabyte.

Hell, it's even possible I could have an outline ready by June. I hammered out the first version of the last one in three weeks, after all, and I'm kind of on a roll here.

To the story lab!
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Finally finished the stupid chapter that pretty much cost me my NaNo victory. Have at thee, rough draft! I'll conquer you yet!
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Holy shit, it's been three weeks and what do I have to show for it? Not a hell of a lot, that's what. I put together a 20-PAGE OUTLINE in three weeks last October. Maybe January's just not when I should be writing? Should I go knit something until the flowers come up and I can't see the lichen anymore?

Flowers, that's what I need. Get a move on, daffodils!
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Okay, so I failed NaNo again. Who cares? I wrote seventy pages! Even when I was writing all the time, I don't think I ever wrote that much in two and a half weeks. But my brain conked out and demanded "Do something else!" so I made three music videos in a week while barely sleeping. YEAH, THAT HELPED A BUNCH.

All in all, a productive month, even plagued as it was by a horrid cold and bouts of insomnia. The farthest I'd ever gotten on this story before was about half a page, so I consider it a personal victory. It's not finished yet, but it will be, dammit!
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"Why are you preparing? You're always preparing! Just go!"

May be a Spaceballs quote, but pretty applicable to me and my writing. : /

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Finished Chapter 1, hit a small snag, cut two chapters 'cause they were boring and I didn't want to write them and this was supposed to be a Faramir story. Whatever. But hey, this means I'm... halfway done!

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I've been sort of training myself to write every day, every time I get the chance, and keep moving forward no matter how bad it is, 'cause I can fix that in editing. And it's working. My scenes are horribly short and awkwardly written, but I'm ahead of the schedule I set for myself. I doubt I'm making NaNo quota, but when I finish this, I should totally do like a NaNo boot camp thing. This will be my third year, and third time's the charm, right?

Also, all the writing distracts me from the goddamn water pressure problems we're having. Hooray for escapism!
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Let's hope I keep at all this story planning; I might actually have something ready for NaNo this year. *crosses fingers*
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Also known as "Writing Practice".


old characters and storylines, preferably designed in your teen years
10-15 of college lit classes
a bag of Sam&Rob's Mixed Mythological Figures
equal parts sense and wish fulfillment
as much wisdom as possible
a pen and paper or computer

Update characters' names, if preferred, but try to keep them recognizable. If no detailed outline exists, or is unsuitable, go back to pre-outline source material and flesh out. Stir in Mixed Mythological Figures and let it simmer. Add ham and cheese, as much as you like. Don't be afraid to make it really cheesy. Hammer it all out without stopping to edit. Read and laugh heartily. Reuse any learned discipline for future writing.

Serves: 1
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I probably shouldn't be reading old Gateworld forums, because now I'm getting ideas about rewriting the last two seasons of Atlantis and put in all the stuff I would like to have seen. Like Carson and Weir not being dead, some Sheppard/Teyla action, and more Ford for starters. Though I'd do my best not to just rehash episodes with added Carson & Elizabeth. Not for anything other than my own purposes, anyway.

It would be one hell of a wish-fulfillment project, but hell. That's all my writing.

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