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Okay. So about four years ago I started writing this Lord of the Rings story, inspired partly by the class I took that summer, about what might have happened if Boromir actually did get the Ring from Frodo. I can't remember when I actually last worked on it, but I've been stuck for a while. A few months ago (or maybe a year; I can't really tell) I decided, 'the hell with it' and thought I was done. Of course, now the damn thing is pestering me because I had nearly 10,000 words and to quit now would, as a writer, piss me off. The problem now is that I want to make the rest of the story as logical as possible, which is not easy.

Damn you, fic.

Ah well, at least it's practice.
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I want to write so bad, but my concentration is shot and every story I ponder I'm either not in the mood to work on or seems too big a project to take on at this point, considering I have so little free time left. I kind of want to do Doctor Who, but I don't even know where to start. I suppose, if I really can't come up with anything, I could always do what I'd want out of the Christmas special. Hyeah. Like I'll ever get around to that.

I'd be reading fanfic, but everything seems to suck these days, or I'm just not having any luck finding the good stuff. Everybody on ff.n is retarded. I figured out English grammar by the time I was nine without being taught. If it's really that difficult, I must be a genius.
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Every time I get near my notebook my brain locks up and I feel drowsy. I don't think I'm going to get anything written today. I ought to just call it quits and watch more Coupling.

I looove my flash drive. It's as easy to use as the old 3 inch floppies (except I can't change my folder view!) and it holds a hell of a lot more. Now if only I had something worth putting on it.
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Today is my day off for the week. I'd like to say I'll spend it writing, but for the 45 minutes I've been up, I've been a little spacey so I guarantee nothing. Even with coffee. The story's starting to bug me. I'm not sure how to start it, and even though I know that fixing stuff is what rewrites are for, I can't help but be critical the first time through. It's damn frustrating.

Yesterday I committed Wal-Mart and picked up a t-shirt with Shaggy carrying an armful of food and Scooby balancing a jar of salsa on his head, and below it says "got munchies?" 
They'll love this in Eugene.
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I have recently realized that I have this thing where I cannot continue a story unless I get the first page to my satisfaction. Usually I have to rewrite the page several times before this happens.

I just watched Darklight, and now I have a David Hewlett craving. He's the only reason I watched it, I swear. I also got to see a sneak peek of Atlantis season 3! WOOT! I must go and read McShep slash.

Season Two of Venture Bros. begins in ONE MONTH!!!
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I have never had this much trouble planning out a story. It's like before I just knew what to do, even if the plots were lousy for the most part. I think that this time I'm instinctively trying to make a good plot rather than a mediocre one, and that's what's stopping me up. I remember reading that Christopher Paolini took a month to plot out Eragon, and it seems like that's the timeline I'm heading for. I should have known I couldn't make even the skeleton of a really good story in less than a week. I have three pages of notes so far, rather than the one that I started with, plus about a page and a half of outline-stuff. I also have four definite characters accounted for, plus one or two who have been no more than wisps of thought. I made part of a map but I really hate it. I need music to listen to so I can get ideas, but I need a certain kind and though I love it, I think I can only listen to The Lord of the Rings so many times before I have it memorized.

I watched part of Troy last night because I found out Garrett Hedlund, who plays Achilles' cousin Patroclus, will be playing Murtagh in Eragon. He moves so wonderfully with a sword. He may not be Robert Pattinson, but I think he'll do nicely. I have absolutely no idea whether the movie will be any good. Having Jeremy Irons, though he is great, doesn't guarantee a hit. The last time he was in a fantasy movie, it kind of bombed. However, movies that are based on very popular books usually do better unless they change them too much. Judging by the cast list on, they seem to have almost all the right characters, which is a very good sign. And even if the movie does suck (which I hope it won't), I'll still always have the books. (And I'll probably always use my casting unless I REALLY like the movie choices.)

CSI seriously needs to have Tarantino do ALL their season finales. They can't top Grave Danger without him, no matter how much hype they induce. As regular episodes, they were fine. But they got us geared up for something exciting that never really happened. I hope my roommate likes television.

I'd rather be an honest bitch than nice and a liar.
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I don't have to work today and I'm so happy.

I liked last year's CSI finale better. The last scene was just disturbing.

I cannot decide on a name for a particular character and it's driving me bonkers.

(Stargate in 8 weeks)
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I am having the most frustrating time plotting out my story. I barely know what I want to happen in the end, and I have no clue what I want for the middle. The last time I did this, I had something to work from, like a map or a list of places the characters went in chronological order. I have to do this one completely from scratch because I don't have much of a map except for the coastline. It's also been a long time since I made a map from scratch. I have no place names except for the name of the land, and even that's tentative. Maybe what I need to do is think of a bunch of neat places, then put them on the map, THEN start plotting out the story. It would be a start. I also need some interesting beings. And bad guy design. I'm starting to remember how this works.


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