Jun. 6th, 2006


Jun. 6th, 2006 10:44 am
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Holy crap! I missed a day! How did this happen???

I've been playing Escape from Monkey Island and learning Italian (not at the same time) and I found my brother's copy of Morrowind upstairs with the Bloodmoon and Tribunal expansion packs. What with that and all the writing I should get myself to do, and the big-ass puzzle, I maybe will not get too awfully bored this summer. I hope. The last time I played Morrowind the only thing I was really good at was getting killed. I've never been a very good adventure-gamer. Tetris. I was good at Tetris.

Yesterday I wore a new shirt to work that said "Marriage is a human right, not a heterosexual privilege." I didn't get into any fights like I was sort of expecting to, and most people didn't say anything about it, but the girl at Walgreen's wanted to know where she could get one. Sweet. 
BTW, if the FMA makes it into the so-called Bill of "Rights" today, I am boycotting marriage in this country. I don't understand how people think that two men or two women getting married is going to hurt them. Like the other shirt says: if marriage is so sacred, ban divorce! And focus on your own damn family!

Last night I finally saw Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. I want that movie. Who could have thought Christopher Lee could ever play a character who wasn't bone-evil? Not me. Did anyone else get the Ed Wood joke in that movie, or was it just me?
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I saw The Omen today! Woo! And there were THREE people in it who had been in one Harry Potter or another. Karkaroff (briefly), Dumbledore (ver. 2), and Lupin (one of my favs). I love David Thewlis. He looked better than he did in the last couple of movies I saw him in. Also, I found out today that David Thewlis/Remus Lupin has been added to IMDb's Order of the Phoenix cast list! YAY!!! And Bellatrix Lestrange is going to be played by Helena Bonham-Carter! I cannot wait until next July. I need to read those books again.

Getting back to The Omen,  I really liked it. It made me jump many times and there was lots of good acting and wonderful filming. Lots and lots of red. It has to be the most faithful remake I've ever seen. And David Thewlis makes one adorable snow bunny.


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