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Fell asleep at four, woke up at eight, signed up for summer classes, broke two fingernails closing the window, went back to sleep, got up at noon, found out kitty had a fever, took kitty to vet and got him some liquids and antibodies and kitty aspirin, went to drug store for get well/thank you/happy father's day cards, now drinking a Full Throttle in hopes I can get buzzed enough on caffeine to work on some more of my epic crackfic because I can't find my funny at the moment.

Things got changed up today. Just a bit.
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I've got about 300 pages to go in Order of the Phoenix (roughly the length of the first book) and I'm finally in unfamiliar territory; I haven't read the back half of this one in about three years and so far almost nothing rings a bell. I've realized this is a dry year for Harry Potter (no new book, no new movie) which there hasn't been since the books started coming out here. Good thing I'm getting my fix. But soon I'll run out and there won't be any more and I'll be sad.

Both the cats are sneezing and sniffling with some respiratory thing. Rodrigo's being a brat and not letting us give him his meds without putting up a good fight. I've suggested sticking the eyedropper down his throat while he's sleeping, or knocking him out first. Mom wasn't too thrilled with those ideas.

I never thought I'd hear myself say it, but I'm starting to miss being in school and having tons of homework. I've been reading these books with kids at school and all their homework for a week and a half and it's making me jealous. I want to go to a magic school and play Quidditch and stuff. I'll have to settle for a Muggle university and club sports; I've never played sports in school in my life, except for lunchtime soccer and whatever was in PE, so there's not a chance in hell I'd make the teams. But there's about 5000 clubs there, so I should be able to find something I like. I really want to learn to snowboard. Hockey or soccer might be fun as well. I just can't do sports that involve throwing, because I throw like a girl. 
College certainly suits me better than K-12, and oddly enough I do best when I'm constantly kept busy writing essays and stuff. I had two terms at Chemeketa where I got all As: one was fall of last year when I had Precalculus, Astronomy, and Speech (which is incredible, because I'm usually terrible at every one of those subjects); and winter of my second year when I had three English classes (Intro Shakespeare, Intro Drama Lit, Intro Mythology) and World History. I was turning in several essays every couple of weeks and my notebook was delightfully crammed and messy. I really wish I'd had this spirit about learning when I was a kid. Maybe if the atmosphere hadn't been so repressive I'd have had the will to do better. But those years have gone.

I have nine workdays remaining before I gleefully rejoin the rainks of the unemployed.

darn cats

May. 27th, 2006 10:43 am
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I might be working on rewriting my page now but my cat is sitting on my lap and keeping me from reaching the desk very well. I expect JK Rowling had to deal with a similar problem when she was writing Book 6 pregnant. The not reaching the desk part, I mean. I really don't know if she has cats. Well, at least he's comfortable, and that's what matters. Cats have absolutely no consideration for my writing. Especially this cat. The other one has the habit of sitting on my mom's chest when she's trying to read and blocking her book. At least we've trained them not to walk on keyboards. I think Rigby will miss me when I go to Eugene. 

I may have a nice scar on the little finger of my right hand. Unfortunately it won't have a very interesting story. I like scars. Partly because they remind us of what we've survived, and partly because I think they look neat. If I had an appendix scar, I would so show it off. But I hope I never have to get one. I don't have any really cool scars. I do, however, have some awesome stretch marks. I like the strangest things sometimes.


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