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I GET TO SET MY OWN WORD COUNT FOR CAMP NANO. YES. I hate artificially bumping up my word count because it's a pain in the ass to edit later. Plus, I get to hang out with my family AND get sleep!
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In Panic Mode about Camp NaNo's early session being in April this year! My whole family's going to be home and that's not going to make it easy. There's still the later one, but seeing as I'm already in NaNo mode and started planning early anyway, I figure I might as well go for it. July can be backup. Onward!

Dammit, and I was just starting a Supernatural marathon, too.
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WOOHOOHOO I'm finally nailing down the huge-ass battle that I've been trying to detail for like almost a year. I'm banking on being able to write this thing for the early Camp Nano. Or I guess the regular November one if that doesn't work out.
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Taught myself to crochet last night!
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So, citalopram is not the best anti-anxiety drug for me. It just made me nervous and I forgot how to sleep and my heart always went boom boom boom. But I think the doctor figures I may have kind of a huge drug sensitivity, and now I'm on a low dose of sertraline. And it's what my mom takes, and she does well on it, so less worry there.

Also, more lorazepam. That stuff's nice.
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UUUUGH and the hits keep on coming, as last night I decided to have an anxiety attack instead of sleep. But I guess it's sort of a good thing I did, because it motivated me to see a doctor and now I know that antidepressants can be damn cheap these days, thank ALL THE GODS. I'd rather not have to be on meds, but I need them and I know it. "Nervous wreck" is not a highly desirable state to be in. When the going gets tough, the tough get the pretty pink pills!
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Dear NaNo,

October was a hell of a month. Between two four-hour bus trips, reproducing an 8x7 of de Martelly's "No More Mowing" in chalk in two days, too much time around Republicans I'm related to, and a slight mineral deficiency that resulted in an evening in the emergency room, I wasn't really able to prepare (mentally or outline-wise) to write 50,000 words this month. I've only just started to feel like my old self again physically, and to be able to start chipping away at the mountain of much-needed house cleaning (because my dad? Not exactly Hugh Test), but still I am le tired.

This doesn't mean I won't do any writing! Last year's draft still needs a lot of revision. I just won't likely be doing anything at the rate of 1,667 words a day.

There's always June, August, and next November.
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Aaaand it looks like I'm also going to be a NaNo Rebel this year, because I want to get this whole ReBoot Alternate Timeline thing off my to-do list sometime in my life.
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This ReBoot fic is starting to get kind of weird. Not My Two Bobs weird, but definitely I've-been-watching-too-much-scifi weird. I've got a thing that's trying to be part Galactus/part Infosphere from Futurama and a guy who wants to rip a hole in virtual reality so he can find the User.

Although this is for the series that gave us Nullzilla, Megatruck, and a tankosaurus rex all in the same season. I might be overthinking this a bit.

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So, for a long time I've had two different fantasy stories on the shelf: one is a straight-up, undiluted High Fantasy drawing from Celtic, Norse, Finnish, and even a touch of Hindu mythology (we'll call this World A), and the other is more YA kid-finds-a-door-to-another-world a la Oz or Narnia (World B), and significantly more fairy tale than A.

World A is way, waaaay more fleshed-out, but I'm not in love with the characters. They're been through a dozen revamps and name changes and they're just seem to be there out of sentimentality than anything. I've run into problems with the lead character being an elf, and how does one write an elf when they're supposed to be mysterious and badass and shit (and also accidentally making the three core leads being children of various royalty, which I'm not sure I like).

World B is skeletal, but with far more interesting characters who already have the beginnings of a backstory, and fish-out-of-water scenario that helps when introducing a completely new world.

The solution? Transplant the good/usable stuff from World A into World B (plus some stuff that was originally for World C before it became steampunk). It's kind of like watching tiny galaxies collide. If only I didn't have, like 50 pages of notes to go through.
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So for NaNo I'm thinking I'll take on the old cliche-ridden fantasy draft from my late teen years and make it as awful and nonsensical as possible in an attempt to GET IT OUT OF MY LIFE once and for all.

I'm gonna purple-prose the shit out of it, too.
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I guess it's about time to start thinking about NaNoWriMo again...
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August NaNo's probably a bust! But I'll still work on my outline because my standards are too high.
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I posted the first two chapters of my oooold Lord of the Rings fic online yesterday, partly so my shiny new AO3 account wasn't sitting there empty while the waiting list stretches into next year (I had, like, the best timing ever on that one). And some people liked it. Quite a lot. The problem is, it's unfinished. And I don't feel like working on it. :( Sorry guys, I'm tickled pink and everything, but you're just going to have to wait a bit.

Dammit, this is why I don't like to post unfinished!
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Okay, wait a minute here: so like, lateish in the Avengers EMH season, Hawkeye and Captain America seem, well, chummier than usual, sharing scenes and a most adorable fistbump; and a couple episodes later, Captain A is seen riding Hawkeyes' airbike. Sure, he couldn't get a Quinjet, but... it does seem a bit orchestrated?

Well, Hulk's away, Clint's gotta play with somebody I guess.
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The beginning of this story is starting to piss me off. And it pisses me off more that I'm being so damn picky about it. Just write something that makes sense and doesn't make anyone scream "Get on with it!"
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I decided it wasn't too late to do Camp Nano, I picked my oldest story (kind of) and decided to make it the worst piece of Roget's Syndrome purple prose and unnecessary wish fulfillment with as much gratuitous sex and violence I could manage, wrote the opening paragraphs, and then lost 700 words of work because Microsoft Word 2003 fucking sucks.
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Chapter One rewritten AT LONG LAST. (It'll probably get a little facelift when I type it.)

Only fifteen more to go, a third of which haven't been written yet. KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON.


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