Dec. 15th, 2006 10:28 pm
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Here's what happened: a newbie director took a 500 page book and compressed it into an hour and forty-five minute movie and COMPLETELY RUINED ERAGON. I was not pleased. However, I was sort of expecting it. At this point it's doubtful they'll make Eldest, which I liked better, unless they get somebody new and WHO KNOWS WHAT HE'S DOING!!!

It's exactly what I'm always afraid will happen to one of the Harry Potters; they'll cut too much out and ruin the story. But so far they've all had good directors, and none of them has been under two hours, even the first, which was less than half the size of Eragon.

One thing I did like: the influence of Native American, Middle Eastern, and African styles in costuming. It was something I haven't seen often and it, at least, was well-done. And the boys were wearing leather, which did please me. Jeremy Irons was very good, too, for the half he was in. What confused me the most was why he was narrating the opening of the movie (which was just weird) when his character kicked the bucket an hour in.

Also the movie was started ten minutes late, the previews were skipped completely, it was in the wrong lens to start out with, and it went out of frame twice.

Anyway, I went and rented some movies (two seasons of CSI because I'm in that zone again, Chronicles of Narnia, Superman, and X2 because I think there might be something I like in the deleted scenes) and got some awesome shampoo that makes my hair feel AMAZING and a new facial wash because the other one wasn't working for crap. And an energy drink, which is still in my system after six hours. I'm going to be up all bloody night.

Oh yeah, last night: windy as hell. The power died for a few hours so I did some writing-related stuff by candellight because there was nothing else to do. Once, when this happened, we played board games by candles. Anyway, I kind of like writing by candles except my heater wasn't working (the heat is electric) and I was freaking freezing. Water started coming in through my smoke detector (which always happens in weather like that).

I'm getting into that tri-yearly drawing mood, right on schedule.

Maybe I'll read Eragon again so I don't feel so cheated.
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Here's the July batch. I'm not quite sure if I'm done yet, but this is what's new.

Brandon Routh, and in retrospect perhaps I should have chosen a picture where you can tell it's him.

James Marsden. His hair was a bitch.

Alan Rickman. This is one of my new favorites in my book. The photograph this is drawn from was labeled 1983, so he was probably about 35.

This is Angela Basset from a movie called Strange Days where she kicked ass and Ralph Fiennes was gorgeous. Her hair was all supposed to be in braids but I got lazy.

If you do not recognize this man, get out of my LJ and stay out.

Paul Newman as Butch Cassidy in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Truly an awesome movie. I recommend it.

Robert Redford as the Sundance Kid. See above for movie. I did kind of a crappy cropping job on this one.

That's all, bitches.

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My dad has an old handheld scanner that I thought I might be able to use to scan my drawings easier. There turned out to be two problems: 1) the software seems to have left this world, and 2) it won't plug into my computer without an adapter. It also might not be wide enough to get all of some drawings. I guess I'll just have to put up with the grey stripe as long as I'm drawing in a book. Yesterday I drew Angela Basset and I used so much graphite on her hair I hit it with a fixative as soon as I was finished ... I think I may have used a little too much. I only use the stuff when I have a really super-graphited drawing because it's possibly carcinogenic (at least in California) and the lighter drawings don't smudge against the opposite page so there's no need to spray them.

Sam comes home in one week and his plane is supposed to get in sometime around 8 in the morning (we think), which means I'll be getting up in the neighborhood of oh-god-thirty. He's also demanding that we take him to Chipotle's as soon as humanly possible. I can't imagine he's had a decent burrito in about ten months. And I will be surprised if we aren't having pizza for dinner that night. I hope the shirt I got fits him.

One of the reasons I was so keen to see the midnight showing of PotC is that as late as it is, it's unlikely there will be many small children there. I'm guessing much of the audience will be people around my age, who can stay up that late. And hopefully this trip to the theater won't involve the people in the row behind us putting their feet on the seats and acting stupid. There was a group several rows behind us who, by the sound of their conversation, I would definitely get along with (they sounded like fellow geeks). I would rather have sat in front of them. (Or joined them.) Anyway, I hope there are lots of people there. Movies are fun with a full audience.
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I think I got a little carried away with the cardio part of my exercise program last night because it feels like I might have pulled something in my breastbone area. I imagine it would feel something like this if somebody had punched me quite hard. Probably nothing some Advil and an ice pack won't fix.

Yesterday I finished my Brandon Routh picture and then added James Marsden and Alan Rickman to my drawing book. I doubt I'll scan them for a while because holding down a two-inch-thick book flat on the scanner is a pain in the ass so I prefer to scan many drawings at a time.

It's Orlando Bloom!
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There was no jolt and no staying up all night, but I did finish the coffee ice cream in the freezer and drew half a picture of Brandon Routh. The movie at the theater right now looks like the biggest they've had in maybe a year. I sure picked a good time to get out of there. Now I'm half-watching the soccer game, which at halfway through NOBODY has scored yet. With Beckham playing, as well.

Since I can't upload scans of my drawings directly and my old website is pop-up hell, I'm going to load them up to my blog and direct any there who wish to view them. I can upload images there for free. Nyah.

Whoops, I'd better update my description; it says I still work at a theater.

My drawing is oddly sporadic; I only really get into it about three times a year. According to my drawing book, around March/April, June/July, and November/December. Seems to be mostly during school breaks. True to the pattern, I started again yesterday.


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