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1. Last night I dreamed I was climbing a very tall mountain, throwing spears at boats from the water, and shooting cookies shaped like the gold pieces from Curse of the Black Pearl out of a hand cannon.

Apparently, this was for some sort of project. I really don't know any more than that.

2. I want to write something, godDAMMIT!

3. Why didn't I get a Week of Welcome packet this year? Am I supposed to just guess what the hell is going on? (They send me Welcome to the Residence Halls stuff like I'm a first year, but no WOW shit. I find this irksome.)

4. It's WINDY today and I LIKE it.
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OMG Stargate is tomorrow!!! I've been such a good girl to wait six freaking months and not watch it online ages go but I wanted to have something to look FORWARD to every week of this godawful work-heavy term, and watching it on the bigscreen downstairs (crossing fingers) is just going to make it that much more exciting. I'll probably dream about it all tonight (that's assuming I sleep at all). Last night I was dreaming about Doctor Who for some reason, but then my alarm went off and ruined the whole thing, and I think stuff was just getting exciting. Note to self: dreams while on Advil PM are some damn good ones. And I went off-topic, surprise. While catching Jessica up we had to skip most of season 8 and half of 9 and 10 and we'll just barely make it in time. She's seen all the stuff she absolutely needs to know for tomorrow, and we can see the rest later. But it sucks that we had to skip over some of the really good ones like Reckoning and Moebius, even if only temporarily.

In other news: I'm wanting to dye my hair brown again because I miss it. Since there's not a big market for ash brown, I'll probably have to go with something darker, but at least my roots will blend in better when they happen.


Sep. 14th, 2006 11:20 am
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One week left. Too late to start any new projects, too early to start packing. I'm dreaming about school like mad (when I can sleep). Last night I missed all my classes the first day back. I don't have a clue how to pack everything. To put it simply, my stress level's going to be high this week.

The second half of the Stargate seasons won't come back until MARCH!! WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME!?!
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The pre-term anxiety dreams have begun already. So far I've dreamed that I was in an art history class, and that my dorm was not a dorm at all, but a very small bunk. If I hadn't had dreams like this before every single term for the two and a half years I was at Chemeketa, I might think something of it. They'll probably be more numerous this time because it's a new school I'm going to and it's the first time I'll be living away from home. But despite what my dreams may show, I'm actually really excited about it.

I've discovered recently that I really like some 70s style clothes, and not only that, but I look good in them too. I just got a vest that's faded navy-blue with large orange and white chevrons on the upper chest that looks like it's from a vintage store. It's also got a little peace sign stitched on the bottom. Someday I'm going to have such a retro wardrobe. And if I can learn how to do my hair like the time period I might do that once in a while too.
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A couple days ago I taped CSI with the tv off. I have not seen that episode yet. I've been careful to stay away from any CSI boards or episode summaries, and I instructed my friend that, if she were to see the episode, she should tell me nothing. This Thursday I'll tape the other episode, so I can watch them back to back, and it will be easier that way.

Or so I thought.

I thought I was fine with it, that waiting an extra week would be no problem. Then last night I had this crazy dream where I saw the episode, or at least the end of it, and I woke up a little shell-shocked and had to consciously remind myself -- as I often do after dreams -- that none of it happened. I didn't see the episode. I don't really know who was hurt. Although after so accurately guessing a rather important plot twist in the books I just finished reading, I'm not so sure I trust myself to be wrong about my intuition of who gets the bullet/whatever. I'll grant three guesses of who it was in my dream. Apparently I haven't stopped fretting. This always gets bad when I lose sleep, and now I don't have a wonderful book to distract me anymore. Even though the end of that book did break my heart.

Today it was a little harder not to watch the tape. I'm watching an old episode of CSI right now and every time Nicky is on screen I think, "It better not be you!" If it is him, I sure hope he has some lives left. I think he's used up at least three or four on the show as it is. All I have to do is push Play, but I'm not going to do that.

Hez, if you're reading this and rolling your eyes, I refer to a previous post in which I stated, "Fiction IS my life." It sort of goes with the territory when you're a creative writer.

Speaking of which, I spent the last couple of days reading The Complete Idiot's Guide to Writing a Novel and now I'm planning out a story. Wish me luck!


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