May. 26th, 2007 10:25 am
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I can't have happy endings anymore. But it was a good ending all the same, and I loved it. It just wasn't very happy. And it won't leave me alone.

I want to be the Pirate King, and I want to wear that outfit.
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Do all my favorite characters have to turn evil or die this freaking week?? Seriously! I'm not watching anything new again, ever.


May. 5th, 2007 10:45 am
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I should never post in the middle of a Friday.

At five Steven (one of the RAs) got a bunch of us and we went to see Spider-Man 3. Damn, the lines are long in Eugene! And although I would have been less pissed at the movie if my favorie had not died AGAIN, with the exception of a very specific ten minutes or so I liked the first two better. I might buy the DVD anyway, just to have Peter and Harry kicking as together which I've been waiting to see how long I cannot tell you! It was definitley the highlight for me.

The movie got out about 10, which meant Jessica and I barely got back in time for Stargate. I was a bit worried when the bus started making unnerving sounds halfway to the station. In any case, the episode: Adria planted one on Daniel and had a feeling about it a while ago, but it was still a surprise to see it! I already knew he was a (temporary) prior a LONG time ago. I guessed first, then spoilers confirmed it. Damn spoilers. But overall the episode was lighter than I'd expected. Jack and Daniel bickering, just like old times. Unfortunately iTunes hasn't got its shit together and uploaded anything from last night, or I'd be downloading it right now. On Atlantis they threatened to let Rodney ascend, which would have been something new for the books. I have a feeling the Ancients would have kicked him out within five minutes. That episode was fun too.

Anyway, that's my super-exciting evening, but I forgot to eat and now I'm starting to get hungry.

If Adria wants him, she'll have to fight her. This could get ugly.
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I have the Favorite Character Curse. They seem to keep ending up dead and I don't like it. Rephrase: it really SUCKS. I just saw X-Men III, and I must say it would have been much more fun if my favorite character hadn't been dead for the whole freaking thing. I want to see the body, dammit. Assuming there is one, having seen what she did to those other guys. I'm sticking with the first one where he's in it for more than ten minutes and he's not DEAD!!! I suppose I'll write a song like I did the last time this happened. Sometimes it helps. I am not pleased.

This one's for you, Slim.


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