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I recently woke up from a NAP. That's how tired I am. The day has now been split in two because I'm not accustomed to sleeping in the middle of it.

Hez, you were in my dream last night, I'm not sure why. It was nothing bad. You were just there.

It's been busy as hell. I have more homework than I need, and I spend more time wih my friends than I should in order to get it all done. Last Saturday we went and saw Blood and Chocolate, which was awesome. Not your average werewolf story, and I really like how they did the wolves. They used real wolves! Also, there was an adorable male lead who got whumped on a lot. I really liked the movie. I might get myself a copy when it comes out.

I've been having fun with Sims, even though I haven't played in two days, partly because I've been as mentioned busy and partly because it crashed my computer on Sunday night. When I see the words "the system has recovered from a serious error," I start to get all twitchy. Anyway, I made the Stargate gang and the Potter family, as well as a few other. I really like making families. And Jessica taught me the money cheat, so I can make the houses as nice as I like.

House sucked last night. Sorry, Hez, but it wasn't a proper House episode. It was much more fun watching Hugh Laurie win the Golden Globe and SAG awards.

CSI these days! I am much enjoying Liev Schreiber being on the show and I think we should keep him. They need some new blood anyway. And now Nicky's getting all emo, which I love to pieces. Now he just needs to grow his goddamn hair back. And I wish Grissom would get back so he could open that bloody box!
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I spent the better part of my Saturday watching one person or another play Final Fantasy XII and hanging out with friends from the third floor. I got very little homework done. I was in four different peoples' rooms this evening. We watched House and Bones, made tea, watched Salad Fingers and Potter Puppet Pals, ate Japanese snack food, and carried around Walter, Jessica's beanie giraffe. Jessica's room is directly above mine and she has managed to fit a hell of a lot more stuff in there. Karen's room is draped with giant batik hangings, including one that stretches to form a tent ceiling. Anne-Marie is in a double and had a lot of purple and pink. Greg's room reminded me of Sam's: clothes all over the floor and drink containers on every surface. Aside from that and a tall cactus, not much adornment. Now I really want to bring lots of stuff from home to make my room fun. I have room for a plant now, and certainly a few milk crates to keep random stuff in. I need lots of stuff for my walls to make them not ugly and white. I FINALLY used up all my weekly mealpoints, I think.

It's raining so much here the last few days to the point of where I am almost constantly damp. The heater in my room doesn't seem to work, but that's okay because I don't seem to be in here all that much and I like to sleep when it's cold. And I have lots of things to bundle up in. It will be nice to go home for winter to a room with a heater that I can control.

I sleep now.

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House and Nip/Tuck are back! And I think I died during both.

Aside from the phone ringing every five minutes, and my car being in the body shop, and being out of water, today was swell. I found kick-ass boots at Goodwill with big heels and buckles that will be great for my pirate costume. They come up to mid-calf. Also, my Stargate mag finally came out today. And House has no cane.

Christian is in love with Sean!?! Asgdlkk;amnffdjh!!!! I'm so happy I could die. Last year I was on vicodin for the premiere but this year I got a better high (plus no constipation and very little nausea!). He's just having a little bit of denial. He was willing to cut off his own hand last year to save Sean's fingers! If that's not love, I don't know what is. That show is such a drug.

I want a television in my dorm or someone's going to get hurt.
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My last book was supposed to have come today and it didn't. So I e-mailed the seller and gave him hell. Three weeks my ass. Never screw up orders to a young lady on her period.

I'm seriously considering dyeing my hair pink. Of course, then I would look like Tonks instead of Harry Potter. Hmm, maybe a Halloween costume idea. If only I could change my appearance at will. I also have costume patterns for a lady pirate and a few Arwenish dresses, and I had thought of going as an albino. So many choices. But somehow I don't think a pink-haired Middle-earth lady would work.

House and Nip/Tuck start a week from today! WOOT!
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I've come to the conclusion that vision insurance, even if we're lucky to have it, sucks. They'll only spot anything for new glasses every two years and won't pay quite 200 dollars total, and glasses sure as hell aren't that cheap. All I could afford to get today were new lenses for my old frames, and insurance wouldn't even quite cover the low-end ones. One day when I've got a job again I'm going to have two pairs that I can wear. The whole trip wasn't much fun. All I did was drive to my bank in Mack, head to Lenscrafters in Salem for glasses (and wandered around Lancaster Mall while waiting), get a couple of books at Borders, and swing through the MacDonald's drive through for a drink before going home. The entire thing, from start to finish, took five hours. The Red Bull did not give me wings. On the bright side, I can see now! Yay! 

They asked me if I wanted to keep the old scrached-up lenses. I'd like to know what they thought I'd do with them.

I spent the rest of the afternoon helping Sam put up insulation for the upstairs room we're fixing up in the shop. Fortunately, the drywall will hide my crappy staple-gun skills. I didn't wear glasses at all for this because, first of all, I was afraid the brand-new ungodly-expensive lenses would be scratched by the fiberglass (which is itchy), and also because they would have fogged up when I breathed out from my respirator mask and I'd probably staple my thumb instead of the insulation paper. I can see well enough without them to do anything up close that doesn't require precision eyesight (like reading). Sam thinks we could turn that place into a nice habitable room in a few days' time. If I was staying longer, I'd claim it as a writing room or something.

Only one episode of House today! Oh the humanity!
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I went swimming today in very cold water. I was too chicken to jump off the high ledge, even though I've done it before. Rivers change and it might not be as deep as it used to be, or at least that was my reasoning. This week I finally got my House fix, and also borrowed two of the Blackadder series from Erica so I'm stocked up on Hugh Laurie for a good while. 

Now that Stargate has started up again, it's the time for slashy fanfiction. And maybe I'll be able to find some bloody Pirates fiction now the second movie's out! You wouldn't believe how hard it was to find any a few weeks ago. It's not as if it's a difficult fandom to slash. Either way, I'd better stock up on fanfic before I go to California because there won't be anything much to do there and I seriously doubt my grandma has a wireless service.

My DVD rack is now officially full and I need to rearrange my CDs so they all fit and the bands are together. I'm organized, it just doesn't look that way to others. So I was listening to my new 30 Seconds to Mars album last night and one of the unlisted tracks comes on, and I recognized it as a Bjork song. Who'd have known Jared Leto could sing like an Icelandic chick. Now if only he'd perform in a swan dress...


May. 23rd, 2006 10:25 pm
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What's with the House season finale not ending like that? I thought they only did cross-season cliffhangers on sci-fi shows. I have so got to have a TV in my dorm this fall. I hope my roommate and I have similar tastes in shows. I know that everything comes out on DVD these days but it is oh so much more exciting to watch a show when it's ON.

Vash + Wolfwood. Oh yes.


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