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I spent the better part of my Saturday watching one person or another play Final Fantasy XII and hanging out with friends from the third floor. I got very little homework done. I was in four different peoples' rooms this evening. We watched House and Bones, made tea, watched Salad Fingers and Potter Puppet Pals, ate Japanese snack food, and carried around Walter, Jessica's beanie giraffe. Jessica's room is directly above mine and she has managed to fit a hell of a lot more stuff in there. Karen's room is draped with giant batik hangings, including one that stretches to form a tent ceiling. Anne-Marie is in a double and had a lot of purple and pink. Greg's room reminded me of Sam's: clothes all over the floor and drink containers on every surface. Aside from that and a tall cactus, not much adornment. Now I really want to bring lots of stuff from home to make my room fun. I have room for a plant now, and certainly a few milk crates to keep random stuff in. I need lots of stuff for my walls to make them not ugly and white. I FINALLY used up all my weekly mealpoints, I think.

It's raining so much here the last few days to the point of where I am almost constantly damp. The heater in my room doesn't seem to work, but that's okay because I don't seem to be in here all that much and I like to sleep when it's cold. And I have lots of things to bundle up in. It will be nice to go home for winter to a room with a heater that I can control.

I sleep now.

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Yesterday I got my last paycheck, my allergy meds, and that feather ink pen I've been wanting, as well as a big can of Republic of Tea Earl Greyer with extra bergamont. Yummm. I started fiddling with my ink pen and all the different attachments as soon as I got it home and of course I got ink all over my fingers. I'm hoping it doesn't happen every time I take the stopper out of the bottle. I love the pen. Now all I need is paper heavy enough to write on. The manager guy gave me four free movie passes as a leaving gift. He may be and incompetent manager, but he's a nice guy. I had to chuck my theater key in the ticket booth window because the door doesn't lock without it. In yet more good news, my new meds don't seem to make me drowsy. In not so good news, they're twice as expensive as my previous meds and make my mouth slightly dry.

I totally want a viola. I've been wanting one for months, but now I've actually decided I want to get around to buying one. Trouble is, the cheaper quality ones usually run around $500. I have that much, but it's about a third of what I have in savings. And if I want lessons, I'll almost certainly have to get a job in Eugene. Oh well. For now, at least, I can still get one, even if I can't get lessons right away. I'm sure there are self-taught violists. I taught myself to draw. So what if it took ten years to get good?

Mom's cleaning like mad today because Sam's coming home on Monday. Like he'll care. I guarantee his area will be a mess within twenty-four hours. It's not that I mind a bathroom without cat litter all over the floor, or a kitchen that doesn't smell funny (and has lots of blueberries!), but I draw the line at my room. Nobody cleans my room but me. I actually manage to keep it relatively clean most of the time. I sort of maintain that perfect balance between an anal-retentive neatnick and a complete slob. I like clutter and color, but normally I don't have clothes strewn all over the floor (though sometimes piled on the chairs) or drinking glasses and plates everywhere and change on every surface. I can't understand how Sam never uses his quarters when I can hardly keep them. I heard my mother say once that she wouldn't consider her children adults until they used exact change. I do when I can because it makes happy cashiers, but often I don't have enough quarters and I doubt they would want 79 pennies.

I'm going to run off and try to get some work done before my room becomes a party zone. You never know.


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