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Aaaand it looks like I'm also going to be a NaNo Rebel this year, because I want to get this whole ReBoot Alternate Timeline thing off my to-do list sometime in my life.
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This ReBoot fic is starting to get kind of weird. Not My Two Bobs weird, but definitely I've-been-watching-too-much-scifi weird. I've got a thing that's trying to be part Galactus/part Infosphere from Futurama and a guy who wants to rip a hole in virtual reality so he can find the User.

Although this is for the series that gave us Nullzilla, Megatruck, and a tankosaurus rex all in the same season. I might be overthinking this a bit.

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August NaNo's probably a bust! But I'll still work on my outline because my standards are too high.
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The beginning of this story is starting to piss me off. And it pisses me off more that I'm being so damn picky about it. Just write something that makes sense and doesn't make anyone scream "Get on with it!"
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Chapter One rewritten AT LONG LAST. (It'll probably get a little facelift when I type it.)

Only fifteen more to go, a third of which haven't been written yet. KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON.
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Nevermind the story lab! I may indeed be crazy, but part one was planned to the max, I'm gonna see if I can wing the second half.
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It's looking very much like there's going to be an Ouroboros: Part II -- in other words, season five. It was just sort of a fancy at first, but now there's enough stuff I want to do that can't be covered in the current storyarc and, well, why the hell not? Life doesn't need to stop after Megabyte.

Hell, it's even possible I could have an outline ready by June. I hammered out the first version of the last one in three weeks, after all, and I'm kind of on a roll here.

To the story lab!
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Finally finished the stupid chapter that pretty much cost me my NaNo victory. Have at thee, rough draft! I'll conquer you yet!
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Holy shit, it's been three weeks and what do I have to show for it? Not a hell of a lot, that's what. I put together a 20-PAGE OUTLINE in three weeks last October. Maybe January's just not when I should be writing? Should I go knit something until the flowers come up and I can't see the lichen anymore?

Flowers, that's what I need. Get a move on, daffodils!
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Once more unto the breach!

(The one in the middle of the outline!)
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Okay, so I failed NaNo again. Who cares? I wrote seventy pages! Even when I was writing all the time, I don't think I ever wrote that much in two and a half weeks. But my brain conked out and demanded "Do something else!" so I made three music videos in a week while barely sleeping. YEAH, THAT HELPED A BUNCH.

All in all, a productive month, even plagued as it was by a horrid cold and bouts of insomnia. The farthest I'd ever gotten on this story before was about half a page, so I consider it a personal victory. It's not finished yet, but it will be, dammit!
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It's occurred to me that with all the cold medicine and poor sleep I've had while writing this, editing it is going to be a bitch and a half. Especially seeing as I've currently skipped most of chapter four, in which a lot of very important shit happens. Hey, the rules don't say all the scenes have to be there. I'll write it later when I'm not panicking about how the fuck it's supposed to go. I suppose I shouldn't have ordered that deus ex machina from IKEA.
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My outline is largely done, but needs going through to make sure everything makes sense, take care of plot holes, and find something to do for the characters who inexplicably disappear. That shouldn't take more than two weeks, right?
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I don't mean to count my basilisks before they hatch, of course, but having focus on a single story for longer than I can remember having in years, and this close to November, is a good sign. Usually it's a whole lot of indecision and flipflopping and ending up with half a dozen stories that aren't well planned, if they're planned at all, and lasting barely a week with only a few thousand words. I feel somewhat confident, though, due to the aforementioned focus, the solidish outline I've been working on, and the feeling that this isn't just a story I feel like writing, it's one I need to have told. Even if it's just to myself.

This surely might not reach 50,000 words, though, and I'll either work on another or still be able to say "Failing NaNo since 2009!" but if I just finish this one, it would be beyond awesome.

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Have recently seen other people's thoughts on ReBoot season four that mirrored my own, specifically the bizarro animation of the faces and the entry on TVTropes' Seasonal Rot page. It's rather nice to know after all this time that I'm not the only one who had issues with this stuff. I feel much more justified in my attempt to rewrite. :)

Although if I don't get going on it soon it's gonna have to be a NaNo project. Note to self: when you get stuck, just drop a game cube.
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1. And after watching Daemon Rising again... eh. Perhaps I should just carry on as planned. That way I get to include Ray and Captain Capacitor in everything, and it's just personal wish fulfillment anyway, and like who the hell's gonna read it?

2. Read summaries of what happened in Doctor Who on Saturday... and fuck it. Just fuck it. Let me know when Steven Moffat leaves, and I'll come back. (Or Neil Gaiman does another episode.) I hate that I don't like Doctor Who anymore! DAMN YOU STEVEN MOFFAT!

On a related note, they've discovered an actual diamond planet. For god's sake, don't build a leisure palace there!
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Oh fuck it anyway. I've been trying to get a ReBoot season four rewrite off the ground for years without much luck, and there's enough in the first half that I like anyway but didn't want to just rehash, so maybe I could just pick a point around episode threeish and branch off from there, keeping the early fun stuff and going in a direction that doesn't make me want to headdesk, starting with making the Glitch thing fixable and oh I don't know, actually doing an ENDING?


Probably because I wanted a Daemon without an outrageous French accent? OH WELL. I CAN LIVE WITH THAT. Especially if it means getting this off my to-do list after seven years.
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A crummy old ReBoot fic of mine in 100 words or less:

Matrix asked.
Matrix persisted.
"Builders," Bob said. Matrix shouted.
Matrix asked, looking to Bob.
Bob shook his head. Matrix rolled his eyes. Bob said. "Bob, wait," Dot said. Matrix nodded.
Matrix said.
"Enzo?" "Be careful with Bob," said Matrix. Hey Matrix. "Matrix. . ."
"Dot! "Dot! "Enzo!"
"Where are Bob and Matrix?" asked Dot.
Matrix shrugged. Matrix's eyebrows raised. Bob grimaced. Bob whispered. Matrix was silent. Bob and Matrix glanced at each other.
Matrix muttered. "Hello, Bob."
"Eyes?" Matrix and Bob exchanged looks. "Bob. . ."
"Bob!" "Bob! Matrix asked franically. Bob nodded. "AndrAIa?"
Matrix brought Bob to hte panel. "Bob?" "Dot! "Bob!"

Janet! Doctor Scott! Janet! Brad! Rocky! Bullwinkle! Captain! Data! Chief! McCloud! AAAAADRIAAAAAAN!

In short: AutoSummarize is hilarious at two in the morning.


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