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Two days in a row I have had to work alone because the people I'm supposed to worth with can't get their schedules straight and The Boss hasn't hired anybody else yet. Tomorrow I get to work with Mitch, who's back in town. That should be fun.

I'm still in Sorcerer's Stone and enjoying it. I think this is the fourth time I've read this book in three and a half years. It'll be the same with Goblet of fire once I get that far. Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban have only been read twice, I think, because I skipped them last year when I was catching up for Half-Blood Prince, which I've only read once. I've read Order of the Phoenix once all the way through, and the first half or so twice more. I have trouble getting through that one, for several reasons. It's a lot longer for one, not only the number of pages, but the print is also smaller so it's even longer compared to the others than it looks at first glance. Also, I feel Harry's anger, and he has a lot of it in that one. Umbridge reminds me of how I felt in school at that age (okay, maybe I didn't have it quite THAT bad, but I had that same anger) and I desperately want to punch her in the face but I can't because she's a character in a book. Which is my favorite? I'm not sure. I like PoA because Lupin's in it a lot and I love him. I like GoF because it kicks ass and the chapter Blood, Flesh & Bone is possibly my favorite in the series so far. I also like HBP because it also kicked ass. It seemed somehow different though, and I can't really put my finger on why. But I still loved it. I only wish it was longer.

Do you know I have the same given names as TWO X-men? Crazy.
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I may end up having to do this month's work schedule myself because whoever usually does it didn't. Jess must have been awfully busy on Tuesday what with the seven people who showed up. Somebody had enough spare time to doodle on it, but not to decide who works which days. Somebody better be available tonight or, better yet, come in expecting to work. Yesterday I came in even though I wasn't sure I was working (I needed toothpaste and dental floss anyway, so it wouldn't have been a complete waste of a gallon). It sure doesn't help that three out of the five of us who work there are taking vacations this month. Most of them have the balls to ask me to work for them when they can't get their schedules straight. I'm not even going to get started on the amount of draws most of them take. These people are irresponsible at the best of times.

This is not the best of times.

I just might be leaving at the worst possible time for the theater, especially as a projectionist. I really don't care anymore. I've had it up to here and more.

Stargate in six weeks. 
Tranquility in four.
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Of course, the one time I work all weekend, the hours are longer than they've been in a month. Tell me if that's fair. Five more weeks until I'm out of that place for good.

7 weeks till Stargate. I need sunshine.
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I hate my job. Come the end of June, I am so out of there. The people I work with can deal with it. I don't owe them anything. And I'm not that nice a person.


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