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I spent the better part of my Saturday watching one person or another play Final Fantasy XII and hanging out with friends from the third floor. I got very little homework done. I was in four different peoples' rooms this evening. We watched House and Bones, made tea, watched Salad Fingers and Potter Puppet Pals, ate Japanese snack food, and carried around Walter, Jessica's beanie giraffe. Jessica's room is directly above mine and she has managed to fit a hell of a lot more stuff in there. Karen's room is draped with giant batik hangings, including one that stretches to form a tent ceiling. Anne-Marie is in a double and had a lot of purple and pink. Greg's room reminded me of Sam's: clothes all over the floor and drink containers on every surface. Aside from that and a tall cactus, not much adornment. Now I really want to bring lots of stuff from home to make my room fun. I have room for a plant now, and certainly a few milk crates to keep random stuff in. I need lots of stuff for my walls to make them not ugly and white. I FINALLY used up all my weekly mealpoints, I think.

It's raining so much here the last few days to the point of where I am almost constantly damp. The heater in my room doesn't seem to work, but that's okay because I don't seem to be in here all that much and I like to sleep when it's cold. And I have lots of things to bundle up in. It will be nice to go home for winter to a room with a heater that I can control.

I sleep now.

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Del, I liked your thing.

Pick a band and answer only using the band's song titles.

Dropkick Murphys

Are you male or female
: Which Side Are You On?
Describe yourself: Perfect Stranger
Your best piece of advice: Take It And Run
Describe your last relationship: Bastards On Parade
Describe your last crush: Wicked Sensitive Crew
Say something to someone you have a crush on: Kiss Me I'm Shitfaced
Say something to an ex: I'm Shipping Up to Boston
Say something to someone who hurt you severely:  Gonna Be A Blackout Tonight
How do you feel right now:The Walking Dead

Today I've been soaked to the skin and freaked out by a rampaging washing machine. I've got tons of homework. I got a package from home with the new Stargate mag, my voter's ballot, and fuzzy blue socks. I think I'll sleep all day tomorrow.

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I broke down today and bought an umbrella. I know I've prided myself for years on being an Oregonian, and we don't use umbrellas, but sitting through an 80-minute lecture with wet clothes had me deciding otherwise. I won't be a sissy and use it when it's sprinkling, just when I'm in danger of being drenched like I was this morning. I have no money left, and no word of whether my new debit card has arrived at my house. I swear my parents take their time replying to the stuff that stresses me out the most.

Just two classes tomorrow. I'm looking forward to sleeping for the better part of the weekend.
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I just stood outside in the middle of the most awesome storm I have ever seen. The rain was the kind that drenched you in seconds. The lightning was in streaks rather than flashes. I probably would have heard the windowpanes rattle from the thunder if I'd been inside, and it was right above the house. Right before the rain started there was a fierce wind. If anything could be called a tempest, that was it. And I stood right in the middle of it. It was amazing. They said there'd be showers today. Pff.

Right before all this started, I saw The Da Vinci Code with my mother. She read the book a while back and has been dying to see the movie. It was very cool. The way the religious groups are all mad, though, makes me wonder whether this stuff IS real. In any case, it was a fun story. I love Tom Hanks. And I don't care what everybody says, I love his hair too. I couldn't have picked anyone better to play a creepy albino monk than Paul Bettany. I've seen him nude in TWO movies now.


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